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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 39 Recap

Meng Fan came to Lin Rui to discuss how to remedy it, and said that Zhang Xiaoyu and Yan Kun’s resignation time should be blurred, and their words were also erased. This is Meng Fan’s real goal. The sudden resignation of a celebrity like Zhang Xiaoyu, Meng Fan was very surprised, but Lin Rui must have arranged Yan Kun’s resignation, otherwise Yan Kun would not sacrifice himself. Lin Rui’s doing so has a great impact on him, and even allows him to regulate the Asia-Pacific region. Lin Rui said that this plan was proposed by Yan Kun himself, but Zhang Xiaoyu’s resignation unexpectedly saved Meng Fan.

Zhang’s father and Zhang’s mother are going to return to Yiwu in a few days. The house is going to be handed over today. Zhang Xiaoyu gave them the three-year advance salary for them to return to the bank. This house is still theirs. Zhang Xiaoyu’s parents are very Is moved. Fang Jing and her husband are separated.

As for whether they will get a divorce, Yan Kun took out two tickets to Tokyo. Now that Fang Jing doesn’t need to guard him anymore. But Fang Jing believes that a divorced woman is incomplete no matter how successful her career is. Yan Kun doesn’t think so. Is all her efforts for a seemingly beautiful marriage?

Fang Jing hopes he can Solve it yourself. Yan Kun said that he had prepared everything in Japan, and he would treat Xiaoxiao as his own child. After drinking the tea, Fang Jing said that she had never felt as warm as she is today, but she hadn’t thought about it yet, so she could only say thank you. After the hug, Yan Kundao flew to Japan at noon the day after tomorrow. He hoped to see Fang Jing at the airport. Fang Jing left, she didn’t want to make a decision about the future life without thinking about it.

Zhang Xiaoyu did not listen to Dante’s explanation. She decided to end her story with him. Dante looked at her and didn’t know what to say. Zhang Xiaoyu said goodbye, turned around resolutely and left, and cried for a long time when she returned home holding herself in her arms. Dante ran to drink to relieve his boredom, feeling very sad.

Ling Xiaoxiao told Dong Xinran that Zhang Xiaoyu had gone to L&D after leaving, and that Lin Rui called a person from the Daily Chemical Department to a meeting in the afternoon, and she was also attending as the Medical Beauty Department. Dong Xinran naturally knew what this meant and was very angry. Grit your teeth.

Zhang Xiaoyu formally joined L&D and found that Fang Jing had become the president of China. Lin Rui announced that Mr. Mai will concurrently hold the position of Zhang Xiaoyu, and Ling Xiaoxiao will be the brand director of Xiuerli in the daily chemical department. Fang Jing still has a contract to ban business competition. Although it has been resolved, it will take a few days to sign the contract. Fang Jing wants to fulfill her unfinished dream in SW.

Zhang Xiaoyu has no dreams when she comes here, because she is here to pay off the debts of her family. Selena once asked Fang Jing’s opinion. Fang Jing said that it is not easy to dig an octopus. Although she is not the best, she is the most trustworthy.

Jin Mu has been discharged from the hospital. Jin Xiaobei and Lin Rui called and talked about things here. He wanted to help his parents. Lin Rui bought a plane ticket to accompany him during the New Year, and Jin Xiaobei would discuss whether to return to Rentai for the New Year. Cai Cai told Lin Rui that Zhang Xiaoyu had gone to L&D, and she worried that Lin Rui would be affected by this resignation.

Cai Cai didn’t understand why Xiu Erli’s brand director gave Ling Xiaoxiao. Although she was talented and ambitious, she had something to do with Tan Weilun. Lin Rui is not worried, why Ling Xiaoxiao and Tan Weilun are together to benefit Meng Fan, Lin Rui asked Cai Cai to check whether Zhang Xiaoyu had signed the banned business competition contract.

Zhang Xiaoyu officially joined the company. Selena told her that L&D is easier to operate. As the sales director, Zhang Xiaoyu can bypass Fang Jing and report directly to her if he encounters problems. Lin Rui packed up his luggage and was about to fly to the United States. He didn’t expect Jin Xiaobei to come back suddenly and bought vegetables. Lin Rui felt that Jin Xiaobei must have something else when he came back suddenly.

Jin Xiaobei said in silence for a while that he decided to return to Rentai to help Jin’s father share some pressure. After dinner, Jin Xiaobei and Lin Rui went for a walk. Lin Rui asked him why he liked herself, even she didn’t like herself. Perhaps it was because Lin Rui went to the bar every Friday aroused his curiosity, but that period was the most exciting year for Jin Xiaobei. Years later, Zhang Xiaoyu met Ling Xiaoxiao and Tan Weilun. They went to Singapore for the New Year and decided to get married this year.

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