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Humans 你好安怡 Episode 1 Recap

In 2035, in Jiangshi, a professor encountered an accident while studying, and his important research results were taken away. At the same time, a female robot was transferred to the base, and two people were discussing selling the female robot to make a lot of money. When the base was empty, the female robot suddenly opened her eyes and looked at this strange environment.

Qiao Yuan and Qiao You are reviewing the next exam, and Feifei is playing outside. Qiao’s father, Qiao Mingyu, needs to take care of the lives of his three children as well as his own work. When Qiao Mingyu was struggling with the trivial and busy family at home, he suddenly saw an advertisement for Xinjiren on TV and decided to buy a Xinjiren. The Qiao family came to the core machine sales center.

The core machine people in front of them were dazzled, but the price of the core machine was also very high. The manager said that if Qiao Mingyu really wanted it, he could sell it to him through the employee channel with a 30% discount, but he could not use the company’s account, but must use his personal account. Qiao’s father thought it was a good deal, so he decided to buy a home core robot and named her An Yi.

Upon receiving the report, Professor Cheng, the head of the Cheng Group, rushed to look for an emotional core machine. Through testing, they found that this was not the female core machine they were looking for. They decided to continue searching for the whereabouts of the emotional female core robot until they found it. Anyi came to Qiao’s house and did the chores, meals and other chores of Qiao’s house extremely properly, which won unanimous praise from Qiao’s family.

Li Yao found the whereabouts of the pony in the art gallery, and hurriedly took the pony’s arm apart and auctioned the pony away, but did not find the whereabouts of Jiang Li. Li Yao didn’t have the money to pay the auction price, and Xiao Ma escaped from the art gallery using the invisibility principle. Li Yao told Xiao Ma that under no circumstances should people know that he and Jiang Li are emotional and conscious people. The two decided to find Jiang Li first.

The news of Dr. Li Jianwei’s accidental death is being broadcasted on TV. The head of the Cheng Group, Dr. Cheng, said that she must find the emotional and conscious female core robot, she is the key to the singularity.

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