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Sweet Life 甜蜜 Episode 1 Recap

On the highway, several cars and motorcycles rushed to chase the dog truck until the volunteer group successfully intercepted the dog dealer, and the two sides were in a stalemate. As a member of the volunteer group, Tian Mi confronted her in person. After various demolitions, the dog dealer admitted to stealing the dog, and at the same time tried to win sympathy on the grounds that the child was sick.

Tian Mi is kind-hearted. Although the dog dealer’s behavior is hateful, she can’t see the child suffer, so she decides not to pursue it any more, and buys the dogs for 30,000 yuan, provided that the dog dealer is required to abide by the law in the future.

When the matter was over, Tian Mi went home and saw Liu Deen lying on the sofa. The two people have been married for many years, and the affection remains the same. But recently, her husband often looks tired every time he goes out early and returns late. He does not even know that the sweet technology he manages has a financial crisis .

Liu Deen looked for investors everywhere, but he was hitting a wall everywhere. The investor Ningxin Venture Capital rejected Liu Deen’s capital increase request and reminded Liu Deen that the two parties were about to expiry of the gambling agreement, which put Liu Deen under pressure. Faced with the concern of his wife Tian Mi, Liu De’en didn’t mention the company’s current difficulties. Instead, he talked about the promotion of a public welfare education called the “Star Project”.

Tian Mi is accustomed to a pampered life under Liu De’en’s favor, and at the same time she is good at wandering in various public welfare fields. My best friend Yu Yangyang is an urban woman who constantly strives for her career and ideals. She spends four-fifths of her time at work 24 hours a day.

Because of this, Yu Yangyang could not accept Anyuan’s current husband Chang Sheng. After 105 days of careful consideration, the two finally decided to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the divorce procedures with their household registration. On the day of the divorce, the company was faced with personnel changes. In order to avoid extravagance, Yu Yangyang asked Chang Sheng not to leave home for divorce, temporarily concealing the fact of divorce.

Chang Sheng didn’t want to do anything extra, but considering that his parents were too old to accept the stimulation, he simply agreed to the other side’s approach. After all, the feelings are still there, and Yu Yangyang is more concerned about Changsheng, but Changsheng believes that the divorce is the former husband and wife, and can no longer do any intimacy, and even refuses her hospitality.

With nowhere to go, Liu Deen immediately went to Shanghai to seek help from his former partner, Luo Jiang, the current angel investor. At first, Luo Jiang was unwilling to see the decline of Sweet Technology, so he had prepared life-saving funds. But when Liu Deen submitted an application for 500 million yuan, he frowned and realized that the life of Sweet Technology had come to an end. , Even if the renewal of life is in vain.

Chang Sheng’s mother, Cai Dongmei, called to ask her son to take his wife home for dinner. Chang Sheng was a little embarrassed. She lied that Yu Yangyang was busy at work and that he needed to go on a business trip. By the way, he went to the auction for Mr. Zhou and bought a piece with a high price of 20 million gem. However, Chang Sheng had just left the auction house, and immediately saw Liu De’en find him, begging him to help introduce Mr. Zhou to invest, but he was tactfully rejected.

Liu Deen has no other choice. He intends to let his financial adviser Chang Sheng revoke the family trust for himself, hoping to use this million to tide over the difficulties and temporarily solve the debtors who come to collect debts. In the evening, Liu Deen rushed back to Ningcheng from Shanghai, and Du Peng, the core teacher of Sweet English, suddenly offered to resign. He felt ashamed of the negative trust and caused the Starlight Project to bring down Sweet Technology. Liu Deen’s stay was unsuccessful and had to agree.

Soon after Du Peng left, Liu Deen received a call from the court and learned that the judgment had been issued. If he could not repay the debts of the top three companies within the effective date, the court would enforce it. Faced with a series of debt collection calls, Liu Deen was exhausted and eventually suffered a cerebral infarction and was rushed to the hospital.

Tian Mi was shocked when she received the news. When she rushed to the hospital, Liu Deen was brain-dead and powerless. Because of the emergency, Li Hong of the Organ Transplant Center specially explained the situation to Tian Mi based on the donation letter signed by Liu Deen during his lifetime. Faced with such a blow, Tian Mi chose to respect Liu Deen’s wishes and allow doctors to transplant her husband’s heart to patients in need.

In the next few days, Tian Mi washed her face with tears, unable to sleep for a long time, and her whole person almost collapsed. Chang Sheng received a call from Yu Yangyang and learned of the sudden death of Liu De’en. He was surprised and somewhat blamed himself.

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