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Humans 你好安怡 Episode 3 Recap

Luo Yun found Feifei resting in her room, and she gradually felt relieved. The next morning, Anyi prepared a rich breakfast for Qiao’s family, and the family was very happy. Luo Yun said that she took leave today to accompany Feifei to get a vaccine. Qiao Mingyu told Luo Yun and Anyi to get along well at home. Medical core machine Liu Qi came to the home to vaccinate Feifei, but An Yi did not share information with Liu Qi, Luo Yun even more suspicious of An Yi.

Li Yao and Xiao Ma came to Ye Kun’s house. Ye Kun was fully integrated into the human world. Li Yao wanted to discuss with Ye Kun about Jiang Li, but Ye Kun was unwilling to help. Li Yao was very helpful to Ye Kun. Disappointed, decided to act alone. Luo Yun found that An Yi was playing Feifei’s music box. Luo Yun told An Yi that he would not be allowed to enter Feifei’s room. An Yi did not answer. Luo Yun accused Anye of violating her orders. An Yi hurriedly said that she obeyed the master’s orders. .

In order not to burn Feifei while cooking, An Yi turned and burned Luo Yun. An Yi said that her program is to protect Feifei first, but Luo Yun feels that An Yi is retaliating against herself. An Yi wanted to help Luo Yun deal with the wound, but Luo Yun refused. An Yi said that she was more suitable to protect Feifei than Luo Yun, which aroused Luo Yun’s dissatisfaction even more.

Li Yao learned on the forum that the bar Ye Kun took them to yesterday was the place where he reselled second-hand core robots, so he rushed to the bar to find clues to Jiang Li. Li Yao accidentally ran into Ye Kun’s trading business with core robots. Li Yao accused Ye Kun of selling his own kind as commodities. Ye Kun said that his kind was human, not core robots. He hoped that Li Yao would not interfere with him. life. Li Yao saw a female core robot being bullied, Xiao Ma helped Li Yao save the female core robot, but Ye Kun ignored it. Ye Kun said that the reason for leaving home was to leave Li Yao and want to have his own life.

An Yi used Qiao Mingyu’s trust to frame Luo Yun for being busy with work and forgetting that Feifei was allergic to mango, so as to provoke the relationship between their husband and wife. Qiao Mingyu and Luo Yun had a big quarrel, but An Yi was secretly watching what happened.

Through the underground dark web, Li Yao successfully found “One-Eyed”, the core machine man who kidnapped Jiang Li. Feifei heard the conversation between An Yi and Luo Yun and asked An Yi why she lied. After An Yi said her purpose, she would do her best to protect this family. All discordant people must be eliminated!

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