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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 38 Recap

Both Tang San and Dai Mubai suspected that the collective disappearance of the team members who eliminated the Academy was related to Ju Douluo. The purpose was to put the blame on Bibi Dong, and then she was rightfully in charge of the Wuhun Hall. Tang San knew that they could not beat Ju Douluo and decided to use it. The power of the Wuhun Palace grabbed Ju Douluo to ask why.

Tang San, Dai Mubai and Xiao Wu came to Qian Renxue and told her the ins and outs of the matter. Qian Renxue didn’t believe that Ju Douluo would do this, so she wanted to find out herself. Yan loses control every time he makes a shot. Only Ju Douluo can control him. Xie Yue is very dissatisfied with Yan. If they disagree, they fought. Qian Renxue rushed to stop him in time. She asked Yan to ask Ju Douluo. Residence, but didn’t tell him the real reason.

Qian Renxue took Tang San, Xiao Wu, and Dai Mubai to Ju Douluo’s residence and saw that the room was filled with colorful chrysanthemums. Dai Mubai saw that there was a division plan for the competition on the table, and Canghui Academy was obviously affected. After the change, the Royal Academy and Wuhun Hall were deliberately in a group, just to make Canghui Academy enter the finals, and Ju Douluo could join forces with Canghui Academy to kill Bibi Dong. Xiao Wu touched the petals casually, and she and Tang San were led into a locked cell in an instant, and Tang San opened the lock with the blue silver grass.

Dai Mubai turned around and found that Xiao Wu and Tang San had disappeared, and hurriedly followed Qian Renxue to Bibi Dong, and told them about their doubts about Ju Douluo. Bibi Dong did not believe that Ju Douluo would betray her. Forcibly driving Dai Mubai away, Qian Renxue was very annoyed and complained that Bibi Dong never believed her. She had successfully controlled Xue Qinghe and locked up Prince Xue Xing. Once the game was over, she could use Xue Qinghe. The identity of Bibi Dong controls the entire Sky Dou City. Bibi Dong thinks that she is a foolish dream. Qian Renxue bears the anger in her heart and persuades Bibi Dong to talk to Ju Douluo. Bibi Dong does not allow her to intervene in this matter, as long as she helps the Wuhun Temple team win the championship. That’s fine, Qian Renxue didn’t want to be a chess piece in her hand, and even the mother-daughter relationship would be concealed. Bibi Dong insisted that she was just Qian Renxue’s teacher, and Qian Renxue ran away in anger.

Tang San opened the door of the cell and saw many soul beast bones in other cells. Xiao Wu guarded the piles of bones in pain. She thought that the soul beast could live in peace with human beings in human form, but was still slaughtered. Tang San suddenly realized that the situation was not good, and Ju Douluo slaughtered the soul beasts to blame Bibi Dong, so the sky green bull python in Star Douluo was willing to cooperate with Ju Douluo to target the Wuhun Palace. Tang San worried that Ju Douluo would come back and hit them. I want to take Xiao Wu away as soon as possible.

Qian Renxue and Dai Mubai ran into Ju Douluo head-on. They were worried that Tang San and Xiao Wu would be caught, so they split up with Qian Renxue. Dai Mubai stopped Ju Douluo and pretended to talk to him about apprenticeship. Qian Renxue returned to Ju Douluo’s residence. Xiao Wu touched the chrysanthemum petals at the door and instantly returned to Chrysanthemum Douluo’s room, but Tang San hadn’t returned yet, she touched the chrysanthemum petals again, and returned to the cell where the soul bones were hidden, bringing Tang San back.

When Qian Renxue learned that there was a prison containing soul bones, she went to check with them. Dai Mubai deliberately brought Ju Douluo to the residence of the Silanke Academy, and persuaded Ju Douluo to leave the Wuhun Hall, so he agreed to be his apprentice. Ju Douluo resolutely refused to agree. Dai Mubai wanted to fight for Tang San and others. Time, looking for various excuses to delay, Ju Douluo found that something was wrong, and disappeared in an instant. Ju Douluo returned to the residence, and then went to the cell to investigate carefully.

Qian Renxue knew that Bibi Dong trusted Ju Douluo very much, and decided to deal with Ju Douluo by herself. Tang San discussed with Qian Renxue and wanted to start Ju Douluo on the way back to the Wuhun Hall. Dai Mubai hurriedly came to Tang San to discuss , I want to go to Dugubo and Ning Fengzhi for help, hiding from Osike, Ma Hongjun and others, even if something goes wrong in the future, he can get rid of the Shrank Academy. Tang San came to Dugu Bo overnight. Dugu Bo learned that Dugu Yan had also disappeared with the team members, and promised to help him deal with Ju Douluo.

Yu Xiaogang convened a meeting with the students early in the morning and analyzed the strengths and tactics of the other teams one by one. The students were full of confidence. Tang San accidentally saw passing by the door in those years, so he hurriedly followed and promised to take Tang San. Seeing Haotian Douluo, as long as Tang San lets Shrank Academy lose to Canghui Academy, and Canghui Academy wins the championship, he is willing to give each of the students of the Shrank Academy a soul bone.

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