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Sweet Life 甜蜜 Episode 4 Recap

Zhou Shili was unwilling to destroy the family office plan, and later found Yu Yangyang secretly, but was also rejected. Tian Mi sold the house, cars, jewelry and other valuables, and after paying off the debts owed to the top three companies, there was still 90,800, so he returned the remaining money to the neighborhood.

Mr. Wen visited Tian Mi’s house and looked at the house. He was very satisfied with the house and was willing to pay in full according to Tian Mi’s request. Tian Mi went through the formalities with Mr. Wen and got the house payment. Tian Mi paid off the money from the top three companies, and there were only 90,000 left. Chang Sheng took Tian Mi to the sunshine and asked her to return the money to the neighbors in those communities.

Since ninety-eight thousand were too small and the debt committee did not know how to divide the money, Kang Ge proposed a good method for everyone to make a lottery decision, and he borrowed another two thousand for Tian Mi to round up one hundred thousand. Tian Mi packed up her things and moved out of the villa, but she was still very reluctant, so she agreed with Mr. Wen that if Mr. Wen wants to sell the villa, remember to contact her.

Tian Mi repaid the money to the debt committee according to her previous promise. Kang took the opportunity to lend Tian Mi two thousand yuan to make a round, got the IOU written by Tian Mi, became Tian Mi’s creditor, and asked to formally join the debt committee. The crowd allocated ninety-eight thousand yuan in repayment by lot. Tian Mi sadly moved out of the villa and moved into an idle apartment for her best friend Matissa.

As Yu Yangyang’s birthday is approaching, Cai Dongmei is holding a birthday party for her daughter-in-law. Chang Sheng bites his head and goes to Yu Yangyang, and the two agree to perform a play in front of Chang Sheng’s parents. The careful Cai Dongmei still found some clues from the cakes made by Chang Sheng, and suspected that Chang Sheng’s relationship has changed.

Chang Sheng was afraid that Yu Yangyang would not go home and would let them get divorced, so he could only tell Yu Yangyang that he remembered Yu Yangyang’s birthday, and then tried to ask Yu Yangyang to go home. Yu Yangyang returned home for dinner and tried to pretend that she was in love with Chang Sheng, but she did not expect Cai Dongmei to see a clue, but she did not have any evidence, so she could not tell the problem between them.

During the meal, Cai Dongmei raised the issue of having a child. Yu Yangyang was not good at expressing her attitude, so she could only agree to everything that listened to the winners and threw the problems to the winners. When they went home after dinner, Chang Sheng and Yu Yangyang clearly felt that their husband-and-wife relationship no longer existed, and they were a little disappointed. Early the next morning, President Chen held a meeting to announce the personnel transfer. Yu Yangyang discovered that her deputy Li Xiaochai had been promoted, but she had not been promoted, so he quarreled with Li Xiaochai angrily at the meeting.

Tian Jia’an and Xiao Hua called Tian Mi’s house, only to know that Tian Mi had moved, they could only call Tian Mi to ask about the situation. Tian Mi knew that she could not hide her parents, so she told them that Liu Deen owed a lot of debts when she passed away. At the same time, she explained that she had sold the house and paid off the debts. She didn’t let her parents worry about her affairs, let alone let them because She gave up treatment and came back early.

Yu Yangyang wanted to be promoted, but the company headquarters unexpectedly promoted employees whose abilities were much worse than Yu Yangyang, and Yu Yangyang’s hope of promotion was dashed. She was psychologically unbalanced and went slanting forward, and secretly met with Zhou Shili, reached a deal with Zhou Shili, determined to destroy Mr. Zhou’s family office plan.

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