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Humans 你好安怡 Episode 2 Recap

The dinner prepared by Anyi made Qiao Mingyu very face in front of his boss and customers. The news of Dr. Li Jianwei’s death was broadcast on the TV, and An Yi’s eyes kept looking at the TV. Qiao Mingyu called An Yi, and An Yi watched TV but didn’t hear Qiao Mingyu calling herself. Qiao Mingyu asked Anyi if he knew Dr. Jianwei Li, and Anyi said that she did not. An Yi thought of her original life, she couldn’t help but stunned.

Qiao Mingyu’s wife Luo Yun went home one day early and found that the house was very tidy and asked if they had hired a part-time job to clean it. At this time An Yi appeared behind him and asked Luo Yun to bind as a secondary user. Luo Yun did not bind, but shut down An Yi. Luo Yun expressed that she does not want her children to rely too much on the core machine and lose their ability to take care of themselves. Qiao Mingyu said that while working and taking care of three children, he was very busy and needed someone to help with housework.

After hearing Qiao Mingyu’s words, Luo Yun reluctantly accepted Anyi and bound with Anyi. An Yi is telling Feifei’s bedtime story. Luo Yun said that the bedtime story should be told by herself, but Feifei feels that An Yi’s story is better than that of her mother, so she is very sad. Before An Yi left, she told Feifei that she was a cute girl. Luo Yun felt very strange.

When Li Yao’s father, Dr. Li Jianwei, passed away, he told Li Yao not to let people find Jiang Li. Li Yao woke up from his dream, and when searching, he found that the police believed that Dr. Li Jianwei had died of a heart attack. Li Yao fell into deep self-blame, and his old headache became more serious because he could not get treatment. He decided to seek help from Ye Kun, who had left home in his early years.

In an interview with reporters, Professor Chen said that Cheng’s new products are coming out soon and the singularity will come early. Li Yao and Xiao Ma found Ye Kun, but facing the death of their father and the disappearance of Jiang Li, Ye Kun’s emotions were not affected at all, and instead took Li Yao out to relax.

An Yi cooked a table of dishes, and Qiao’s family was very happy, but Luo Yun was not satisfied with An Yi. Qiao Mingyu made a joke with Anyi, and Anyi laughed, and the family found it very strange. An Yi stopped laughing until Qiao Mingyu said to stop.

Ye Kun took Li Yao and Xiao Ma to the bar to relax, and learned that Ye Kun had successfully disguised as a human and became the project director of the construction company. Li Yao and Xiao Ma thought the core robots in the bar were a bit strange, but Ye Kun said it was caused by their fatigue.

Luo Yun could not go out to sleep at night, and saw An Yi watching the moon, and An Yi also said that the moon tonight is very beautiful. Luo Yun felt very strange, why An Yi has human emotions, so Luo Yun was very angry and instructed An Yi went back. Luo Yun found Feifei’s doll on the ground, thinking that Feifei fell into the lake and hurriedly looked for Feifei.

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