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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 41 Recap

Director Liu only gave Zhang Xiaoyu 30 minutes to end the activity. When Zhang Xiaoyu was worried, the police came and said that they had already reported it. Fang Jing reported it. Zhang Xiaoyu was relieved immediately. Zhang Xiaoyu robbed Lin Rui in the same school. Lin Rui was very angry. Jin Xiaobei persuaded her to talk to Zhang Xiaoyu.

Her family went bankrupt and the family owed a lot of debts. Lin Rui knew about it, but didn’t understand why Zhang Xiaoyu didn’t tell herself that she had been doing her best to help her for a year, but Zhang Xiaoyu thought she was a person with no bottom line.

Zhang Xiaoyu and Fang Jing suddenly encountered a problem. Several of the students they chose refused to sign. Only three of the twelve planned to sign. Jin Xiaobei told Lin Rui that Wen Zhe was going to develop a hairdressing salon that would only allow one brand to stay in. Letting them pass tomorrow means letting them bid.

Zhang Xiaoyu discovered that SW, the classmate they proposed to sign the agreement, would dig at a high price. This is indeed Lin Rui’s style of doing things. The reason why the girl with the best selling lipstick stayed was because she knew the concept. Fang Jing was very pleased that she didn’t let these three people directly join the job as a trainee.

The next day, Wen Zhe invited Lin Rui, Ling Xiaoxiao, Fang Jing and others to compete for the stay in the beauty salon. Zhang Xiaoyu has never been able to forget Lin Rui’s plan. When he was upset, he was called to see the plan and hurriedly closed the computer. Wen Zhe and Jin Xiaobei asked each other if they had told Lin Rui and Zhang Xiaoyu of the plan, and Wen Zhe eagerly taught him a lesson. Fang Jing came to find Zhang Xiaoyu and accidentally found the plan on her computer screen. This was Lin Rui’s original plan.

Justin didn’t make the plan personally, Lin Rui was a little angry and asked him to do it himself. Dante went to a company to be the technical director. He didn’t want to start a business anymore. Jin Xiaobei was a little surprised.

It seemed that he was really hit hard. Dante understands that he has no shortcomings or investment, but his personality has some defects. Jin Xiaobei and Dante talked about it separately. He was sent to the suburban warehouse by Wen Zhe and told him that Zhang Xiaoyu was a good girl and she would cherish it if she found it. Dante drove him away impatiently.

Lin Rui’s expression suddenly changed when he received a call from President Ding. Dante helped Zhang Xiaoyu write the plan, and he was very satisfied. Lin Rui asked Zhang Xiaoyu to meet. Zhang Xiaoyu thought she wanted to talk to herself about the case. Lin Rui said she wanted to give her a chance to explain. Zhang Xiaoyu said she had nothing to explain. She owed Lin Rui and refused Meng Fan’s resignation. It was paid off by the time.

Lin Rui is her teacher, she will not betray Lin Rui. Lin Rui thought that Zhang Xiaoyu was a traitor while being White Lotus. Fang Jing made an appointment with Ding Ding this afternoon to discuss cooperation. Zhang Xiaoyu was anxious. She never told Fang Jing about this plan! Lin Rui didn’t believe it, Zhang Xiaoyu didn’t compromise easily, and decided that this was not what she told Fang Jing. Before leaving, Lin Rui told her that it is difficult to cultivate a person, but it is easy to destroy one.

There were only a few days left for the Ximei Center project, and Lin Rui asked Cai Cai to come up with a plan as soon as possible. Lin Rui went back to the company and asked if Justin and Zhang Xiaoyu were good friends. Justin answered truthfully and understood her routine. Zhang Xiaoyu hurriedly returned to the company and asked Fang Jing if she was cooperating with Dingding APP, and how did she think of cooperating with him. Fang Jing’s answer was flawless, and Zhang Xiaoyu was also responsible for planning and advancing the case. Zhang Xiaoyu refused, and she could not take this case. After Zhang Xiaoyu left, Fang Jing called again and got the Ximei Center plan.

Jin Xiaobei called and told Lin Rui that he had told Father Jin about this matter. Although Father Jin would not interfere with Wen Zhe, he would always let him know that he shouldn’t mess around. The golden mother came to Lin Rui, and Lin Rui quickly closed the door and covered her exposed shoulders before inviting the golden mother in. Jin Mu asked Lin Rui and Jin Xiaobei if they were serious, but Lin Rui was thirty-four years old, so if they got married they would never agree, but they wouldn’t make her suffer. Lin Rui is not short of money, so what Golden Mother wants to give her is the Ximei Center.

This list is very important to her. Of course, Lin Rui refused to agree. She would not let her work and relationships get mixed up. Seeing that Lin Rui disagreed, Jin Mu directly personally attacked and said that she was already like Jin Xiaobei’s mother. Lin Rui once again stated that she was serious about Jin Xiaobei, and she was also considering where this relationship went.

Jin Mu became even more angry, thinking that Lin Rui was an unmarried man, and threatened that Jin Xiaobei could afford it. Lin Rui quickly explained that all of his energy is currently at work, hoping that the mother of gold will give herself more time, and after this time, he will visit the mother of gold. Jin Mu once again warned Lin Rui that he could not use Rentai’s name and money in the name of Jin Xiaobei, and Jin Xiaobei would not know what happened today. After the mother of gold left, Lin Rui scratched his head helplessly.

Fang Jing and Lin Rui were both preparing for speeches. Fang Jing naturally sent Zhang Xiaoyu, and Lin Rui could only send Ling Xiaoxiao. Fang Jing showed Zhang Xiaoyu the final draft of the SW plan. Zhang Xiaoyu was surprised, but Selena once told her that SW has her own. Fang Jing told her that it was just using each other, leaning over and saying a name in Zhang Xiaoyu’s ear.

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