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Dt.Appledog’s Time 我的时代,你的时代 Episode 22 Recap

Wu Bai and Ai’s father drank too much, so Ai Qing sent him back to K&K base. Ai Qing helped him lie down and covered him with a quilt. She was about to leave. Wu Bai yelled for a headache, so she helped him massage his temples. Then she went to the kitchen and helped him get a glass of honey water. When she accidentally hit something and made a noise, 97 heard something in the kitchen and immediately sat up. On Monday, she said that maybe the captain was hungry and had food in the kitchen. 97 heard something to eat. , He hurriedly woke up Shen Zhe and the others to find the captain for supper together.

Ai Qing asked Wu Bai to drink honey water and told him to sleep well. At this time, 97 was outside and said that it was not K&K’s tradition for the captain to eat alone. Ai Qing couldn’t help but panic and wonder where to hide. Wu Bai got up to send them away. He walked unsteadily to the door, 97 wondering why there was no smell or smell of alcohol, and asked if he had drunk shrimp and he wanted to eat it.

Shen Zhe knew Wu Bai had drunk as soon as he saw it. Everyone asked him how he drank. Wu Bai said that her father asked him to drink. Ai Qing couldn’t help but panic even more. Everyone asked his dad. Wu Bai said that his girlfriend and her dad were surprised on Monday that the captain had a girlfriend, and the confidentiality work was so good.

So he asked his girlfriend if they knew him. Wu Bai said that he knew him well. 97 and Shen Zhe laughed at each other and knew who he was talking about. Unknowingly, they guessed a few girls on Monday. Wu Bai shook his head when he heard that. Ai Qing couldn’t help frowning when he heard that so many girls liked Wu Bai.

Everyone laughed and asked Wu Bai to treat him, but Wu Bai said that Jiu Jin had a headache. 97 opened the door of his room to go in and press him. Ai Qing in the room was panicked. Wu Bai quickly opened his eyes and turned his head. 97 who looked into the room, quickly closed the door again, and Shen Zhe laughed that he must have a problem.

At this time, Wu Chat in the room suddenly said that the administrator authority was turned on. Everyone was surprised to hear that the captain was outside the door. Wu Bai smiled and said that his girlfriend was inside. Everyone clamored to go in to see his girlfriend, Wu Bai opened the door a gap, and saw Ai Qing squeezing his eyes anxiously at him to suggest that it was impossible, so he closed the door and told them that his girlfriend had to keep this matter secret, so that everyone could go back to sleep.

After Wu Bai returned to the room, Ai Qing asked who the girls he mentioned on Monday were. Wu Bai held his head and said that his head hurts, and Jiujin came up again. Ai Qing didn’t know if he was really drunk or pretending to be drunk. She approached him and was about to continue interrogating him, but Wu Bai held her head and kissed her lips.

After a while, he let go of her and said that Monday was nonsense. He only saw her. Ai Qing couldn’t help laughing sweetly. When Wu Bai sent Ai Qing away, the curious teammates were all sticking to the crack of the door. When they heard something outside, they hurried out to look. They didn’t expect Ai Qing to be so tightly wrapped, they didn’t see her looks. On Monday, I really wanted to know whether the captain’s girlfriend was beautiful and did not understand robots. Shen Zhe said that she was not only beautiful but also knew robots well, and she was completely worthy of Wu Bai.

Wang Hao finally agreed with Su Cheng to take Xiao Ai away. Su Cheng came to the SP to express his gratitude to him. She told him not to only have the team and honor in his heart, and let him live a good life for himself. Then she ran into Ai Qing at the door. Su Cheng said she was going to take Xiao Ai out of the country. Back then, she separated Ai Qing and Wang Hao because of Xiao Ai’s affairs. She solemnly apologized to Ai Qing, Ai Qing said that things had passed so long. Let her not take it to heart.

Xiaomi pulled the suitcase to say goodbye to everyone. The teammates were very reluctant to give up. Ai Qing knew that Xiaomi would rather have a perfect curtain call than leave everyone a bit of trouble. Maybe this is his best choice. But she feels that Xiaomi hasn’t given up yet. He still loves this industry and believes he will definitely come back.

Tao Qitao’s Taotao team is facing disbandment at the end of the month. He wants to let Wu Bai take his team by kicking the stadium. Wu Bai lets him win Shen Zhe first. As a result, Tao Qitao failed. He frustratedly admitted that he was inferior to others. Wu Bai feels that the problem with Taotao’s team is not the technique. He asked Tao Qitao to try out at K&K for three weeks, and maybe he can find the answer he wants.

After Wu Bai told Ai Qing that Tao Qitao had come to him, Ai Qing asked him if he wanted to incorporate the entire Taotao team. Wu Bai said he would discuss with the board of directors, and he had invited Tao Qitao to come to him for a trial. Ai Qing is also thinking about how to eat Taotao’s entire team, but she finds it a bit difficult, because Tao Qitao’s personal strength is very strong, but his teammates cannot meet the SP standards. However, she had a hunch that Tao Qitao would belong to the SP. She smiled and asked Wu Bai if she wanted to make a bet. Wu Bai was willing to bet with her.

Shen Zhe learned that Tao Qitao was very unhappy when he came to K&K. He asked Wu Bai Tao Qitao as the main operator or the assistant operator. If it was the assistant operator, he didn’t need it because he could operate the trash can by himself. Wu Bai said that K&K needs. The finals are far from as simple as Shen Zhe thought.

They need to make the best preparations to win this championship. Later in training, Shen Zhe and Tao Qitao had conflicts. Shen Zhe could not understand Tao Qitao’s style of play. He felt that he relied on defense to disrupt other people’s offenses, and he did not dare to be aggressive. This is not a man’s style of play, but Wu Bai is very optimistic about Tao Qitao. It is also a strategy to think that it can disrupt the rhythm of others.

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