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Village Basketball Team 乡村篮球队 Episode 1 Recap

Shanghe Village and Xiahe Village are about to start a basketball game. The village director Lu Jingui (Xie Yuan) found his son Lu Jianfeng who was harvesting jasmine in the factory and asked him to go home and play a basketball game. This season is the jasmine harvest season, and Lu Jianfeng’s work is also crucial and inseparable. However, Lu Jingui insisted that Lu Jianfeng and the factory manager had to go home and play basketball when he asked for leave. Why?

It turned out that ten years ago, Shanghe Village and Xiahe Village belonged to the same brigade called Honghe Team, but after the team was demolished to build villages, the two villages were formed, and frictions and contradictions occurred due to uneven land division. Shanghe Village felt that it was itself The land is not good. The two sides negotiated to decide whether to win or lose in basketball. As a result, Shanghe Village lost.

They can only rely on mining for their livelihoods, and the land cannot be planted. The two parties agreed that the ten-year agreement expired. The owner of Shanghe Village, Long Dabang (played by Wu Gang), listened to the old village chief’s father, closed the factory in the city, took his wife and children back to the countryside, and took root in the countryside and led everyone to lean on Minerals have gone out of the way to get rich, and the development within ten years can be said to have thrown Xiahe Village far away.

Ten years have come, and the minerals have almost been mined. On the contrary, the jasmine planting in Xiahe Village has become more and more prosperous, and the life is getting better and better. Seeing that the contract is about to expire, both parties can only rely on playing basketball. He is determined to win or lose, but he doesn’t have much confidence in Long Dabang, because he doesn’t have his son Long Baoyu by his side, who doesn’t know that Long Baoyu is also on his way back at this time, enjoying the beauty of the fields, taking pictures all the way back. Long Dabang knew Lu Jingui’s strength and was worried about not winning, so he planned to use a bitter trick with his brother-in-law Lan Zhibao.

Mayor Huang also told Mayor Mei about the conflict between the two villages, and Mayor Mei also had a plan in his heart, intending to take advantage of the situation and ease the relationship between the two parties to achieve a win-win goal.

The basketball court in Naxiu Town was very lively. Everyone gathered together to start the game. The first game was Shanghe Village against Xiahe Village. Golden Yagong brags about playing a friendly match with the People’s Liberation Army at the venue, which aroused the dissatisfaction of Long Dabang’s grandmother Liu Apo. Liu satirized that Golden Yagong was just a child and boasted that he had played against the People’s Liberation Army.

Both Long Dabang and Lu Jingui cheered for their teams. Lu Jingui looked at Long Dabang triumphantly with a trace of contempt. It seemed that Long Dabang would definitely lose. In fact, Long Dabang didn’t know that he was not an opponent, so he sent a message quietly. I gave Lan Zhibao and let Lan Zhibao activate the detonator. There was only a loud noise during the game. I thought there was a big accident, but I didn’t expect it was just the gunpowder that exploded the mountain. The rocks on the mountain were still intact. This bitter plan naturally failed.

The situation on the field is conceivable. Soon Xiahecun opened the distance with Xiahecun with a score of 10:0. However, during the game, the two sides also had unpleasant quarrels due to the collision. The referee hurriedly stopped this. Only stopped the fight.

On the other hand, Lan Zhibao started the explosion again, and the explosion was heard again on the basketball court, but there was no dust at all. Long Dabang anxiously asked to go back and see what happened. Seeing that Long Dabang was about to leave, Wei Xiucai began to suspect that his motives were impure, and Mayor Huang asked to take a look together if he was worried that something might happen.

After arriving there together, Long Dabang put all the blame on Lan Zhibao, not to mention that Lan Zhibao took the initiative to blow up the mountain without authorization. Lu Jingui didn’t believe these words at all, and determined that Lan Zhibao was acting on orders. Lan Zhibao was motionless with dementia. Long Dabang’s wife Hehua rushed over and sang together with Long Dabang and sent Lan Zhibao back.

After Lan Zhibao went back, he remained silent. This made Long Dabang also startled. He was worried that Lan Zhibao would be destroyed. The impatient Long Dabang found that Lan Zhibao was pretending to be relieved. Then he chased Lan Zhibao and blamed Lan Zhibao for cheating, but then asked Lan Zhibao to continue to install it.

Mayor Huang talked to Long Dabang and Lu Jingui at the same time. Lu Jingui was riding an electric donkey, and Long Dabang ran across the town in a big run. Naturally, there was an unavoidable fight. Of course, Long Dabang had to pretend to face the mayor’s accusation, saying that he would make a serious review of Lan Zhibao’s strict requirements.

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