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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 59 Recap

There was a heavy rain last night and the imperial tomb collapsed as a result. All the officials thought this was an ominous sign, but Zidan still insisted on going his own way and refused to give up sending troops to Hulan. Wang Su expressed his position to the officials. The Wang clan would definitely oppose it. When he sent troops, Wang Su said that the Emperor Taizu had left a legacy, which clearly stated that if the emperor of the future generations is faint and incompetent, the gentry can jointly play and ask the emperor to sin his own edict. Wen Zong thinks carefully and decides to agree to Wang Su’s. For comments, please send the edict of Taizu to stop Zidan forcibly.

Wang Su took Song Huai’en to the Ci’an Temple to drink tea and talk, and flattered Song Huai’en, saying that with Song Huai’en’s skills, he would surely have a place in the court in the future, but Song Huai’en was a bit disappointed. Wang Lin appeared at this time and persuaded Song Huai’en, saying that Song Huai’en is the talent of the pillars. If Song Huai’en is willing, he can accept Song Huai’en as a righteous son, enter the Wang family tree, and really wash away the poor family background. , Song Huai’en is the true head of the noble family.

The next day Zidan was about to go to the border. Su Jiner found Zidan and said that he was going to Hulan with Zidan. Seeing that Su Jiner was so firm, Zidan agreed to Su Jiner’s request. Early the next morning, Zidan was about to set off. Wen Zongshen led the officials, holding Taizu’s tablet and kneeling at the gate of Shigandian. With Taizu’s edict, Zidan stopped Zidan and let Zidan think behind closed doors in Shigandian. It was up to the ministers to discuss and decide, no matter how capricious Zidan was, he couldn’t ignore the Taizu’s edict and could only reluctantly return to Shigandian.

Wang Yan told Pang Gui that Pang Gui and the others would be released in these two days, and Alima would take Xiaohe and Qinzhi to Ningshuo, but she would not leave with them. Two days later came the wedding day of Wang Yan and He Lanzhen. He Lanzhen released the people of the minister according to the agreement. Pang Gui was worried about Wang Yan’s safety and asked Alima to take Qinzhi and Xiaohe away first, but he secretly Go to Wang Yan.

Wang Zhang was arrested by Wang Qian at this time, and the person who married He Lanzhen was replaced by Princess Mia. He Lanzhen lifted off Princess Mia’s hijab, only to find that the person was wrong, and he rushed directly to King Hulan I wanted to ask a question in the camp, but found that King Hulan had been killed long ago, and at this moment Helan Tuo rushed in and said that Helanzhen killed King Hulan.

Only then did Helanzhen understand that he was framed by Helan Tuo. He Lan Tuo immediately ordered that He Lanzhen and Wang Yan were sent to the torture platform. Wang Qian wanted to kill Wang Yan, but Wang Qian begged Wang Qian to deal with some personal affairs for one more day. Wang Qian looked like a villain and asked Wang Qian to kneel and kowtow to herself. Fortunately, Pang Gui arrived in time and rescued Wang Zhang, but he was discovered by Helantuo’s people, and both were arrested by Helantuo’s people.

He Lan Tuo tied He Lan Zhen to the torture platform and asked him to bring Wang Yan up. He Lan Zhen panicked and quickly asked He Lan to release Wang Yan. He Lan Tuo approached He Lan Zhen and said that there were six pans of extermination in the first place, and He Lanzhen’s mother and younger sister died. He Lanzhen suddenly knew the truth. He Lanzhen suddenly broke down. He Lantuo handed the knife to Wang Yan, saying that as long as Wang Yan killed He Lanzhen, she could live, but Wang Yan took it. The knife slashed at Helan Tuo, Helan Tuo controlled Wang Yan, and then asked Wang Yan to kill Helan Zhen.

He Lanzhen looked at Wang Yan and admitted that he killed Xiao Qi, and asked Wang Yan to kill himself to avenge Xiao Qi, Wang He hesitated for a while, but failed to start. Instead, he cut off the rope that tied He Lanzhen. He Lan Tuo quickly ordered the killing of the two people. He Lanzhen guarded Wang Zhang to death, and accidentally hit a few times in order to save Wang. At the very moment of his death, Xiao Qi suddenly arrived with his men, rescued Wang Yan, and captured He Lan Tuo alive.

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