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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 40 Recap

When Lin Rui held a meeting, Wang Lei, who also served as the e-commerce department, mentioned last year’s New Year’s Day strategy, and Zhang Xiaoyu was inevitably mentioned. Lin Rui said that Zhang Xiaoyu can be mentioned. Meng Fan came to Lin Rui and said that the headquarters wanted him to give Lin Rui a verbal warning because of Fang Jing and Zhang Xiaoyu’s job hopping, and that the president of China would find another candidate. Lin Rui reminded her that it would not be good for him to have another person after she left. Meng Fan promised to help her buy half a year, but these were all favors.

A French-speaking man called Lin Rui, and Lin Rui called Wang Lei, Justin and Ling Xiaoxiao for a meeting with a bad face. Fang Jing wanted to play SW, but Zhang Xiaoyu hesitated. At this time, Lin Rui came with Ling Xiaoxiao and said that he hoped to plan an event with them. Zhang Xiaoyu didn’t understand why they chose to cooperate, and was very dissatisfied with SW ranking ahead of them. The two almost quarreled. Fang Jing hurriedly concluded that whether cooperation could be discussed or not, before leaving, Zhang Xiaoyu shook hands with Lin Rui hesitantly. Zhang Xiaoyu thinks that Lin Rui’s motives are not pure, otherwise he would not cooperate with them.

Ling Xiaoxiao and Tan Weilun came to see the house, but they were worried about money. Tan Weilun was not rich either, and he was still paying the student loan. Ling Xiaoxiao and Tan Weilun are very happy together, but she doesn’t want to be looked down upon. Fang Jing asked Ling Xiaoxiao and Tan Weilun to have dinner.

Tan Weilun left after seeing Fang Jing have something to say. Fang Jing wanted to ask Ling Xiaoxiao about the purpose of Lin Rui’s cooperation with them. Ling Xiaoxiao also remembered Fang Jing’s kindness, and said something Lin Rui said to Meng Fan, and it would not be convenient for them to eat out often in the future. Ling Xiaoxiao left these few words and left.

SW and L&D sued the counterfeit and shoddy products together and held a press conference. The anti-counterfeiting activities are a lot of trouble and the data is very good, but Selena is obviously not satisfied, because Selena pulls them because they are the backbone of SW, they want to fight SW, but they did not expect that they just When you take office, you drink in harmony with your opponents. Fang Jing and Zhang Xiaoyu felt a little funny, feeling that Selena hated Lin Rui even more than Fang Jing.

The two met Dante by chance, and Zhang Xiaoyu greeted him happily. Dante returned to Beijing for a month and missed it very much. Zhang Xiaoyu asked him to eat crayfish, but Dante fed her a crayfish. The long-term grievances suddenly burst out. This is the first time Dante has fed Zhang Xiao in so long. Fish eat something.

Zhang Xiaoyu left Lin Rui but had to become an enemy with her. She was always entangled in her heart. She knew Lin Rui’s hole cards, so she couldn’t beat her backhand. Lin Rui’s plan was drafted by her. She really wanted to forget this plan, because she knew Lin Rui’s secret, but instead bound Zhang Xiaoyu’s hands and feet. Only Dante is not in the game, and Zhang Xiaoyu can only talk to him, so he is really going crazy when he is not in Zhang Xiaoyu. Dante said to find a way to tell Zhang Xiaoyu again, and Zhang Xiaoyu hoped that she would not return to Beijing.

Lin Rui came to Wen Zhe to discuss matters, and Wen Zhe introduced her new assistant, Jin Xiaobei. Lin Rui felt very happy, after all, Wen Zhe had promised him such a low position. Lin Rui answered the phone and left angrily, saying that she would interrupt Zhang Xiaoyu’s hand. Zhang Xiaoyu and Fang Jing are recruiting talents in colleges and universities, and they plan to promote them all over the country. Lin Rui is very angry. Soon, Zhang Xiaoyu’s plan encountered obstacles, because the number of them exceeded the number reported, the head of the security brigade Liu called the police and asked them to stop their activities immediately.

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