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Humans 你好安怡 Episode 4 Recap

In his dream, Li Yao remembered the happy life of his family in the hut by the lake. After waking up, Li Yao’s old headache attacked again. Xiao Ma proposed to go to the hospital for an examination. Li Yao rejected Xiao Ma’s proposal and said that Jiang Li’s whereabouts would be found first.

Qiao Mingyu asked Anyi where Luo Yun had gone. Anyi said that Luo Yun had urgent matters to deal with and went out to work early. Qiao Mingyu accused Luo Yun of always focusing on work and disregarding family. There were some problems in Qiao Mingyu’s work. Not only did he need to solve some urgent order problems, but he also had to complete a lot of his own work. Anyi offered to help Qiao Mingyu solve the order problem.

Professor Chen’s subordinates also inquired about Jiang Li’s clues, and found that the one-eyed subordinates found similar female core robots in the woods in the north of the city.

Li Yao and Xiao Ma used a brand-name watch to ask a second-hand core machine dealer about the whereabouts of One-Eyed. The dealer of second-hand core machines said that he could only send them to the one-eyed work place, and they could not do anything else. Li Yao and Xiao Ma pretended to be core robots and mixed into the one-eyed working place, and at one glance they could tell that Li Yao was not core robot.

Seeing that things were falling apart, Li Yao hijacked One-Eyed to question Jiang Li’s whereabouts, and One-Eyed activated the safe mode to control Li Yao. One-Eyed and Li Yao said that Jiang Li had been flashing the phone, clearing all Jiang Li’s memory and data, and becoming a brand-new core machine. One-eyed wanted to hurt Li Yao, but Xiao Ma stopped him.

Li Yao cracked the firewall of the one-eyed work computer, connected the one-eyed computer with Bluetooth, and quickly changed the password of the core machine, so that the core machine who had not had time to flash the machine turned on the automatic home mode. Li Yao also copied Cyclops’ computer data, formatted Cyclops’ computer, called the police and reported Cyclops’ illegal modification of core robots and suppressors to the core machine management department.

Professor Cheng inquired about the one-eyed news, and just wanted to find it but was trapped by the board of directors. On the board of directors, Professor Cheng introduced to the directors that he wanted to produce a core machine that is infinitely close to human beings. This new invention can bring great benefits to the group, thus successfully persuading the directors.

Luo Yun and Yang Xiaolan of the Xinji People Management Department deal with Mrs. Li’s affairs together. Mrs. Li feels that her core machine is conscious and emotional, and he can understand music. Luo Yun and Yang Xiaolan found through inspection that Xinji people did not have consciousness and emotions, and told Mrs. Li the truth. Mrs. Li was very excited and said that she could not take away her core machine. At this time, Mrs. Li’s son came back and said that his mother was just relying too much on the core machine.

Anyi quickly solved Qiao Mingyu’s work problem. Qiao Mingyu’s boss was very satisfied with Qiao Mingyu’s work and expressed his intention to promote Qiao Mingyu. After the work, Qiao Mingyu took a yellow rose and prepared to apologize to Luo Yun.

When Li Yao and Xiao Ma returned to Ye Kun’s house, Xiao Ma discovered that Ye Kun did not come back to recharge last night. Ye Kun in the bar just encountered a power outage crisis, so he had to enter the bathroom to hide first. Li Yao still hates Ye Kun, but he still goes to the bar to give Ye Kun a portable charger, but Ye Kun has solved the crisis by himself. The people who clashed with Li Yao and Xiao Ma last time came to Li Yao’s trouble again. Ye Kun said that Li Yao is his younger brother, so they didn’t embarrass Li Yao and Xiao Ma.

Professor Cheng came to One-Eyed to learn about the situation. One-Eyed said that he had already flashed Jiang Li, and One-Eyed provided the photos of Li Yao and Xiao Ma to Professor Cheng who was also looking for Jiang Li. Professor Cheng believed that he must know something and began to treat him. A big reward for hunting down.

An Yi and Qiao Mingyu drove home. Qiao Mingyu said that there is no room for appreciation in the traditional industry that he did, and Luo Yun’s work is the hottest core machine industry at the moment. When Qiao Mingyu accuses herself of incompetence, Luo Yun will be too busy to be with her family. Anyi comforted Qiao Mingyu as a good husband and a good man, and took good care of work and family. Qiao Mingyu feels that Anyi is not like a cold core robot, but more like an emotional person.

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