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To Be With You 约定 Episode 26 Recap

Professor Xu was a teacher of Ji Pingan. He suffered from Alzheimer’s a few years ago, so he has forgotten many people and things. He is awake or confused occasionally, and often gets lost. Right now, Ji Ping’an received a phone call from his mother and learned that Professor Xu’s sudden disappearance was caused by her teacher’s lesson. He felt awkward and ran away from home.

According to past practice, the police or the neighborhood committee would send him back soon after he left. However, Professor Xu left without his mobile phone and missing card when he left. Ji Ping’an rushed to Professor Xu’s house non-stop. At this time, his senior brother Luo Xing was comforting his mother. After a brief understanding of the situation, the three people called in to monitor and saw the teacher heading east, so they split up.

According to his memory, Professor Xu came to a restaurant called “Wole”. This western restaurant was formerly a special Chinese restaurant. The waiter heard the name of the dish reported by Professor Xu and thought he was looking for something, so he asked the restaurant owner to come forward. . However, the boss is kind-hearted, not only taking care of Professor Xu’s emotions everywhere, but even contacting Ji Ping An through him.

Even though Professor Xu is ill, he still cares about Ji Ping An. This feeling of mentoring and apprenticeship is touching. It is precisely because of Professor Xu that Ji Pingan cares about Liu Yang so much, because he saw his own shadow in Liu Yang. If he hadn’t had the support of Professor Xu, he would not have the current life.

Luo Xing is also a capable student of Professor Xu, but he plans to send Professor Xu to a nursing home for the elderly. After all, it has advanced medical equipment, dedicated staff, and elderly people of similar age, which will at least relieve the teacher and mother a lot of burden. . Ji Pingan believes that the quality of services in nursing homes is not in place, so he insists on opposing it. The two people have different views, and then they disagree.

Wang Hongmei noticed that Lin Yueran was pregnant, so she voluntarily asked to move to live with her daughter and Ji Guoguo, and expressed dissatisfaction with Ji Ping An, claiming that he only cared about outsiders and did not care about his wife at all. Lin Yueran helped Ji Ping’an get out of the siege, and was a little confused about the future. Ji Ping’an admitted that he was not compassionate enough for her, and promised to accompany her through this difficult time with her guilt.

With Martin’s help, Liu Yang found a job as a salesman in a dessert shop, but his character was dull and unsocial, so he was scolded by the female store manager. After Ji Ping’an learned of this, he wanted to take the time to see him, so when facing Lin Yueran’s curiosity, he generously admitted that he wanted to pass on Professor Xu’s kindness, just like the help he received back then, and hoped to help Liu Yang. Encourage him to re-enter the university.

Lin Yueran was a little moved when she heard her husband’s thoughts, especially seeing Ji Ping’an frowning as a whole, so she promised to help Liu Yang find a job in the advertising department. Early the next morning, Ji Pingan went to see Liu Yang personally, and happened to see him being bullied by a rogue guest. The nearby onlookers couldn’t stand it, and they all spoke for him.

Ji Ping’an took this opportunity to persuade Liu Yang to repeat his studies, but Liu Yang felt that no matter how laborious he was, he would still not be admitted to university. Ji Ping’an was furious, but fortunately, Lin Yueran received good news, saying that he had found an internship position and reminded him to notify Liu Yang to come to work as soon as possible. When Liu Yang heard that he was going to an advertising company, he was worried that he was not good enough. Ji Ping’an used his own experience to cheer him up, hoping that Liu Yang would learn true skills in the company.

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