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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 36 Recap

The current situation of Shengjia Company is not optimistic, and there is a high probability that it will go bankrupt. The house of Shengjia Harbin has already been mortgaged to the bank. Once the company goes bankrupt, the house will also be seized according to law. In order not to affect Luo Zhi’s mood, Sheng Huainan pretended to be all right after hanging up the lawyer’s call.

Luo Zhi suddenly proposed to go to the haunted house. When the two people questioned each other’s courage, Luo Zhi casually told about the fight for Sheng Huainan as a child, hiding the secret for more than ten years, and she was confessed in an unimportant tone. Sheng Huainan suddenly came back to his senses, some unbelievable fate, they agreed to be each other’s life partner when they were young.

Sheng Huainan was overwhelmed with joy like a child. Thinking back to the past, he suddenly realized that the little girl he had been thinking about for so many years had been by his side. They held hands and agreed that they would fulfill their childhood promises and get married once they graduate. Sheng Huainan will never let Luo Zhi spend his whole life waiting.

As the countdown counts down, the fireworks are all around, and they are very gorgeous. Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhizhi are in love, kiss each other and enjoy the happiness at this moment. Jiang Baili was also immersed in this beauty, and she didn’t know whether it was a coincidence or that she deliberately avoided the Gobi kiss. In short, when the two could not see each other, tears broke down.

At the moment of parting, Luo Zhi saw the sunny boy in front of him for the last time. After she returned from the seminar, Sheng Huainan disappeared from her life again, disappearing for five years. Only at the moment when Luo Zhi returned to China, she still didn’t know what she was going to face, she still asked Sheng Huainan to meet on the rooftop with expectation and surprise.

However, waiting for Luo Zhi is the helpless Zhang Mingrui. According to him, Sheng Huainan is busy with his grandfather’s death and will lose the appointment. Zhang Mingrui was obviously hiding something, and even couldn’t wait to leave Luo Zhi’s line of sight, for fear of being seen by the other party.

It’s a pity that Luo Zhi’s phone call made her discover that Sheng Huainan’s cell phone was in Zhang Mingrui’s hands, and when she thought of going abroad, the tone of the message with her was strange, and she naturally understood everything. It turned out that Sheng Huainan didn’t want to cause Luo Zhi because of family affairs, so Zhang Mingrui contacted Luo Zhi instead of him.

Sheng Huainan believed that Luo Zhi would wait for his return, but he excluded Luo Zhi when he encountered difficulties. Luo Zhi was disappointed by the choice he did not want to share. Sheng Huainan thought that he had already got too much, so he gave Luo Zhi even the opportunity to go abroad, giving Luo Zhi a chance to get a lot of people and opportunities to display his talents.

Sheng Huainan is encountering unprecedented difficulties, Shengjia Company closed down, and many former employees organized people to ask Shengjia to pay off debts. Sheng Huainan’s father was also imprisoned because of various unseen incidents. Even Sheng’s mother would face the crime of sheltering and smile in prison.

Now the fact that Sheng Huainan’s father caused Luo Zhi’s father to be killed by a fire in the factory because of the kickback was also revealed, and everything seems to have been justified. Sheng Huainan’s mother and her family couldn’t save her when she died, and she was afraid that she would not be able to avoid it. She had enjoyed a lifetime of superior life and could not accept the bleak end of the evening scene.

Luo Zhi hadn’t reached the age of internship, but under the recommendation of the professor, the Dashan Law Firm she had been yearning for came forward to throw an olive branch. Luo Zhi can do an internship in advance and become a full-time employee directly after graduation, which makes her very excited.

Just as Luo Zhi was about to leave, he suddenly saw Gu Zhiye holding Jiang Baili, and the two walked into the elevator in an intimate manner. They seemed to be going to dinner together. Luo Zhi wanted to catch up, but it was too late.

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