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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 62 Recap

After talking about Ma Jing, Wang Su mentioned Wang Lin again, but he hesitated, and still did not tell Wang Lin about Wang Lin’s still alive. He just asked Wang Lin if Wang Lin was still alive, would Wang Lin forgive Wang Lin? , Wang Yan sighed and said that Wang Lin was their father after all.

Xiao Qi started investigating the case of Neem Yushan, and his subordinates asked many generals of the Forbidden Army. They all said that they were acting on the order of the Queen Mother, but the Queen Mother’s will could not be transmitted to Neem Yushan so quickly, and even if the Queen Mother wanted to kill Xiao Qi, Without harming Zilong, Xiao Qi ordered to continue the investigation.

At this time, the queen mother’s hysteria became more and more serious, and less and less when she was awake. Wen Zongshen was worried, but there was nothing to do. He could only hope that the queen mother would take a good rest. Wang Yan learned that the queen mother had hysteria, so she wanted to visit the palace, and she also wanted to go to the palace to ask Su Jin’er to ask questions.

Su Jin’er was worried about whether Wang Yan would enter the palace to find herself. When Wang Yan came, Su Jin’er was relieved, thinking that she would meet sooner or later. It would be better to see him early. The news of Wang Yan’s arrival at Jinxiu Palace reached Zidan’s ears. . Wang Yan and Su Jiner stepped down and talked separately. Wang Yan asked Su Jiner how he planned to lie. Su Jiner pretended not to understand what Wang Yan said. Wang Yan said that Helan Zhen had told him the truth and asked Su Jiner why he was harming himself. Su Jiner said Wang Yan.

She was born as a prodigal daughter of the Wang family. The sisters that Wang Yan said were just a reward for her. If he really cared, Wang Yan should have known her thoughts. Wang Yan was very disappointed with Su Jiner and felt Su Jiner. Just a selfish poor man, Su Jin’er was a little disdainful, saying that he is now the emperor’s favorite concubine, and Wang Yan is the wife of the rebellious party, and she is not inferior to Wang Yan, Wang Yan is a little bit chilling, saying that he has no connection with Su Jiner.

She won’t continue to worry about when Su Jin’er became cruel and cruel, she let Su Jin’er do it for herself, if there is any more malicious heart, don’t blame her for turning her face and ruthless. After Wang Yan saw Su Jin’er, he ran into Zidan on the road. Zidan said that he didn’t care about anything for Wang Yan. What did Wang Yan want, and Wang Yan said that he wanted Zidan to be a master.

Wang Yan went to visit the Queen Mother in Yong’an Palace. Since Zidan was enthroned, the Yong’an Palace has been lonelier than Lenggong. Since Zilong’s death, the queen dowager has been washing her face with tears. I couldn’t see it at all. Wang Yan looked at the empress dowager who was described as dry and haggard, and felt very sad. The queen mother was very pleased to see that Wang Yan could still see herself.

Hu Yao heard the news that Xiao Qi had entered Beijing on the road. She returned to the capital without stopping to meet Xiao Qi. Xiao Qi asked Hu Yao what happened that day. Hu Yao said that Hu Guanglie wanted to destroy the body by herself and replaced Xiao Qi. About Qi’s clothes, he also said that he was saved by Zidan. Xiao Qi was very sad after hearing this. Hu Guanglie died to save himself. Ning Shuojun, who followed him on the hunt that day, was also implicated by himself. He was very guilty. , Vowed to find out the truth and seek an innocence for Hu Guanglie and the soldiers who died unjustly.

After Xiao Qi returned to Beijing, he went to the pilgrimage for the first time, but Xiao Qi brought a sword into the palace and criticized Bai into the palace. When he saw Zitan, he did not kneel down. Wang Su reminded him and asked Xiao Qi if he knew the court’s etiquette system. After Xiao Qi heard that Chong Zidan knelt down, Zidan asked Xiao Qi what he wanted to do. Xiao Qi said that he had come to ask for an explanation for the soldiers who died unjustly in Mian Yushan. Zidan said that the court had rehabilitated Xiao Qi.

To repay the innocence for those soldiers, Zidan asked Wen Zongshen to pay respects to the soldiers who died in battle tomorrow, and treat him well, but Xiao Qi refused to forgive him and asked Zidan to worship himself. Zidan was furious, but Xiao Qi said it was them. This group of soldiers of the cold clan bathed in blood, and only in exchange for the sergeant clan to enjoy the prosperity and wealth, if Zidan did not give an explanation, he would never be convinced by Xiao Qi. When the stalemate was at a stalemate, Song Huaien opened his mouth and asked Zitan to offer the royal driver’s sacrifice. .

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