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Sweet Life 甜蜜 Episode 3 Recap

In order to help Tian Mi get out of the shadow of grief, the girlfriends tried every means to encourage Tian Mi to re-energize. After all, Liu Deen has passed away. Even if she misses it, it will not help. There are still a lot of problems that need to be solved. Life has to go on in the future.

However, Tian Mi believes that the main reason why Liu Deen has a heart problem is that his heart has been lost. Originally, Tian Mi felt unreasonable when seeing this kind of report, but when the incident happened to her, she suddenly realized something, and through the past few days, she has figured out a lot. It turns out that both she and Liu Deen have lost their way, and they have been alone after they got married. The time did not exceed one month.

As Liu Deen’s company accounted for less than 80,000 yuan, it was not enough to repay the huge debt. On Chang Sheng’s suggestion, Tian Mi decided to sell the villa to repay the debt. Mr. Wen learned about Liu De’en’s deeds during his lifetime and Tian Mi’s reasons for selling the house through the public account. He expressed sympathy and understanding to her and was willing to buy in full cash, which is equivalent to sending carbon in the snow for Tian Mi.

When Matissa was shopping with her boyfriend, she talked about Tian Mi by the way, planning to pool her money to rent a house. It happens that Matissa has an idle apartment under her boyfriend’s name, so she is willing to let Tian Mi move in temporarily to ease her urgent need. Matissa thanked her boyfriend for his generosity, but she did not know that he had another purpose.

Ever since Wan Baiqian ate closed doors last time, when he went to ask for the bill, he discovered that the villa had changed owners. Since Tian Mi could not be found, Wan Baiqian asked his subordinates to harass the contacts in Tian Mi’s address book, ranging from dozens to hundreds. In the end, Tian Mi was overwhelmed and took the initiative to call him to meet.

Faced with thousands of shameless acts, Tian Mi still maintains the same attitude as before, claiming that she can repay debts, but she will never repay usury. Thousands of thousands believed that they had grasped Tian Mi’s lifeline, so he was not in a hurry to ask for money, but said that he would continue to harass the people in his address book, from his girlfriends to his family, including Tian Mi’s parents. Tian Mi’s face changed drastically when she heard the names in thousands of mouths.

Chang Sheng accompanied Tian Mi to the court for mediation and, under the auspices of the judge, helped her negotiate with the top three creditor companies. Since Tian Mi needs to deal with housing payment and other asset issues, the 40-day deadline proposed by the top three companies is not acceptable. However, Chang Sheng proposed to allow the top three companies to reduce the exemption of 1 million yuan, from 16 million to 15 million, as long as the payment can be made within 15 days.

Compared with money, the top three companies value time more. When they went out to discuss with their superiors, Tian Mi was surprised by Changsheng’s good ideas. She couldn’t collect so much money in a short time. In the end, Tian Mi was forced to sign a repayment agreement with the top three companies, but she still didn’t know how to solve it. Chang Sheng believed that she should find a way to solve the problem by herself, and if it couldn’t solve the problem, she would ask him for help.

Chang Sheng and Yu Yangyang and relevant departments of Shengbang Trust met to discuss Mr. Zhou’s family office plan. Yu Yangyang is very excited that Chang Sheng can talk about such a large business. Chang Sheng visited Mr. Zhou to discuss the family office plan. Mr. Zhou suddenly fell ill and was rushed to the hospital. Chang Sheng went to the hospital to visit Mr. Zhou. Mr. Zhou signed a power of attorney, entrusting Chang Sheng to handle matters related to the family office.

However, Zhou Shili, the only daughter of Mr. Zhou, was eager to take over the huge wealth of the family as soon as possible. She tried to buy Changsheng with a lot of money to destroy the family office plan, but Changsheng refused.

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