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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 37 Recap

When Jiang Baili came to the top floor of the hotel, he realized that there was no restaurant. Gu Zhiye used the excuse to enjoy the top floor scenery and asked Jiang Baili, who had not reacted for a while, to take him to the hotel suite. As the door was being opened, Gobi and Chen Mohan suddenly arrived and Jiang Baili was at a loss, and Chen Mohan first framed her and opened a room with others.

Jiang Baili couldn’t argue, but it was fortunate that Luo Zhi arrived in time to resolve the crisis for her. It turned out that Chen Mohan had set this hotel suite for Gu Zhiye. Everyone entered the empty room without any so-called birthday arrangements. Everything was a trap for Chen Mohan to frame Jiang Baili’s character.

For a long time, Gu Zhiye was also bored with acting. He admitted on the spot that he was Chen Mohan’s uncle, and his pursuit of Jiang Baili was only Chen Mohan’s request. If Luo Zhi arrived in time today, there will be rumors that Jiang Baili will be housed to open a house tomorrow.

Chen Mohan had never had a sense of security in his interactions with Gobi, so he intended to slander Jiang Baili in this way, and the reason was that Gobi could not tell who he loved. Gu Zhiye prevented the farce and forcibly took Chen Mohan away, leaving the room only upset by Gobi.

Jiang Baili once again hid in Luo Zhi’s arms and wept. She thought that she finally met true love, but she did not expect that everything was just a scam. Jiang Baili began to doubt herself again, and she didn’t understand why she was always deceived, as if no one in this world really loved her.

Sheng Huainan couldn’t take into account the academic and family difficulties alone, and simply chose to drop out. At the moment when the notice came down, it was too late for everyone to stop. Although Zhang Mingrui and others were angry and Sheng Huainan concealed it, they were more reluctant. They drank and vented together on the roof.

Scenes of the past reverberated in my heart, the scene that I just met at school seemed to be right in front of my eyes, but now I was facing parting. The four brothers hugged each other tightly, singing together, crying together, and getting drunk together. Sheng Huainan may leave, but they believe that in the near future, there will always be a day when they meet again.

Early the next morning, Luo Zhi still heard from her classmates that Sheng Huainan had dropped out of school, but when she ran into the boys’ dormitory desperately, Sheng Huainan’s bed was already empty. The three drunk Zhang Mingrui woke up amid Luo Zhi’s yelling, only to find that Sheng Huainan had left without saying goodbye early in the morning.

Sheng Huainan had already arrived at the school gate, put the salute into the taxi, looked back at the school that had carried all his youth and beauty, his eyes were full of dismay, especially the yearning for Luo Zhi. When Luo Zhi and a few people rushed all the way to chase, they were still a step late after all, where could I see Sheng Huainan again.

Although Sheng Huainan had already left, there were traces of him everywhere, and Zhang Mingrui and others helped Sheng Huainan pack up the books that he could not take away. In the past, Sheng Huainan gave them warmth and took care of their studies like the sun. Now they are also motivated to take care of others like Sheng Huainan.

With a sick mother lying in the hospital, Sheng Huainan would sit on a chair in the corridor whenever he had time, watching the video recorded on his mobile phone, and miss the happy moments with his roommate. In the video that Luo Zhi sent to him in the UK, every sentence of “missing you” was enough to poke his most vulnerable heart.

Graduation is just around the corner, everyone has found their place. After experiencing everything, Jiang Baili also decided to go out to teach. Rather than continue studying for graduate school, it would be better to take the opportunity to release yourself. It may be hard to go north and south, but every step you take is worth cherishing.

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