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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 34 Recap

Kudi Liuli took Zhuo Jinniang to find a lamp to illuminate the secret room. She took the opportunity to sprinkle a lot of phosphor powder on the dragon robe, falsely claiming that the secret room was too dark, and asked Zhuo Jinniang to take a look by the candlelight, and Zhuo Jinniang played hard. Phosphorus powder falling on it quickly burned in a fire, and the dragon robe was burned on the spot. Kudi Liuli admitted that she had sprinkled phosphor powder on the dragon robe, just to destroy the dragon robe and completely destroy Zhuo Jinniang’s Sweet dreams.

Unexpectedly, Zhuo Jinniang had already prepared. She followed Kudi Liuli to learn needlework and embroidered a dragon robe. Abi had already discovered that Deng Qiniang came to the secret room to look for Kudi Liuli. Zhuo Jinniang guessed that Kudi Liuli wanted Making hands and feet on the dragon robes, taking advantage of her lack of preparation, Zhuo Jinniang proudly declared that she would let Kudi Liuli witness her make the first stitch in the world. She embroidered the dragon’s eyes overnight, Kudi Liuli. Suddenly I was dumbfounded, because I was too sad and sick.

Li Zhi came to see Li Shimin and offered to feed Li Shimin with medicine. Pan Neishi wanted to poison in the medicine bowl, but finally gave up. Li Ming sent a popa crossbow to urge Pan’s servant to implement the plan as soon as possible, otherwise he would die like Gao’s servant. Pan decided to poison Li Shimin’s soup in advance, and then framed Li Zhi.

Zhuo Jinniang handed the dragon robe to the two toffees for a review, and they were full of praise for Zhuo Jinniang’s garment making skills. Kudi Liuli had a high fever. Deng Qiniang took good care of her. The companions called Deng Qiniang to attend the ceremony of Zhuo Jinniang’s worship of the golden needle. Deng Qiniang didn’t want Kudi Liuli to be sad, so she quickly found an excuse to cover up. Lin Shangfu brought the embroidered ladies to congratulate Zhuo Jinniang. Zhuo Jinniang forced Deng Qiniang to go to Ku Di Liuli to witness her happy day.

Kudi Liuli struggled to get up to participate in Zhuo Jinniang’s ceremony of worshiping the golden needles. She questioned Zhuo Jinniang in public, and asked her to swear a poisonous oath in front of her ancestor, admitting that the dragon robe was embroidered by her. Zhuo Jinniang couldn’t argue. , Embroidery ladies talked a lot. Zhuo Jinniang insisted that the two toffees decided that the dragon robe won. Ku Di Liuli publicly exposed that Zhuo Jinniang kept her in the secret room for several days, forced her to embroider the dragon robe, and finally forcibly occupied her work. Kudi Liuli will take everyone to the secret room to witness the authenticity, Zhuo Jinniang argues in every possible way.

Seeing this, Deng Qiniang hurried to the East Palace to find Li Zhi for help. Pei Xingjian just returned from work, so he went to Li Zhi without saying a word. Li Zhi was accompanying Li Shimin, and the royal servant learned that the matter was urgent and hurried in to report the letter. Lin Shangfu also felt that things were strange. Zhuo Jinniang and Kudi Liuli disappeared for several days at the same time, and Zhuo Jinniang’s stitching technique in this dragon robe was different from the past.

Zhuo Jinniang threatened Lin Shangfu. Yang Fei and Li Mingxiang were threatened, so Lin Shangfu had to persuade Ku Di Liuli to accept the ending. Since the two toffees have named Zhuo Jinniang the “first needle in the world”, no one will be allowed to question from now on.

Zhuo Jinniang asked Abi to preside over the ceremony of worshiping the Golden Needle, and she had to accept her as a disciple. Kudi Liuli refused to kneel down. Zhuo Jinniang asked her to fall to the ground. Kudi Liuli was not convinced, Zhuo Jinniang She was ordered to be beaten with thirty sticks. Ku Di Liuli was beaten up and vomited with blood. Deng Qiniang persuaded her to bow her head to Zhuo Jinniang. Ku Di Liuli was determined not to bow her head. Zhuo Jinniang ordered to continue the fight. Deng Qiniang knelt down and begged Zhuo Jinniang. .

Li Shimin finally regained consciousness. Concubine Yang personally fed him ginseng soup. The harem concubine and the princes all accompanied him. Pei Xingjian could only wait patiently. He waited for a long time and did not see Li Zhi come out. The king’s servant courageously went in and informed Li Zhi, Li Zhi asked Pei Xingjian to wait outside. Pei Xingjian couldn’t wait and rushed to Shangfu Bureau.

Zhuo Jinniang had to beat Kudi Liuli with ten sticks. Pei Xingjian came in time and lied that Li Zhi wanted to see Kudi Liuli. Zhuo Jinniang didn’t believe it at all, because starting today, all the princes and concubines will accompany the king. Pei Xingjian lied that Ku Di Liuli was going to make mink fur robes for Li Shimin, but Lin Shangfu weighed it over and over and agreed to let Pei Xingjian take Ku Di Liuli away.

Pei Xingjian sent Kudi Liuli to Buluyuan to recuperate. Sun Decheng personally boiled medicine for her. Deng Qiniang sent Kudi Liuli’s clothes for washing, and the wooden box under the bed. Pei Xingjian found a pair of clay figurines in the wooden box. Ku Di Liuli finally woke up. Pei Xingjian wanted to feed her medicine. Ku Di Liuli broke the medicine bowl and forced Pei Xingjian away.

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