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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 63 Recap

When Song Huai’en spoke, Wang Su followed and agreed. The ministers also agreed. In desperation, Zidan could only compromise. He agreed to Xiao Qi’s request to personally pay tribute to the unjust dead Ning Shuo soldier. At the same time, Wang Yan Ye offered sacrifices to the soldiers who had died in the sacrifice hall at home. After Zidan’s worship was over, he gave another generous statement, soothed the soldiers, said to Xiao Qi, and left.

Wen Zongshen suddenly met with Wang Su alone and asked Wang Su about the whereabouts of Ma Jing. Wang Su said that now in the Manchu dynasty, all vassals want to know the whereabouts of Ma Jing, but no one in the court raised the matter because no one could. Guess Zidan’s thoughts, Ma Jing is the imperial prince of Zilong. If Ma Jing returns, how will the emperor behave himself? Wang Su hopes Wen Zongshen will not be held accountable, otherwise the political situation will be turbulent again.

Wen Zongshen is still not giving up, hope Wang Su Give yourself an answer and tell yourself where Ma Jing is now. He promised that he would never reveal it. Wang Su said that he had never asked Wang Yan, and he didn’t know where Ma Jing was. The matter was too serious. He is afraid that he can’t afford it, so it is better to be a fool. After Wen Zongshen asked Wang Su, he told the Queen Mother of his conversation with Wang Su. It turned out that this was all instructed by the Queen Mother.

After hearing Wen Zongshen’s retelling, the Queen Mother felt that Wang Su must know the whereabouts of Ma Jing. After all, Wang Su grew up. There is nothing to hide from Wang Su. The queen mother complained that Wen Zongshen wanted to establish Zidan as the emperor, otherwise it would not be the current situation. Wen Zongshen was a little helpless, saying that she was also selfless for the sake of success.

The queen mother listened to this. In other words, I think Wen Zongshen is really cold-blooded and ruthless, but Wen Zongshen said that if he was cold-blooded and ruthless, he would not come to Yongan Palace often. The queen mother asked Wen Zongshen if he would be loyal to her, but Wen Zongshen was silent, the queen mother was extremely angry, and drove Wen Zongshen out. .

Zidan summoned Song Huai’en. Xiao Qi had returned to Beijing for more than a month. He asked Song Huai’en why he didn’t visit Xiao Qi. Song Huaien quickly showed his loyalty, saying that he was loyal to Dacheng and Zidan. Whoever opposes Dacheng is his mortal enemy, Zi Tan was very satisfied with Song Huaian’s performance and promised that as long as Song Huaian was loyal to him, Dacheng would not be the only king with a different surname, Xiao Qi.

On this day, Wang Zhang and Xiao Qi took Xiaohe and Qinzhi out of the city for an outing. Their parents died, and Xiao Qi asked them to recognize Wang Zhang as their mother. When they were enjoying themselves, someone in the palace came to report and said that the queen mother Coming with hysteria again, he wanted to see Wang Yan. Wang Yan hurried into the palace to visit the queen mother. The queen mother called Zilong.

Wang Yan calmed down for a while, and then asked why he didn’t ask for a doctor. The person next to him said that Yong’an Palace would ask for a doctor. The emperor had to give her permission. When the queen mother heard the emperor, she said nonsense that Zilong was the emperor. She did not hesitate to tell Zilong not to go to the paddock. A trap was set up there to blame Xiao Qi and Wang. Yan asked who set the trap again, and the queen mother said that Zidan colluded with Helanzhen to frame Xiao Qi and kill Zilong.

Wang Yan was a little shocked. She couldn’t believe what the Queen Mother said. After coming out of Yongan Palace, she went to Shigandian to question Zidan. She said that He Lanzhen had told herself about their conspiracy, but Zidan was very calm. Said that he and He Lanzhen had never met. Wang Yan recalled that there had been people trying to harm Ma Jing before, and that the mother who harmed Ma Jing was an old man from the Xie family. She suspected that Zidan was behind this. She questioned Zidan this Did he do everything? Zidan stared at Wang Yan and said that Wang Yan could think that he did it.

She can now go to report to the Queen Mother, tell the officials outside, and tell Xiao Qi that he planned the change of Mt. Yushan, and he wanted to put Xiao Xiao. Qi Yu died in order to repay his wife’s hatred. He became what he is now, all for Wang Yan. Wang Yan was very disappointed with Zidan. He turned around and left. Su Jiner came. She saw Wang Yan and Zidan arguing. After Wang Yan left, Su Jin’er asked Zidan what Wang Yan had just said, but Zidan threw away Su Jin’er, but Su Jin’er fell on the ground with her belly.

After Wang Yan left the palace, she felt that the matter was big and she didn’t know what to do. What she didn’t know was that the queen mother’s hysteria just pretended to be a pretense. It was the queen mother who deliberately told Wang Yan that Zidan planned it. The change led Wang Yan to confront Zidan. After Wang Yan returned home, she was very entangled. She was supposed to tell Xiao Qi the truth, but if Xiao Qi knew the truth and found Zi Dan for revenge, the world would be in chaos.

The doctor Shen went to Jinxiu Palace to take Su Jin’er’s pulse, but felt that Su Jin’er’s pulse condition was a little abnormal. It seemed that the month of the fetus was a little different. Su Jin’er had only been in the palace for seven months, but the fetus in his belly was nine months old. For many years, I naturally didn’t dare to say much, I could only bury my doubts in my heart, but accidentally missed the maid. Su Jiner knew that the child in his stomach might be Huyeqi.

In the palace, the maid told Qingyun Daoist Chief Qingyun about Su Jiner’s nine months of pregnancy. Daoist Qingyun hurriedly went back to report Wang Su and Wang Lin. Wang Lin learned of the news and felt that he had seized Su Jiner’s handle and could just use it. She, let her do one thing for herself.

In recent days, officials from all over the world have written letters saying that Xiao Qi has been successful in fighting the rebellion, please give the gift of nine tins, the gift of nine tins, this is a sign of the emperor’s abdication, Wei Hou does not understand what Xiao Qi is going to do, if Xiao Qi wants to rebel , But at the best time, Xiao Qi didn’t want to rebel, but this gift of nine tins was nothing. Wen Zongshen felt that Xiao Qi was still not relieved of the changes in Lianyu Mountain.

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