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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 60 Recap

Xiao Qi brought Wang Yan, the rescued Dacheng people, and the captured Helan Tuo to the city of Ningshuo. The defending general, Mou Lian, saw Xiao Qi and Wang Yan, and was very surprised, and quickly ordered the city gate to be opened to welcome him. Xiao Qi, but another general Liu in Ningshuo stopped Mou Lian. He thought Xiao Qi was a rebel now and refused to let him into the city. During the two sides, the Hulan people chased him.

Ningshuo has not Opening, General Liu asked Mou Lian to take Mou Lian and ordered arrows to be sent to the Hulan people, but there were Dacheng people and Xiao Qi under the city, and the soldiers refused to release arrows. Xiao Qi saw that the city gate could not be opened, so he could only lead a few.

Several people greeted the soldiers of Hulan. They were fighting with each other. Arrows were suddenly released on the city. Xiao Qi and others hurried back. This rain of arrows helped Xiao Qi repel a wave of enemy troops. After a while, the city gate opened. Mou Lian and Ning Shuojun quickly surrounded the people. Mou Lian and others said that they did not believe that Xiao Qi was a rebel.

As long as Xiao Qi was still alive, they would definitely be loyal to Xiao Qi. Xiao Qi was very moved and promised to do so. The soldiers who died unjustly in Ning Shuo seek justice. After that, Xiao Qi walked to Helan Tuo and warned him that if he came to violate Dacheng in the future, he would not bypass him. In order to prevent the war, he would let Helan Tuo go first this time. Helan Tuo did not appreciate it. He left before leaving. Talk to Xiao Qi, saying that he will definitely kill Xiao Qi.

After Xiao Qi entered the city, he learned that Mou Lian and another general had to tie up General Liu to rescue Xiao Qi. Xiao Qi ordered General Liu to loosen his tie and apologized to General Liu. When someone mentioned this matter again, General Liu was a little apprehensive, and quickly accepted Xiao Qi’s apology, and the matter was exposed.

After Xiao Qi returned to Ningshuo, he told Wang Yan that he decided to take his troops to the capital to find out the truth and seek justice for the Ning Shuo army. Although Wang Yan was a little worried that he could not face his deceased after finding out the truth, he still decided to make peace. Xiao Qi faced it together, and now Dacheng rebelled everywhere, Xiao Qi led his army to fight the rebellion all the way to the capital.

All the forces in the capital have learned that Xiao Qi is still alive, and they also know that Xiao Qi led the army to counter the rebellion, but the irony is that Xiao Qi himself still bears the infamy of the rebels. Half a year after the rebellion, Xiao Qi led 100,000 The army is about to approach the capital, and all the officials are discussing how to deal with it. Wen Zongshen admitted that he had some understanding of Xiao Qi, and proposed to let Zidan impose an edict, pardon Xiao Qi for the rebels, and praise him for his achievements in fighting the rebellion. The situation will improve.

In the past six months, Su Jin’er was pregnant, and she felt a little flustered when she learned that Wang Yan was coming back. Wen Zongshen went to Zidan to discuss how to deal with Xiao Qi. Xiao Qi ridiculed Wen Zongshen and said that he only had one request, which is to go back wherever Xiao Qi came from. Wen Zongshen told the officials that in this situation, Song Huaien could only go to persuade Xiao Qi, and Song Huaien had no choice but to take his orders.

Song Huaien took the court officials out of the city to meet Xiao Qi, and persuaded Xiao Qi not to go any further, and told Xiao Qi to retreat back to Ningshuo. Song Huaien issued an order to Xiao Qi to accept the order. Xiao Qi did not leave, saying that the court I didn’t recognize myself as the Yuzhang King a long time ago, so I gave myself an order for what to do.

If the court still recognizes myself as the Yuzhang King, then why did he want to kill himself? No matter how Song Huaien persuades, Xiao Qi has already decided to do it. The soldiers of Ning Shuo who had died unjustly sought justice. Song Huaien stopped talking when he saw it. He threw the order to the ground and then turned and left. Xiao Qi didn’t care about the order and continued to march forward.

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