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To Be With You 约定 Episode 25 Recap

Ji Pingan sat on the suitcase, staring at the turtle in a daze for a long time. He neither dared to be angry nor dared to speak, but saw his son Ji Guoguo walk out neatly, and his wife Lin Yueran appeared again as a Hawaiian girl. This day was the 10th anniversary of his marriage with Lin Yueran. It was good to go to Bali for a holiday, but on the way to the airport, he accidentally received a call from the Xipu police station.

As Ji Ping’an’s student aid, Liu Yang came to Shanghai alone after finishing the college entrance examination and worked in a cafe. The employee falsely accused Liu Yang of stealing money, and the two clashed, causing losses to the cafe. Although Liu Yang was not in serious trouble, the other party was already bruised and swollen. From the medical expenses plus the cost of the damaged machine, he needed to pay a total of 11,000 yuan.

When Ji Pingan hung up and hurried to the police station, Liu Yang was arguing with each other. Ji Ping’an paid compensation for Liu Yang. However, he had already missed the flight departure time. Lin Yueran cancelled the ticket and hotel and took his son home. Especially Ji Guoguo had a bitter face before the job, complaining about his father’s words. Mother-in-law Wang Hongmei was dissatisfied when she learned of Ji Ping’an’s help to Liu Yang. Lin Yueran protected her husband and immediately finished Ji Ping’an.

After this incident, the couple’s vacation was completely exhausted. Ji Ping’an could not go to Bali, and even the work unit had problems. Because someone maliciously reported Ji Ping An, the leaders of the Jiangnan City Planning and Design Institute repeatedly discussed and decided to suspend Ji Ping’an and leave his salary, and put down the science and technology park project.

Since then, Ji Ping’an has concealed kindly from his family, pretending to go to work every day, actually walking around the streets and alleys of the city. Liu Yang has not been able to find a job for several days, his friend Martin advised him to consider seeking help from Ji Ping An. After all, he is the only acquaintance in the city, and many things can be settled by someone.

Liu Yang couldn’t save face. He wanted to eat a meal through his own efforts, so he called Ji to meet in peace, promising not only to return the money to him, but also to write down the paperwork in advance. Ji Pingan heard that Liu Yang had failed the college entrance examination, so he persuaded him to continue his studies, but Liu Yang ran away.

Considering that Liu Yang did not have a mobile phone, Ji Ping’an simply bought a new mobile phone and gave it to Lin Yueran, apologized by the way, and then handed Lin Yueran’s old mobile phone to Liu Yang. Martin saw that Ji Pingan was a good person, but Liu Yang was ashamed of Ji Pingan because he failed the college entrance examination. After all, he had funded himself for seven years. He had promised in his letter that he would be admitted to college, but he ended up doing it now.

Regarding the issue between Ji Ping An and Liu Yang, Lin Yueran did not stop her husband in disguise, but hoped that he would focus on the family. After all, everyone is independent and has his own way of life, so he cannot rely on others to live his life. . It is precisely because Lin Yueran understands Ji Ping’an that she tries not to bother the other party no matter how big or small it is. Unexpectedly, the real trouble starts with a physical examination and the fact that she is pregnant is stated on the diagnosis report.

Lin Yueran called Ji Ping An, but Ji Ping did not answer, so he went home outrageously without mentioning pregnancy. When Ji Ping’an found that the phone was muted, he immediately apologized to Lin Yueran and admitted that he was in trouble at work.

Knowing that Ji Ping’an’s difficulties, Lin Yueran was more than half angry and gave out her pregnancy report, but she was not ready to welcome her second child, mainly because she wanted to give birth to Ji Guoguo to focus on her career, but if The second child will be transferred to the family within ten years, and there is no way to perform work.

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