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Sweet Life 甜蜜 Episode 6 Recap

Before Chang Sheng came back, Yu Yangyang packed up his things and moved out of the residence. Before leaving, he left him a message. When Chang Sheng woke up, he was stunned. He did not remember why Tian Mi and Li Meng appeared in the bar. in. The three of them ate breakfast and talked about what happened last night. After Chang Sheng understood it clearly, they paid Li Meng for the private bar.

At this time, there was no one in the house. Chang Sheng looked towards Yu Yangyang’s room with a glimmer of hope. He was finally a little disappointed when facing people going upstairs, so he immediately remembered to call home. Cai Dongmei already had a guess and planned to do something to help her son, but Chang Sheng felt even more sad when she heard her mother’s words and claimed that she wanted to eat the fried rice cake made by Cai Dongmei.

Matissa discovered through surveillance video that Zhao Kang was raising Tian Mi. Unexpectedly, Zhao Kang hadn’t explained at all, but instead angrily accused Matissa of installing a camera behind her back. In the end, under the threat of Zhao Kang, Matissa could only choose to swallow her anger and dare not make any more moves.

The second landlord of the co-renting house, the leftover dog, is a wonderful work and a genius programmer. Tian Mi has gradually become used to it and knows how to use money to eliminate disasters when he violates a treaty. However, the leftover dog went so far as to revise the 5.0.0 version of the co-tenancy agreement and asked the “wife” to explain it for Tian Mi. As soon as the voice fell, a robot with the head of a cute girl in the second element drove from the bedroom. In its mechanized female voice, it explained the contents of the contract one by one, asking Li Meng and Tian Mi to comply.

Even though Tian Mi was sent under the fence, she still couldn’t bear the unreasonable demands of the leftover dog. Li Mengxiang made it clear for Tian Mi. After all, there are thousands of treaties in the co-tenancy agreement, so Tian Mi must be given a trial period of one month. However, the dog didn’t get any oil and salt, and insisted that Tian Mi strictly observe it. Even the time to go to the toilet must be set at five minutes and twelve seconds.

Chang Sheng went home to explain to his parents that he and Yu Yangyang had divorced. Cai Dongmei and Chang Zilong were shocked, and they really didn’t know how to accept the fact that their son was divorced. Cai Dongmei tried to leave a message for Yu Yangyang, inviting her to come to the house to talk, but she didn’t expect that Yu Yangyang would not answer the phone, and her mobile phone WeChat blocked her, which made Cai Dongmei know that the relationship between the two is irretrievable and it has been hit hard.

Following Chang Sheng’s advice, Yu Yangyang took the initiative to cancel the agreement reached between him and Zhou Shili, preferring to give up the huge amount of improper remuneration, and promptly go through the resignation procedures and leave Shengbang Trust. Mr. Zhou passed away due to an ineffective rescue. Apart from Chang Sheng’s grief, he was disappointed by the inaction of the company’s senior management. After thinking about it for a long time, he finally made a decision and personally handed his resignation letter to Mr. Chen.

Since he has signed a competition agreement, it means that once he resigns, he cannot engage in trust and financial-related industries within five years. Even so, Chang Sheng was determined to leave Shengbang. After Yu Yangyang learned that Chang Sheng had resigned, he took the initiative to meet him. The relationship between the two people eased. Even if they weren’t married, they were at least husband and wife. They toasted each other’s past.

Luo Jiang suddenly came to Ningcheng, and then found Old Dai, claiming that he intends to take over Sweet Technology. Originally, Old Dai thought that Liu Deen had been humiliated by Luo Jiang before his death, so he had deep grievances against him. However, considering that Luo Jiang still had the ability to prevent Tianmi Technology from being declared bankrupt, for the sake of Liu Deen’s wishes and the friendship between the three, Old Dai was persuaded by Luo Jiang and decided to cooperate with Luo Jiang to reorganize Sweet Technology.

Yu Yangyang learned from the news that Panmeng Capital would be stationed in Ningcheng, so he used his previous contacts to try to contact Luo Jiang to join Panmeng Capital’s investment industry. At the same time, Tian Mi posted a lot of resumes, all of them fell into the water, and even the simple shopping guide job was rejected by the interview supervisor.

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