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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 61 Recap

Wen Zongshen led the ministers to kneel and beg Zidan to go to court outside the Shigandian. Although Zidan was still angry at the fact that the ministers used the edict of the Taizu to persecute himself, now Xiao Qi led the army to Beijing. Still agree to discuss politics with the upper dynasty. Half an hour later, in the Tai Chi Hall, the officials discussed the affairs of Xiao Qi.

Wei Hou suggested that all battalions and horses of Jinggi should guard all the gates of the capital, but in fact everyone knows that the soldiers and horses of the capital are no match for the Ningshuo army. Tan asked Wen Zongshen what he thought, and Wen Zongshen suggested that this is the end of the matter. Xiao Qi’s entry into Beijing is a foregone conclusion. Now it is better to follow the trend and issue an edict from the imperial court to impose Xiao Qi into Beijing. This way, Xiao Qi will not be considered to have entered Beijing without an edict.

Preserving Xiao Qi’s reputation and defending the court’s face, Wei Hou felt ashamed to bow his head to a Camel, but none of the courtiers could resist this Camel. Zidan could only grant Wen Zongshen’s request. , Let Wen Zong be cautious to make a decree, Zhao Xiao Qi to enter Beijing.

Xiao Qi had already arrived outside the capital. Wen Zongshen asked Zidan if he wanted to go out of the city to meet him. Zidan was furious, saying that Xiao Qi is now a sinner, and led one hundred thousand soldiers to the capital. This is a threat to the court and a threat. He, he never bowed his head to Xiao Qi. Wen Zongshen saw that Zidan was still disgusting with Xiao Qi because of Wang’s matter, so he dared to persuade Zidan to let go, but Zidan asked Wen Zongshen if he could let go of the old feelings.

Wen Zongshen hurriedly knelt down and said that the queen mother’s hysteria The situation became more serious, and he only went to visit him because he was a little worried. He had no other thoughts. Zidan helped Wen Zongshen and ordered Wang Yu to meet Xiao Qi.

Wang Su went out of the city to greet Xiao Qi and the others. Wang Su was very happy to see Wang Yan. After chatting with her, he asked Xiao Qi to kneel down and said that he was going to read the order. Wang Yan also knelt down quickly, but However, Xiao Qi helped Wang Yan up and read it by himself. Xiao Qi ignored the order and said that he came back to investigate the case of Neem Yushan. It was not someone who ordered his own return.

He must Find out who killed Zilong, and put the charge of conspiracy on his head. Xiao Qi refused to enter the city, Wen Zongshen hurriedly reported the matter to the palace, persuading Zidan to come forward to calm Xiao Qi’s anger, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous, Zidan could only compromise and went to the city gate to meet Xiao Qi himself.

Zidan asked Xiao Qi what exactly he wanted. Xiao Qi said that he only had one request, and that was the truth about the change of Mt. Yushan. Zidan said that he had sent someone to investigate this case thoroughly, and he called for a thorough investigation of the case. Gu Minwen, Gu Minwen said that the case was too complicated, and he had no clue.

Zidan was about to punish Gu Minwen. Xiao Qi stopped Zidan and said that even if Gu Minwen was killed, the truth would not be true. When he appeared, Zi Dan said that he would punish himself. Until Xiao Qi was satisfied, the ministers knelt down to persuade Zi Dan. Wang Yu hurriedly said that since Xiao Qi wanted the truth, then let Xiao Qi be responsible for investigating Lian Yushan. Zidan agreed to the change, and Xiao Qi gave up.

After Song Huai’en returned to the mansion, Yuxiu had to take Song Huai’en to visit Xiao Qi and Wang Yan until Wang Yan came back, but Song Huai’en disagreed, and said that Yuxiu is now the wife of Uncle Su Yi, not from the original palace. The maid, Yuxiu was a little sad, and persuaded Song Huaien that even if they are now in different identities, they shouldn’t forget their roots. Song Huaien changed his words and said that he did not want Xiao Qi and Wang Yan to be disturbed as soon as he came back. Yuxiu was relieved and said to listen to Song Huaien arrangement.

After Wang Zhang returned to the mansion, Aunt Xu and A Yue were very excited, but they were very strange when they talked about Su Jin’er. When they came back, they said that Wang Yan was dead and became a noble concubine. Wang Yan felt a little sad and thought of He Lan Zhen and He Lan Zhen. What he said, Xiao Qi saw that Wang was gloomy, so he chatted with her for a while and comforted her.

Although he was back in danger this time, Xiao Qi made up his mind to find out the culprit in the change of Yushan. The next day Wang Su went to Wang Su again. She asked Wang Su about the whereabouts of Ma Jing. Wang Su deceived Wang Su and said that he had given Ma Jing to Gu Caiwei to raise him, and Wang Su did not doubt it.

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