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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 58 Recap

Wang Yan was very happy to see that Pang Gui was still alive, and the people behind Pang Gui knew that the person in front of him was Princess Yuzhang, and they knelt down and begged Wang Yan to save them. Wang Yan comforted them for a while, and found that there was something in the crowd. Xiaohe and Qinzhi, Xiaohe and Qinzhi told Wang Yan that He Lanzhen used them to threaten Xiao Qi and forced Xiao Qi to the edge of the cliff.

After Wang Yan learned that He Lanzhen had harmed Xiao Qi, he turned around in grief. go away. Wang Yan thought for a long time and decided to go to Helanzhen. She told Helanzhen that as long as Helanzhen released the Dacheng people, she would agree to marry Helanzhen. Helanzhen agreed to Wangzhen without hesitation.

On this day, when he was in court, Wen Zongshen reported to Zidan that there were Diao people raising troops to the east and north, and the northwest was also ready to move. He hoped that Zidan would send troops to support him. Zidan asked if any of his ministers would be willing to lead troops to the expedition. There were many, but no one dared to go out. Zi Dan was a little angry, saying that if Xiao Qi died, there were no soldiers available for the great achievement. Wen Zongshen quickly opened his mouth to recommend Wei Kan, the son of Wei, and Zi Dan agreed with Wen Zongshen’s recommendation. After the next dynasty, Wang Su found Song Huaien.

Just now Song Huaien wanted to go out, but was stopped by Wang Su. Song Huaien didn’t understand why Wang Su wanted to stop him, but Wang Su said that Xiao Qi was extremely brave, but he ended up in this end, Wang Su. Tell Song Huai’en that the Wei Kan that Wen Zongshen recommended just now can only talk about soldiers on paper. It is better to wait for Wei Kan’s defeat and Song Huai’en to lead the army again, Song Huaien understood Wang Su’s meaning.

In the evening, Su Jiner couldn’t wait for Zidan at Jinxiu Palace, so she took a bowl of lotus soup and went to Shigandian to find Zidan, but Zidan was very indifferent to Su Jiner, so she just wrote and painted before the case. Su Jiner saw Zidan. Ignoring myself, he planned to leave, but Zi Dan called Su Jin’er and asked her how Su He smelled of her. Su Jin’er said that he grew up with Wang Yan, so naturally, Zidan’s heart moved and he smelled what Su Jin’er was familiar with.

The smell, I kissed Su Jiner. The two had a spring night. When Zidan was not awake early in the morning, someone hurried to report that someone had seen Helanzhen bring Wang Yan back to Hulan. Wang Yan might not die. Zidan was surprised and happy, but at the same time Also began to doubt whether Su Jiner lied to herself.

The news that Wang Yan was in Hulan also reached Wang Lin and Wang Su. The two also suspected Su Jin’er and thought she was very suspicious. Wang Lin asked how Song Huaien was doing. Wang Su said that Song Huaien and Xiao Qi are different. After tempting Song Huai’en, Song Huai’en accepted it happily. Wang Lin asked Wang Su to win over Song Huai’en to get Song Huai’en to get rid of his dependence on Xiao Qi and become their person.

At this moment, Wang An came to report to the two of them, and there was news from the palace that Zidan asked Wang Su to enter the palace. Wang Lin guessed that Zidan wanted Wang Su to go to Hulan to save Wang Yan. He told Wang Su if Zidong Wang Su was really looking for this matter. Wang Su must reject the matter. Wang Yan’s current status is still the wife of a criminal official. If he wade through this muddy water, it would definitely cause dissatisfaction among the gentry. This muddy water must Yao Zidan went there by himself.

Another morning, before going up, Wang Su secretly told Song Huai’en that there would be an uproar in the court for a while, and then he must watch his look and act. The next day he will hold a banquet in the palace, and Song Huaien will understand everything. In the court hall, Zidan proposed to let Wang Su go to Hulan to negotiate to rescue Wang Yan. If the negotiation fails, he will go to war with Hulan. There are many discussions among the ministers, and various clans oppose him. Zidan directly asked Wang Su’s thoughts.

However, Wang Su said that he would not take risks for Wang Su alone. Zidan was furious, and then asked Song Huaien what he thought. Song Huaien remembered Wang Su’s instructions and gritted his teeth and said that even if Wang Yan knew Zidan’s thoughts, he was sure. He would not agree, and I begged Zidan to think twice, and all the officials knelt down and let Zidan think twice.

However, Zidan was disappointed with all the officials, and despite the opposition of the officials, he made up his mind to go to Hulan to rescue Wang Yan. Wang Su told Wang Lin about this. Wang Lin believed that Wen Zongshen was here. This battle would not be fought. It would only expose Zidan’s incompetence and naivety as a king, and make him lose the heart. Wang Lin let Wang Su again. Song Huaien called to see himself.

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