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Dt.Appledog’s Time 我的时代,你的时代 Episode 21 Recap

Wu Bai waited for Ai Qing to get off work in the street garden, holding the frozen ice cream in his hand and waiting until dark, but saw Wang Hao’s friends picture of her and her teammates busy working overtime and couldn’t help but feel a little lost. When Ai Qing cleaned the table I can’t help but feel very guilty when I think of dating when I see the phone.

She hurriedly called Wu Bai to apologize, but saw that Wu Bai was downstairs. She ran to him and explained that the phone was muted, and the information was ignored. Wu Bai smiled and said that it’s okay to work. When Wang Hao’s circle of friends learned that they were working overtime, they brought food for them.

At this moment, Wang Hao walked out and called Ai Qing to go in for the meeting. He was taken aback when he saw Wu Bai. Wu Bai said that he had bought some food for everyone, and then handed the bag in his hand to Wang Hao. Wang Hao thanked him for SP’s brother. Wu Bai asked him to thank Ai Qing if he wanted to. He touched Ai Qing’s head gently and asked her to eat more. Ai Qing smiled and nodded and said that he would call him afterwards, Wu Bai He turned and left.

After a while, Ai Qing’s work finally ended. She immediately called Wu Bai and said that she regretted not having the ice cream he bought today. Unexpectedly, Wu Bai hadn’t left yet, he was still waiting for her on the swing, Ai Qing hurried over, took the ice cream he bought specially for her, and ate a bite happily, sweet in her heart.

Love is very sweet, but Ai Qing is worried that their relationship will involve too much energy of Wu Bai and affect his training. Wu Bai said that she has always brought him a positive influence. He believes that they can be the strongest opponent. Ai Qing felt relieved, she laughed at the national competition and they competed against each other. Then Wu Bai pushed Ai Qing on the swing behind her. She smiled happily. Wu Bai told her that he would wait for her no matter how busy she was.

Ai Qing intends to find this year’s newcomer Wang Tao Qitao as the deputy operator for Xiaomi. Tao Qitao came when she and the slide were discussing this matter in the office. Tao Qitao wanted Ai Qing to be the leader of his team. Ai Qing said that she was already the leader of the SP. She mobilized him to join the SP, but Tao Qitao did not want to leave his team and abandon his brothers, and he felt that SP had no recent results in the game. How, Ai Qing is very confident that SP can win this national competition. Tao Qitao wishes them to talk to him after they win the championship. He left after speaking. The slide looked at his back and felt that he was quite dragged.

Wu Bai’s neck was allergic to red. He zipped his clothes to cover his neck. After Shen Zhe saw it, he asked him to act like a baby to Aiqing tomorrow and let her help him rub the medicine. Wu Bai said that he could wipe it, and Shen Zhe couldn’t help being speechless when he saw that he didn’t understand his taste.

In the next national semifinals, Xiaomi and the slide fought a beautiful battle together. Wang Hao, who was watching the game in front of the TV, was very happy. He did not expect that Xiaomi on the TV suddenly announced his retirement. Wang Hao, Ai Qing and his teammates were all surprised. Ai Qing asked Xiaomi why he retired. He said he didn’t want to drag everyone down. Wang Hao called Xiaomi to persuade him, but Xiaomi said that he would drink together tomorrow to celebrate his glorious retirement.

After get off work, Ai Qing came downstairs with a heavy heart. The retiring of Xiaomi made her feel very uncomfortable. She sat on the stairs and sent a message to Wu Bai that she wanted to see him. As soon as the information came out, Wu Bai came to her. Ai Qing was surprised that he came so soon. In fact, Wu Bai thought of Ai Qing as soon as he heard that Xiaomi retired. He knew it was a blow to Ai Qing, and was afraid She was sad and hurried over. Ai Qing’s heart was very warm. She stood up and hugged Wu Bai and cried. Fortunately, he was by her side when she was most sad. Wu Bai comforted her that athletes would have the day to leave.

Then Ai Qing brought Wu Bai back home, and Ai Jing went to her father’s place. There were only the two of them at home. Seeing Ai Qing didn’t eat much at night, Wu Bai gave her something to eat. In fact, he hadn’t cooked any food before and gave him advice on the phone on Monday. Finally, a bowl of fragrant noodles was prepared. Ai Qing ate very fragrantly. Watching Wu Bai keep scratching his neck, only to realize that his neck was red did he realize that he was allergic. She took the ointment and asked him to sit on the sofa to help him wipe the medicine. After wiping the front of his neck, she wiped the back. Wu Bai felt very sweet when she saw her close to herself.

At this moment, Father Ai and Ai Jing opened the door and came in. Ai Qing hurriedly looked back when she heard the movement. Ai’s father was shocked to see their intimate appearance, Ai Qing hurriedly explained that Wu Bai was allergic to her and she helped him apply medicine. Ai’s father called Ai Qing aside and asked how long it has been. Ai Qing said that for a while, Ai’s father praised her for being like a father. He asked Wu Bai what was the situation just now, Ai Qing shook the ointment in her hand to him. He said that he was allergic and she helped him rub the medicine.

Seeing that Ai’s father didn’t believe him, he opened the zipper. When Ai’s father saw that his neck was really red, he asked Wu Bai if there was anything else going on behind him. Ai Qing hinted that he was still okay, but Wu Bai didn’t respond. Take out the wine, he wants to have two glasses with Wu Bai. Ai Qing said that he was allergic to alcohol, but Wu Bai said silly that it was okay.

While drinking, Father Ai asked his parents what they thought of the woman being older than the man. Wu Bai said that his parents were very open-minded and they would respect his choice. Hearing that he was serious about Ai Qing, Father Ai couldn’t help but relax. The two of them drank freely and soon drank too much. He heard Wu Bai call his uncle, but he asked Wu Bai to call his brother, and saw that the two called brothers and brothers. Ai Qing and Ai Jing couldn’t help feeling funny.

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