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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 35 Recap

Back in Harbin, Sheng Huainan’s mother hoped that her son could come back and inherit the family business. At present, her company seemed to be facing great danger, and even the husband and wife began to have rifts. Sheng Huainan did not conceal the truth about his relationship with Luo Zhi because of the complicated family situation, although this would make his parents more distressed.

Luo Zhi returned home with a smile on her face, enough to let her mother know that she was in a relationship, but Luo Zhi was not willing to take Sheng Huainan to see her mother until she determined the future. And Luo’s mother has also decided to find her own happiness. She has paid too much for this family and should have her own life.

Before going to bed, Sheng Huainan exchanged good night with Luo Zhi amidst the background sound of his parents quarreling. It seemed that only by talking to Luo Zhi could he temporarily forget his troubles. Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi are in passionate love, and just a simple good night before going to bed can make them happy.

They made snowmen outdoors and gave each other red envelopes. Sheng Huainan sent a piece of renminbi numbered for a lifetime, and Luo Zhi was a few very memorable photos. They are frolicking and playing in the snow, enjoying the moment when they forget all their troubles and only each other.

After the reopening of school, Sheng Huainan lost contact with Luo Zhi because his grandfather was hospitalized, but happened to ran into Ye Zhanyan in the hospital. When Zhuo Chen went down to the Snow Mountain, he was in danger and was unconscious. Ye Zhanyan also unilaterally announced in front of Sheng Huainan that she and Zhuo Chen were dating. Sitting in front of the hospital bed, Ye Zhanyan massaged Zhuo Chen and talked to him. This was gentleness she had never had before.

Today is the wedding in Luoyang. Ding Shuijing is dressed plainly and meets Luo Zhi. She feels calm as an old friend for many years, looking back at the past together. Maybe Ding Shuijing once disliked her because Luo Zhi and Chen Jing had a better relationship, and because of the hostility between Ye Zhanyan and Luo Zhi, she did a lot of instigating things, but at the moment they have no qualms.

Ding Shuijing even actively refused Luo Zhi’s kindness and stopped going to attend the wedding in Luoyang. She had decided to bid farewell to the past. Only by truly letting go, will she no longer be curious about Luoyang, and Ding Shuijing will gradually find herself and no longer be confused.

The school gave Luo Zhi a rare opportunity to go to a British university for academic exchange, and Sheng Huainan naturally supported her achievement. Before Luo Zhi was about to leave, Sheng Huainan decided to take her to the Kingdom of Dreams again, and make a real date where they first contacted each other.

After fighting with Gu Zhiye, Gobi even had the idea of ​​breaking up with Chen Mohan, just to pursue Jiang Baili again. Luo Zhi and Sheng Huainan met the two by chance when they were dating. In order to express themselves in front of Jiang Baili, Gobi competed with Sheng Huainan everywhere, and did not want Jiang Baili to feel that she was not getting as much as Luo Zhi.

In the end, Gobi couldn’t help taking Jiang Baili away alone, and Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi were also happy to have the world of each other. This date is of great significance to Jiang Baili. For the first time, Gobi hoped that she could be herself.

For this sentence, and in order not to lose herself anymore, Jiang Baili is no longer the same as before, only accommodating the Gobi. When Gobi accompanied Jiang Baili on the roller coaster, he realized that Jiang Baili liked exciting games. It was only because he was afraid that Jiang Baili could barely play the carousel.

Gobi held on to the safety device tightly, and he was obviously afraid to get out of the car. This time he had to force himself to cooperate with Jiang Baili once. As the roller coaster started, Jiang Baili cheered excitedly, perhaps because she could no longer pretend to be in front of the Gobi, and was so excited that she could date him happily.

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