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Humans 你好安怡 Episode 8 Recap

Xiao Ma changed into the clothes of a medical cardiomyologist and mixed into the hospital and found an empty operating room. Li Yao’s injury was too serious and needed timely surgery. Although Xiao Ma is not a professional medical core robot, he still bites his head to perform surgery on Li Yao, but Li Yao is still not saved, Li Yao still closes Eyes. Professor Cheng, who was chasing after him, came to the hospital to look for Li Yao and Xiao Ma, and found that he was a step late.

Li Yao was dead and could only leave. Xiao Ma was distraught, and suddenly saw the wires exposed at Li Yao’s waist, and remembered that Li Yao was not an ordinary person, so he shocked the wires exposed at his waist and finally rescued Li Yao from the brink of life and death. Xiao Ma hugged Li Yao and said that he was worried about him. Li Yao comforted Xiao Ma and told Xiao Ma that he would not abandon them.

Cheng Shiguang investigated the bloodstains left by Li Yao and was surprised to find that Li Yao’s DNA was actually the same as Li Jianwei’s. He felt that the only possibility that Li Yao was Li Jianwei’s son. Cheng Shiguang felt something strange, so he hurried back to the hospital to check and found that Li Yao was no longer in the hospital. Cheng Shiguang felt very strange when he remembered that Li Jianwei’s son had drowned 10 years ago.

Qiao You succeeded in catching up with the car in the core machine management center. At this time, the car in the core machine management center happened to malfunction, and the driver got out of the car to check. Qiao You opened the back door of the vehicle and successfully rescued Anyi.

Cheng Feng brought Sijia back to his home. Sijia felt that Cheng Feng was a bad person and held Cheng Feng with a knife. However, Cheng Feng is not afraid of homesickness, but agrees that his family will stay at his home temporarily.

Luo Yun asked Qiao Mingyu why he was so eager to recycle Anyi, and Qiao Mingyu pretended to explain that he should not be greedy for cheap and buy the unclear core machine. Luo Yun felt a little disappointed thinking that An Yi would not come back again.

Qiao You felt that he could not send Anyi home, so he temporarily put Anyi at a friend’s house. Li Yao inquired about Cheng Shiguang’s information and found that Cheng Shiguang probably hadn’t grasped how to make the core machine conscious, so he arrested them in order to study the conscious core machine. Li Yao recalled what his father had said, and thought that before his death, his father wanted to prevent Cheng Shiguang from opening the singularity. Cheng Shiguang said that Li Jianwei had gone home to take care of his wife and children 10 years ago, leaving behind the research of Xinjiren. Cheng Shiguang asked his assistant to bring back the remaining conscious core robots for research and start the singularity.

The content of Cheng Feng’s phone call was discovered by Sijia. Sijia thought that Cheng Feng was looking for someone to catch him, but only a neighbor came to pick up the rabbit fostered in Cheng Feng. Sijia apologized to Cheng Feng, saying that if Cheng Feng encountered any trouble, he would be willing to help him.

Feifei doesn’t like the breakfast Qiao Mingyu made for herself, and wants to eat breakfast made by An Yi. Luo Yun said that he wanted An Yi a little bit, but Qiao Mingyu looked guilty and said that he could live with Luo Yun without An Yi. Qiao Mingyu properly cleaned up the house to cover up his guilty conscience. Qiao You felt that An Yi was not like a machine, but more like a person. When Qiao You researched Anyi’s program, she found that there was a very strange section of Anyi’s code, so she posted it on the forum to find someone who could interpret this code.

Cheng Feng took homesick to a shopping mall, preparing to dress up homesick to make her more like a person. Cheng Feng replaced Sijia with brown contact lenses to hide Sijia’s core identity, and also bought a lot of clothes to dress up Sijia.

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