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Humans 你好安怡 Episode 7 Recap

Qiao Mingyu asked An Yi and Luo Yun what they had talked about. Luo Yun did not tell the topic between the two, and asked Qiao Mingyu to go to the study to talk. Qiao Mingyu was a little flustered for fear that things would be revealed.

Lin Xiaoyi and Yang Xiaolan received the report and went to the construction site to check whether there were self-conscious core machines. They asked Peng Daqi to find out the situation, but they didn’t get any results.

Qiao Yuan thought that Luo Yun knew from Qiao Yuan that he turned on Anyi’s emotional experience mode and talked to her, but Qiao Yuan told Luo Yun that Qiao Mingyu had prepared a wedding anniversary date. Luo Yun tenderly gave a late gift, which made “attempted cheating” Qiao Mingyu more guilty, and more worried about the guilty conscience of the Dongchuang incident. In order to avoid a more serious family storm, Qiao Mingyu decided to lie to Luo Yun, saying that An Yi will be in the middle of the night. Feifei brought out the room. Although Luo Yun’s attitude towards Anyi had changed at this time, she still agreed to Qiao Mingyu’s request for return and exchange.

Li Yao came to the lotus spa to look for homesick, but because he didn’t make an appointment, Li Yao couldn’t see homesick directly. Qiao Mingyu called Wansheng Space-Time Store and wanted to return Anyi, but Xu Ming, the manager of Wansheng Space-Time Store, has been suspended for investigation due to a work error. Since Qiao Mingyu purchased An Yi in a private transaction with Xu Ming, he cannot return it to Wansheng Space-Time Store.

Peng Daqi entered Ye Kun’s original office and copied the files from Ye Kun’s computer to his USB flash drive and took them away. Homesick couldn’t understand the customer deceiving his wife and friends to go out fooling around, so he hit the customer and met Li Yao when he went out. Homesick pretends to hold Li Yao and wants to get out, but the boss sees it through. Homesick asked Li Yao to go first and stayed to solve the problem. Thinking of homesickness against the crowd, Li Yao and Li Yao left the lotus spa.

After Qiao You learned of his father Qiao Mingyu’s doubts, he became curious, so he decided to test An Yi secretly. Qiao You discovered that Anyi had a history of 14 years, but the appearance of Xinjiren still existed before Xinjiren appeared. At this moment, Jiang Liwakened to her for help. The unexpected abnormal behavior made Qiao You stunned. At the same time, I realized that Anyi is not an ordinary robot.

The core machine management department inquired about the people on the construction site and found that it was Cheng’s Electronics who had taken the core machine man who appeared on the construction site. Professor Cheng of Chengshi Electronics also discovered the news of Homesick and came to hunt Homesick, Li Yao and Xiao Ma. Li Yao and Sijia escaped to the rooftop. The two were about to jump to the opposite building together, but Li Yao was hit by the suppressor and fell off. At the critical moment, Xiao Ma rescued Li Yao.

As Li Yao was seriously injured, Li Yao and Xiao Ma had to hide first and go to the hospital for treatment. Professor Cheng found the blood stains left by Li Yao on the rooftop, and wanted to find out who Li Yao was through laboratory tests, and at the same time ordered someone to arrest Li Yao in a nearby hospital. The homesick was discovered by the people of Cheng’s Electronics, and the people of Cheng’s Electronics chased after homesick. At this time, the photographer Cheng Feng appeared and took home thinking to escape Cheng’s pursuit.

Qiao Mingyu was afraid that his affairs with Anyi would be exposed, so he filed an application for abnormal core robots to the core robot management department. Lin Xiaoyi and Yang Xiaolan from the management department of the core machine also received the report and came to the Lotus Spa to investigate the damage of the core machine to humans.

They discovered that Cheng’s Electronics was involved again. People from the core machine management department came to take away An Yi. This scene happened to be seen by Qiao You. Qiao You felt that An Yi was not an ordinary core machine person, so he rode a bicycle and followed the core machine management department car, ready to save Back to An Yi.

Xiao Ma brought Li Yao to the nearby hospital, preparing to treat Li Yao’s wound.

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