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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 39 Recap

Tang San went to see Haotian Douluo with excitement. It was pouring rain outside. The man turned his back and held an umbrella in his hand. The moment he turned around, Tang San’s heart became more tense, and he repeatedly confirmed this. The man is his father, Tang Hao. Tang San was surprised and delighted. He couldn’t wait to express the confusion in his heart. Tang Hao confessed to what he had done. He promised to kill Bibi Dong and compensate Ma Hongjun and others for what he did. Sacrifice, Tang San felt that the person in front of him was cold and strange.

Tang Hao did not hide his plan to Tang San. As long as Silanke Academy loses to Canghui Academy, Canghui Academy will be able to win the championship smoothly. Bibi Dong will award the champion. Tang Hao has trained a pale space in advance. The soul master of the mutant martial soul can only make one shot in his life, which will cause the opponent to lose the ability to control the soul.

Then this soul master will die. Tang Hao first allows the Spear of Void and Returning Mirror to block Bibi Dong, and then the spatial soul master Bibi Dong shot and controlled her, Title Douluo used the Returning Mirror to fight Bibi Dong, and the arrow hidden in the spirit bone could kill Bibi Dong.

Tang San didn’t want to watch so many people sacrifice for this. He tried hard to persuade Tang Hao to stop. Tang Hao had carefully planned for so many years, he didn’t want to stop there. At this moment, Dai Mubai brought the students from the Silanke Academy to find Tang San. They fought Tang Hao, and Tang San desperately blocked him, worried that the students would be injured. Tang Hao could not say that he fought them, Tang San. He took out the wind chime to persuade him, he raised his hand and threw the wind chime aside, threatening Xiao Wu’s life.

Tang San suddenly realized something was wrong. The man in front of him was not his father at all, but the time, and the injured student was also a fake, because the wind chime was a symbol of their father and son’s family, and his father would not throw it away casually. Nian Liang showed his true shape and admitted that he wanted to control Tang San. He didn’t expect Tang San to say that his father was Haotian Douluo. He planned to make Tang San give up the game.

Tang San resolutely refused to do it, and she was behind the scenes of Canghui Academy. The main envoy was Ju Douluo, who wanted to continue to control Tang San through the years. Tang San summoned Lan Yincao and awakened the power of his mother hiding in him. He completely defeated the time and turned him into a walking dead.

The students of Canghui Academy lost their control over the years and came to sober one after another. Ye Zhiqiu thanked Tang San for his help, and wanted to take the students out of Wuhun City, and also brought him along with him. Tang San came to Dugu Bo, Ning Fengzhi and Chen Xin discussed the countermeasures against Ju Douluo. They were lying in ambush on the way that Ju Douluo returned to the Spirit Hall. Ju Douluo quickly found them, and they forced Ju Douluo. After explaining all the crimes, Ju Douluo did not explain, they fought.

Qian Renxue came to Tang San to return the Martial Spirit Order. Tang San smashed her head and covered her face. Tang San lied to check the relationship between Yu Xiaogang and Bibi Dong. However, after going to check the others, Tang San suddenly realized that the situation was not good. , Ju Douluo went to check the document, it was impossible to use his token.

Tang San suspected that someone used the Ju Douluo token to check the truth of the chase that year, and took away those pages of the document. Tang San asked Qian Renxue about it. Ju Douluo and Gui Douluo had a good relationship, and determined that Gui Douluo had stolen Ju Douluo’s token to do these things, just wanting to frame Ju Douluo, so Tang San hurried to stop Dugu Bo and Ning Fengzhi.

Tang San and Qian Renxue soon came to the agreed place, loudly preventing Ju Douluo and Dugu Bo from fighting, Bibi Dong arrived in time, knocked Dugu Bo, Chenxin and Ning Fengzhi away, and Tang San took away the doubt in his heart. Tell Bibi Dong truthfully, she didn’t expect that she knew this a long time ago, and she also knew that Canghui Academy had retired. Bibi Dong promised to play Dugu Bo after the game, so as not to interfere with the game. Everything will be said after the game is over.

One thing was revealed, Ju Douluo was studying mutant martial arts in a secret space, except for the two of them that only soul beasts could enter, Xiao Wu could enter easily. Ju Douluo once again persuaded Dai Mubai to be his student, but Dai Mubai flatly refused.

The finals battle is about to come. Yu Xiaogang and Lande mobilized the students before the war. After the battle, they all graduated. Ning Rongrong was reluctant to leave. Lande bid farewell to each student one by one. With high hopes and wanting to know their future ambitions, Dai Mubai wanted to go back to revitalize the Star Luo Kingdom, Zhu Zhuqing wanted to go with him, Osike continued to stay in Schanke to recruit students, and then went to the Seven Treasure Glass Sect to find Ning Rongrong, Tang San thought Continuing to search for his father, Xiao Wu is willing to follow him all his life, and Ma Hongjun wants to go to the Douluo Continent to explore the secrets.

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