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Humans 你好安怡 Episode 5 Recap

Ye Kun administers medicine for Li Yao, and Li Yao apologizes to Ye Kun for what he said before and supports Ye Kun to find his own life. Li Yao found a list of one-eyed customers in the one-eyed computer, and Ye Kun said that he would help Li Yao find Jiang Li’s whereabouts. Li Yao expressed his concern about Jiang Li after being flashed and the people who bought it. Although Jiang Li was flashed, Jiang Li’s root files would not be deleted, and because Jiang Li was a conscious core machine, he did not have to follow Asi. Moff’s law. Jiang Li may now be in a state of chaos and something terrible will happen.

Li Yao and Xiao Ma watched the original video of the family playing together. Li Yao said that after finding Jiang Li, he would bid farewell to Ye Kun and let him pursue his own life.

When the two got home and got off the car, Qiao Mingyu found that the yellow rose he used to apologize was missing, but he did not care too much about this matter. An Yi helped Qiao Mingyu cook, but Luo Yun happened to see that the relationship between the couple became more rigid. An Yi told Luo Yun about Qiao Mingyu’s taking her to the company to solve the problem. Luo Yun was very angry, and Luo Yun and Qiao Mingyu had a big fight. Qiao Mingyu accused Luo Yun of unclear and rough relationship with her boss, and Luo Yun decided to return Anyi.

Just as An Yi wanted to throw the yellow rose into the trash can, Jiang Li appeared in her body. Jiang Li found that An Yi was destroying Qiao Mingyu’s family and determined to fight her for control of the body, hoping to save everything, but because the body was restarted again disappear.

Ye Kun found out that his precious watch was lost. He thought that Li Yao had taken his watch. But Li Yao and Xiao Ma broke in denial. Ye Kun could only continue to look for the watch. Li Yao and Xiao Ma looked at Ye Kun in a hurry. Laughing.

Luo Yun dreamed of An Yi and Qiao Mingyu embracing and kissing each other, and could no longer bear the existence of Anyi, so she decided to return Anyi to the Wansheng Space-Time Store, but was discovered by Qiao Yuan. Qiao Yuan rode his bicycle and followed his mother’s car, trying to rescue Anyi, but almost encountered a car accident. At the very moment, An Yi gave up her life under Jiang Li’s control and protected Qiao Yuan. Qiao Yuan simply fell, but An Yi was bruised all over her body. Seeing An Yi gave up her life to help Qiao Yuan, Luo Yun changed her attitude towards An Yi and gave up the idea of ​​returning the goods.

Ye Kun found that it was Xu Yuan, the sales manager of Wansheng Time and Space, who bought Jiang Li. Ye Kun’s subordinate, Peng Daqi, saw the news of a 200,000 reward for finding Li Yao and Xiao Ma, and sold the news to Professor Cheng. Professor Cheng asked Peng Daqi to hold Li Yao and Xiao Ma, otherwise they would not get any money. Peng Daqi held Ye Kun on the excuse of a problem with the warehouse.

After leaving home, Sijia came to Lotus Health Spa to work as a masseur. While shooting for the lotus spa, photographer Cheng Feng discovered the difference between Sijia and other Xinji people.

An Yi did not have any major problems, but the skin was damaged. Qiao Mingyu remembered that when he bought it, he was given a skin repair kit. Qiao Mingyu helped An Yi repair the damaged skin. When Qiao Mingyu touched An Yi’s exposed wound, he felt a strange feeling in his heart. At this time, Luo Yun knocked on the door and found An Yi for a change of clothes before Qiao Mingyu stopped.

When Ye Kun was checking the warehouse, he found that something was not right. He checked Peng Daqi’s mobile phone and found a notice of reward, so he hurried back to Li Yao and Xiao Ma to tell the truth.

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