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Humans 你好安怡 Episode 6 Recap

Ye Kun told Li Yao and Xiao Ma the news, but at this time Professor Cheng had already arrived downstairs, Ye Kun let Li Yao and Xiao Ma escape through the window, leaving behind and dragging Professor Cheng. Li Yao and Xiao Ma act separately, Xiao Ma is responsible for driving, and Li Yao is responsible for leading away those arrested. Professor Chen asked Ye Kun if he had seen Li Yao and Xiao Ma.

Ye Kun used the excuse to retrieve surveillance video and locked Professor Cheng in the room. Li Yao jumped down from the top of the building and happened to meet Professor Cheng’s men. In order to save Li Yao and Xiao Ma, Professor Cheng discovered the identity of the core machine by Ye Kun. Professor Cheng took Ye Kun back to prepare for relevant research. .

Qiao Mingyu said that today is his wedding anniversary with Luo Yun, and he needs to prepare for today’s wedding anniversary. Qiao Mingyu carefully prepared, personally cooked, and prepared a large bouquet of roses, wanting to have a romantic wedding anniversary with Luo Yun. When Qiao Mingyu went to get the courier, Luo Yun called An Yi to tell An Yi that she was going on a business trip, but she wanted to destroy the family An Yi, and did not tell him that Luo Yun was on a business trip.

After Li Yao and Xiao Ma escaped, Li Yao felt that the matter of the conscious core robot had been exposed. Li Yao felt that homesickness would also be dangerous, so he decided to find homesickness first.

Homesick was inspected by the boss due to his rebellious mentality, but no problems were found, the boss had to give up. Homesick saw the news of Dr. Li Jianwei’s death and was very sad.

Qiao Mingyu wanted to give Luo Yun a surprise, waiting till late at night, Luo Yun still did not come back, and the phone could not be connected. Qiao Mingyu called Luo Yun at the same time, and learned that Luo Yun and the ambiguous boss Dawei were on a business trip together, and couldn’t help furious, and the long suppressed emotions erupted like a flood. Anyi told Qiao Mingyu that Luo Yun called and said secret things yesterday, and Qiao Mingyu was very uncomfortable.

Ye Kun refused to answer any questions from Professor Cheng. Professor Cheng wanted to question Ye Kun through electric shocks. Ye Kun turned off his pain program, so he didn’t feel the pain of the electric shock. Professor Cheng told the staff to find Ye Kun’s pain program and destroy the pain program so that the pain program cannot be closed.

Under An Yi’s careful comfort, Qiao Mingyuan unexpectedly opened An Yi’s emotional experience mode. At this time, Jiang Li appeared and wanted to stop An Yi, but was controlled by An Yi, and the comfortable emotional experience mode was officially launched. At a critical juncture, he was smashed by his son Qiao Yuan. Qiao Mingyu wanted to explain to Qiao Yuan, but Qiao Yuan didn’t want to listen to his explanation. Qiao Mingyu was so upset that he turned off Anyi’s emotional experience mode.

Professor Cheng and related staff have checked Ye Kun for a long time, but still haven’t found any program to prove that it is the key to Xinji people’s consciousness. Professor Cheng turned to look for the truth about consciousness through Ye Kun’s memory images.

When Qiao Mingyu woke up in the morning, he called Luo Yun’s video, but did not blame Luo Yun for not going home last night. Luo Yun asked Qiao Mingyu if she had anything to worry about, but Qiao Mingyu chose to conceal the affairs between him and Anyi in a panic.

Sijia secretly left the guest’s mobile phone after he massaged the guest. Sijia got in touch with Li Yao and Xiaoma through his mobile phone, and Sijia told Li Yao his location. Li Yao told Sijia to hide that he was a conscious core machine, and someone was arresting them. In the morning, Qiao Yuan expressed dissatisfaction with Qiao Mingyuan’s affairs last night, and the two broke up unhappy.

Professor Cheng discovered the existence of Li Yao, Xiao Ma, Homesick, and Jiang Li in Ye Kun’s memory images, and plans to capture the remaining conscious core robots back for related research.

Luo Yun completed the relevant work and came back in time for the flight early. Luo Yun asked Anyi how everything is right at home, and Anyi affirmed that everything was OK.

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