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Country Love 13 乡村爱情13 Episode 10 Recap

The original jokes of the Big Three have disappeared. Unexpectedly, Song Xiaofeng revealed the news of Zhao Si’s disguise in the live broadcast room, which caused another wave of gossip. Xie Guangkun believes that someone should be sent to investigate the matter clearly, so this important task naturally falls on Zhao Si.

Zhao Si reluctantly declined for a long time, and finally said that during the investigation period, he would inevitably incur expenses, so he wanted to find someone to reimburse him. Xie Guangkun hated that iron was not made into steel, so he promised to settle for him. Zhao Si heard Xie Guangkun’s promise, and he immediately became energetic, and asked them to wait for their good news, and they would definitely investigate the matter clearly.

Li Cheng met Wang Musheng in the villa and found that he was wearing the hairpin he gave Xiao Shuang on his chest. However, Wang Musheng insisted that he picked it up on the road. Li Cheng questioned what he said. The two of them disagreeed and quarreled again. It happened that Xiao Shuang passed by and simply returned the card to Li Cheng, and through Wang Musheng’s words, he determined that Li Chengcheng was yesterday. The late “Weasel”.

Zhao Si did not live up to his trust. He even leaned on a cane to pretend to be Sherlock Holmes and wandered around the house all day. Wang Meilan didn’t know Sherlock Holmes very well, and only felt that Zhao Si was not doing business.

At dinner in the evening, the family was relatively speechless at the dinner table. Xie Guangkun couldn’t bear the current atmosphere at home, so he agreed to split the family, but asked his wife to live with himself and not to watch the children for the young couple. Xie Yongqiang still refused to express his attitude as always. Xie Guangkun lost his appetite and turned to leave. The meal was unhappy and scattered.

On the day when the kindergarten started, the parents sent their children one after another. Liu asked the children to go back and tell the parents that they would send some succulents to the school tomorrow to cultivate dedication since childhood. As a result, the bear children misrepresented the news, so that many parents sent pork, including Li Daguo, who exaggerated the whole pig to the school.

Song Qinglian was depressed because Song Xiaofeng went out early and returned late every day, and her colleagues suggested that she take time off to accompany Song Xiaofeng. Originally Song Qinglian was a little hesitant, but when she heard Song Xiaofeng’s pretentious remarks for going to work, she couldn’t help but became suspicious, so she asked Xie Yongqiang for three days of leave.

At this time, Xie Yongqiang was accompanying Wang Xiaomeng to see the homestead. Xie Yongqiang was unwilling to divide his family, let alone build a house alone, so he just used Song Qinglian’s call as the excuse to find all kinds of excuses. However, Wang Xiaomeng insisted on changing his own house, and Xie Yongqiang had no choice but to let Wang Xiaomeng figure it out.

The bottleneck told the security team that anyone who has worked as a security guard will have a great deal, just like Song Xiaofeng and Li become representatives, so the most important thing for a security guard is high emotional intelligence. It happened that Song Xiaofeng’s car came to the villa, and several people shouted slogans to him, but Song Xiaofeng was reprimanded.

Song Qinglian dressed up specially, followed Song Xiaofeng and sneaked into the Ivory Villa. The wine bottle and others misunderstood that she was a bad person, followed closely, and captured her on the spot outside the live broadcast room. Just as Song Qinglian was in distress, Song Xiaofeng appeared in time to drive off the group of security guards, and learned that Song Qinglian had applied for a vacation, so she made her get better in the villa, but did not expect Song Qinglian to follow Song Xiaofeng to the meeting.

Because of family separation, Xie Guangkun found Wang Laoqi and wanted him to persuade Wang Xiaomeng to give up the idea of ​​family separation. But Wang Laoqi thought that the children had to grow up and need to be experienced, so they let them make up their minds.

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