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Sweet Life 甜蜜 Episode 2 Recap

With nothing to do, Cai Dongmei and Lao Kang and the others made an appointment to play mahjong. It happened that Liu Deen’s death was broadcast in the TV news. Just as everyone was shocked, Cai Dongmei suddenly broke down and was so scared that Lao Kang hurriedly dialed the phone. When Chang Sheng came to understand the story, it was known that as early as a month ago, Cai Dongmei was bewitched by Liu Deen’s high interest rate and borrowed five million debts from more than ten old neighborhoods in the name of guarantee.

Now that the creditors gather in Cai Dongmei’s house for accountability, Cai Dongmei wants to jump off the building to apologize, and Chang Sheng promptly helps everyone analyze how to collect the debts, and hand over the housing to Lao Kang as collateral to temporarily relieve the siege. After a farce, and finally calmed the anger of everyone, Cai Dongmei knew that she had done something wrong, and there was no other way except to confess with Chang Zilong and his son. He could only rely on Chang Sheng to make suggestions.

The court came to the door to seize all the real estate cars in Liu Deen’s name and explained the reasons for the incident, including Liu Deen’s private mortgage a year ago, and was eventually prosecuted. When Tian Mi learned the truth, she couldn’t help falling into grief. At the same time, she realized that as a wife, she had never cared about her husband, which put him under such great pressure.

According to the company’s articles of association, after Liu Deen’s death, his shares will be inherited by Tian Mi, and then changed to the legal representative and chairman of Tianmi Technology. Tian Mi doesn’t know how to run a company and doesn’t want to participate in these things, so she entrusts the shares to her partner Lao Dai to act as an agent. When she packs up Liu Deen’s belongings, she finds the “Entrepreneurship Notes” written by her husband during his lifetime and understands what he is facing. Difficulty.

The owner of Wanxin Finance Co., Ltd. is tens of thousands, and he is now propagating about lending. When he learned that Liu De’en had passed away, he immediately took his hand to ask Tian Mi for money. Since Wanxin Finance belongs to loan sharks, Tian Mi insisted on not admitting debts and refusing to repay. She wanted to intimidate Tian Mi. Unexpectedly, her best friend Li Meng was very sturdy and drove him out.

Even if Liu De’en had already signed the document to cancel the trust, Yu Yangyang did not want to execute this entrustment, but wanted to leave some protection for Tian Mi, and turned a deaf ear to Chang Sheng’s proposal. Chang Sheng had no choice but to contact Tian Mi with the agreement to inform Liu Deen that he had cancelled the trust and owed millions of debts to the neighborhood.

Chang Sheng explained her intention. Tian Mi showed great courage and responsibility. She asked Chang Sheng to use her mobile phone to help herself record a video, and solemnly promised to the neighbors in front of the camera that no matter how much debt Liu Deen owes, she will try her best. , All returned.

Tian Mi assumes Liu Deen’s debt, but Chang Sheng and Yu Yangyang have a fierce quarrel over Liu Deen’s trust, and the two express their opinions. Chang Sheng wants to stick to the rules and respect Liu De’en’s choices during his lifetime, but Yu Yangyang believes that Tian Mi’s future life is insecure and does not agree with Chang Sheng’s approach.

After the quarrel was over, Yu Yangyang still submitted an application to cancel Liu Deen’s trust, so as to preserve his professional ethics. Mr. Zhou was terminally ill and time running out, so he entrusted Changsheng and Shengbang Trust to set up a family office to help him manage his huge family assets.

Chang Zilong quietly put a card under the vase while Cai Dongmei was asleep. Cai Dongmei checked the card when Chang Zilong was out, and found that it was just a shopping card. I don’t know what he is doing. Early the next morning, the neighbours were worried that their pension funds were squandering, and frequently asked Cai Dongmei about the progress. Lao Kang and others thought that Changsheng was unsuccessful and planned to set up a debt committee to discuss countermeasures to collect debts.

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