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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 35 Recap

Li Zhi came to see Li Shimin every day, and personally fed him soup and water. Li Mingquan watched. The imperial physician sent a servant to deliver the soup. Li Ming deliberately blocked Pan Naishi and protected Pan Naishi from poisoning the soup bowl. Pan Naishi shivered. Not daring to let it go, Li Ming mistakenly thought he had succeeded, and urged him to take the soup to Li Zhi as soon as possible, and watched Li Zhi feed Li Shimin a spoonful of it.

After Li Zhi left, Li Ming couldn’t wait to get in front of Li Shimin to see that he was safe and sound. He couldn’t help but froze. Li Shimin threw them all out on the excuse of fatigue. Li Ming realized that Pan Neiji had not poisoned him at all, so he gave him a severe lesson and threatened to kill him and send him to the Yin Cao Jifu. Pan Neishi excused that the poison had been crushed for a long time to affect the efficacy of the medicine. Li Ming asked Popa Nu every other day. So he came to give him poison and forced Pan Naibu to find a chance to do it as soon as possible.

Xiao Shunzi asked Deng Qiniang to change the medicine for Kudi Liuli. Pei Xingjian was worried and waited patiently in the yard. She let Xiao Shunzi remind Deng Qiniang to wipe the medicine from the previous day first, and also explained many precautions. Deng Qiniang followed them one by one. Kudi Liuli had been talking nonsense because of her high fever, and it was all about Jinzhen. She vowed that she would never want to see Pei Xingjian again. Deng Qiniang looked anxious in her eyes. Only when Pei Xingjian realized that Jinzhen was Kudi Liuli’s heart disease, she began to question herself. Is it wrong? Sun Decheng advised him not to take it to heart, because Kudi Liuli was not a grudge.

Pubaru came to deliver medicine to Pannai on time, and specially brought a finger of his father to threaten him. Pannai was so scared that he couldn’t stop crying. Pubaru urged him to poison him as soon as possible, otherwise he would send his father’s head away next time. Now, Pan Naishi felt that Pubanu was just a pawn in Li Ming’s hands. Once Li Ming fulfilled his wish to become the emperor, he would kill him. Pubalu would not say anything, but he was right. Li Ming’s vicious and cunning heart is lingering.

Li Zhiyi came to Buluyuan earlier, and wanted to see Kudi Liuli before going to accompany Li Shimin. Pei Xingjian advised him not to go to places like Buluyuan and reminded him to beware of Pan Neipi everywhere. Suddenly, Pan Neishi sent someone to inform Li Zhi and asked him to visit him while Li Shimin was sober. Pei Xingjian was suspicious. Li Zhi did not dare to delay, so he hurried to visit Li Shimin. Pan Neishi suddenly stopped him at the gate of the palace and stopped Li Ming. The plot to frame him to kill the emperor and usurp power came out, Li Zhi was dubious.

Pei Xingjian was ordered to go out on errands. Before leaving, he came to say goodbye to Mo Kun. Suddenly he saw Pubanu riding a horse in the palace all the way, trying to forcefully break through the palace gate, but was stopped by the guards and forced him to take out his badge, Pu Baru was uncomfortable all over. He resisted desperately, and was surrounded by guards. He wounded the guards and forced them out. Pei Xingjian came in time, knocked Pubalu to the ground, and brought Pubalu back to Li Zhi.

Li Zhi and Li Ming came to see Li Shimin one after another. Li Shimin wanted to take the decoction and take a break as soon as possible. Li Ming asked Pan Neishi to bring the decoction. Li Zhi remembered what Pan Neishi said. He excused that he was too tired to copy the scriptures and made his hands tremble so much. Li Shimin fed the medicine, and Li Ming deliberately knocked the medicine bowl over.

Pei Xingjian grabbed Pubanu for interrogation. Pubalu lied that he had a headache and was about to go to see a doctor. However, he lost his waist card. Pei Xingjian found that he was flustered and was sweating all the time. Came to stop Pei Xingjian and forcibly took Pubanu away.

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