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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 32 Recap

In order to get revenge, Xie Fei secretly went to the black market to buy a pistol. This scene was seen by Xie Arong, who was following him. When Xie Arong returned, Xie Chu was calling Wu He. Wu He kept his promise and passed the two supermarkets. Under Xie Chu’s name, he wanted Xie Chu’s words to count, and he could no longer threaten himself with Xie Qiang’s affairs. The conversation between the two was monitored by the police.

Here, Wu Shengnan and Xiao Hong pretended that Lu Congjun’s relatives approached Li Ying, and learned from Li Ying that they had broken up and that Lu Congjun was no longer in the city. After Wu Shengnan and Xiao Hong returned to the station, they analyzed Li Ying to everyone. Both of them believed that Li Ying should still have Lu Congjun’s contact information.

The working group decided to let the local police contact Li Ying and put pressure on Li Ying, but Li Ying faced the police’s inquiry and said that she did not know. Where is Lu Congjun, Wu Shengnan and Xiao Hong stepped forward to show her identity when she saw that she wanted to leave, hoping that Li Ying could cooperate with the investigation.

Li Ying agreed with the balance and went to Luo City with the work team and called Lu Congjun. Pick yourself up at the train station. The people of Xie Chu found out about Lu Congjun’s address in Luoshi. Soon the killer hired by Xie Chu found the rental house where Lu Congjun was located. After Lu Congjun returned to the rental house, he suddenly noticed something and he hadn’t even entered the door. Throwing things down and left.

The working group arranged manpower at the train station to arrest Lu Congjun, but Gao Xiaotian suddenly found a suspicious man in black. Just as Lu Congjun approached Li Ying, Wei Zimeng and others also quietly approached Lu Congjun’s back. The man in black quickly stepped forward, preparing to take out a pistol from his bag and kill Lu Congjun. Fortunately, Gao Xiaotian had been on the alert and arranged for someone to stop the black-clothed killer and successfully captured Lu Congjun.

Xie Chu quickly learned the news of Lu Congjun’s arrest. He became a little flustered and began to organize his cash, preparing to escape. After Lu Congjun was arrested, he quickly confessed that he was employed by Xie Chu and shot him in the supermarket. Wu Xiaoguang. Through monitoring of Wu He’s mobile phone, the police also grasped indirect evidence of Wu He’s crime and formally arrested Wu He. After Wu He was arrested, the police and the work team went to arrest Xie Chu, but Xie Chu had already escaped.

Xie Chu escaped halfway, but was chased by Xie Fei. Xie Fei had already learned that Xie Chu betrayed Xie Qiang. Faced with Xie Fei’s questioning, Xie Chu certainly refused to admit that he killed Xie Qiang. Xie Fei’s side When he walked into Xie Chu, he said that Xie Chu dared to do it or not. Xie Chu was a little frightened. He took out a gun and pointed at Xie Fei to stop him from moving, and then shot him to death, just like his brother Xie Qiang.

It was equivalent to admitting that he had harmed Xie Qiang. At this moment Xie Arong suddenly appeared and shot down Xie Chu. Xie Chu was shot a few times. Only then did he feel scared and quickly begged Xie Arong for mercy, hoping that Xie Arong would let him go. Xie Arong would not. As a result, Xie Chu was killed by a gun.

At the police station, Carlos told Gao Xiaotian that the police had prepared judicial proceedings against the Xie’s gang and Wu’s gang. They also arrested many gang members, but they still could not find Xie Chu’s whereabouts. Gao Xiaotian hopes the police will continue Looking for Xie Chu’s whereabouts, they will also tell the police what they know. After the Xie’s gang and the Wu’s gang were taken down, the embassy and the working group were preparing to hold a return meeting two days after tomorrow.

Gao Xiaotian was determined to hold the return meeting and return the local expatriates peace. At this moment, Xie Arong suddenly appeared on TV. He said that he had taken over Xie Chu’s Xie’s Chamber of Commerce and responded to the call of the working group to return all the stolen money extorted to the overseas Chinese, and promised to restrain the members of the Chamber of Commerce and no longer violate the law. Disorderly things.

The mission of the working group to go abroad to sweep crimes and evils was successfully completed. The visas of the working group were about to expire, and they all returned to their country. Xie Arong, who became the owner of the Xie’s Chamber of Commerce, remained in country A for two years. Later, Xie Arong was listening to what his subordinate Alun was reporting. Xie Fei suddenly appeared and said that he wanted to talk to Xie Arong.

Two years later, Xie Fei thought Xie Arong had forgotten his revenge. Xie Fei felt that Xie Chu was dead and Xie Qiang. The revenge can only be regarded as half reported, but Wu He is still alive and well. Xie Arong promised his son that he would find a way to deal with Wu He. Xie Arong sent Allen to privately investigate Wu He’s bodyguard, Wu Yongchun.

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