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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 42 Recap

Zhang Xiaoyu went to Lin Rui’s house and showed her the plan Fang Jing got. She said that she had her own ideas. She won’t play tricks to win Lin Rui’s plan. It was not her who revealed Tintin’s plan. Zhang Xiaoyu told Lin Rui that she had 48 hours to solve the inner ghost. She didn’t want the former boss, nor would she betray the current boss.

At the bidding meeting, Jin Xiaobei suddenly appeared on the scene and threatened Wen Zhe with Father Jin to stay, but he did not have the right to vote. After Zhang Xiaoyu and Ling Xiaoxiao had elaborated their plans, they both waited anxiously for the final result. Zhang Xiaoyu’s plan won everyone’s approval, and she won the dislike. Zhang Xiaoyu told Lin Rui that he could win the game without playing Yin, and the quarterly sales report has been released. They won SW, and Zhang Xiaoyu has won Lin Rui twice.

Li Fei calmly congratulated Zhang Xiaoyu, regardless of whether she admitted that she had misappropriated her plan, she only hoped that Zhang Xiaoyu would not use the ideas inside. Lin Rui is not worried about Zhang Xiaoyu, because only he knows the most important thing. Cai Cai wants to check Dong Xinran. After all, she has the best relationship with Zhang Xiaoyu and is being pushed out by Ling Xiaoyu. Lin Rui is speechless, Zhang Xiaoyu and Ling Xiaoxiao are both improving, but Cai Cai is still standing still. Lin Rui has handed over the investigation to Wang Lei.

Lin Rui said that he wanted to find out the inner ghost. Ling Xiaoxiao suddenly looked unclear. Lin Rui said she already knew who the inner ghost was. If she came to her office to talk within an hour, she might give him a way. Everyone was very calm. Lin Rui asked Ling Xiaoxiao to come in. Ling Xiaoxiao hurriedly explained that she had no betrayal plan. It didn’t taste good to her. Lin Rui laughed. She knew the truth a long time ago. Ling Xiaoxiao helped Fang Jing take it.

Upon reaching the plan, Fang Jing helped her fill the shortfall of the down payment of 350,000. Ling Xiaoxiao was startled. Lin Rui answered the phone and hurried upstairs, asking her to wait in the office. Meng Fan said that last time he returned to the headquarters, he managed to suppress Dong Lin Rui’s voice and said that he would try to keep her, but the performance would also go up.

Lin Rui returned to the office. Ling Xiaoxiao tremblingly apologized and said it was the last time, crying about how difficult it was to enter SW. Her study abroad was sponsored by her uncle, and Zhang Xiaoyu had her own real estate on Huaihai Road just after graduation. . Ling Xiaoxiao and Tan Weilun both talked about marriage and they were married, but they both came from poor families, so they couldn’t help it.

Lin Rui said that Zhang Xiaoyu was the one who told her that she was bankrupt, and that her family was bankrupt. She needed money like Ling Xiaoxiao, and needed money. Ling Xiaoxiao cried and begged Lin Rui to help herself. Lin Rui told her with a cold face that there was not so much forgiveness and tolerance. Ling Xiaoxiao could only make the last request that he had resigned. Lin Rui wanted to give Tan Weilun a face, and temporarily agreed to Ling Xiaoxiao’s stay, but she wanted to prove that it was right to forgive her today.

Lin Rui was very sad. She was almost exhausted from the embarrassment in SW. Zhang Xiaoyu used to fight alongside her, but now she is gone. She really regards Zhang Xiaoyu as a friend and sister, but she finds that she never seems to have Have a heart with myself. Zhang Xiaoyu really hurt Lin Rui’s heart, she wanted to make Zhang Xiaoyu a complete defeat. Jin Xiaobei patiently comforted Lin Rui, hoping that the day when Zhang Xiaoyu came back to apologize, Lin Rui could open the knot in his heart.

Jin Xiaobei feels that Lin Rui’s attitude towards Zhang Xiaoyu is very similar to Lin’s mother, and hopes that Lin Rui will not be so arrogant. Lin Rui envied them, the children who grew up in healthy families, they were warm and sunny, but she had no relatives anymore. Jin Xiaobei hurriedly wiped away tears for Lin Rui, comforting you and me.

Wen Zhe asked Jin Xiaobei to go back to work at the headquarters and formally served as Rentai’s vice president in charge of the logistics sector. Because Jin Xiaobei was in good order in the warehouse for two weeks, Jin Xiaobei was immediately very happy. However, Jin Xiaobei felt that Wen Zhe’s trust in himself did not mean that his father trusted him. He really couldn’t get along with the old people in the group, especially Vice President Wu. Wen Zhe said that he is Rentai’s future successor, and certain things must be dealt with.

Selena invited Zhang Xiaoyu to dinner. She did a very good job of these two orders. She also said that the president of the Japanese headquarters would come to inspect next week and let her perform well. Selena knows the situation of Zhang Xiaoyu’s family, and if Zhang Xiaoyu can increase her annual sales by 50%, she will apply for a large bonus.

Jin Xiaobei was promoted to invite Lin Rui to have dinner, but the environment made Jin Xiaobei very uncomfortable, so he took Lin Rui to the sky bridge and said that he would show her the scenery. Jin Xiaobei took out a diamond ring and put it in Lin Rui’s hand, Lin Rui was stunned.

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