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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 37 Recap

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing played against Dai Weishi and his teammates. Tang San accidentally saw Ye Zhiqiu, so he brought him to see Ye Zhiqiu. Ye Zhiqiu was ordered to go to the Wuhun Hall to meet someone at the time, and he took out the arrow, Tang Sande Knowing that the person only recognized the arrow but not the person, he offered to explore the reality for Ye Zhiqiu. Xiao Wu wanted to go to the Wuhun Hall together. Tang San was worried that she was in danger, so Xiao Wu insisted on facing it with him.

Dai Weishi underestimated the enemy. He faced Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing alone. Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai’s martial spirits combined to launch a fierce attack against him. Dai Weishi shot back. Zhu Zhuqing cooperated with Dai Mubai to use the Baihu Liebo to knock Dai Weishi on the spot. When the female teammate came up to help, Dai Weishi was not convinced, and forced her to push her away, insisting on one person against Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing. As a result, she was unstable and fell onto the stage. Ju Douluo announced the victory of the Silanke Academy.

At the end of the game, the team members came to congratulate Dai Mubai. Dai Mubai thanked Zhu Zhuqing for his full cooperation, otherwise he would not be able to win. Osike also wanted to engage in martial arts synergy with Ning Rongrong, but Ning Rongrong disliked him. Osike asked Rand to invite everyone to dinner and celebrate, and Rand fully agreed.

The next game is the Royal Academy against the Wuhundian team. Dai Mubai stayed to watch the game. He wanted to take the opportunity to master the strength and tactics of both sides. Only in the future can he know himself and the enemy. Zhu Zhuqing, Ma Hongjun, Ning Rongrong and Osike watched the game together. Tang San brought Xiao Wu to the Wuhun Hall.

There were no guards here. Because Tang San had a Wuhun order, the two of them entered the hall smoothly. The Wuhundian deacon led them to the secret room behind Bibi Dong’s seat. Tang San saw it at a glance. Two spirit bones were placed inside, which were the prizes of the champion of this spirit master competition. The deacon asked Tang San to insert an arrow into the spirit bones, urging them to leave as soon as possible.

The Royal Academy sent five team members, led by Yu Tianheng. The Wuhundian team had only two captains, Xie Yue and Yan. Qian Renxue watched the battle. Xie Yue first attacked and knocked out the other four without much effort. Yu Tianheng struggled hard. He summoned Wuhun to fight back. He was firmly controlled by Xie Yue. Yu Tianheng could only admit defeat. The female members of the Royal Academy were not convinced and rushed to attack Yan.

Yan issued fire spirit skills to face the female players. Surrounded by the raging fire, Yu Tianheng persuaded her to stop. The female team members had to surrender. Yan refused to give up and continued to launch fire on her. Qian Renxue stopped him in time and invited members of the Royal Team to join the Wuhun Palace.

The deacon killed himself on the spot, creating the illusion of committing suicide by stealing property and fearing crime. Tang San immediately took Xiao Wu to the library to check the person who read the documents of the killing incident. He didn’t expect that the person was Ju Douluo. This is the same as Tang San. As expected, Ju Douluo was the inner ghost of Wuhun Hall, and he and Canghui Academy wanted to get rid of Bibi Dong. Tang San immediately took Xiao Wu to report the matter to Ye Zhiqiu.

When Bibi Dong presented the champion, the arrow inserted into the soul bone could perform the assassination effect, and Tang San decided to ask Ju Douluo to ask him clearly. Ju Douluo reported to Bibi Dong that the deacon had committed suicide by stealing Golden Soul Coins. Bibi Dong was very disdainful. Ju Douluo found that the Shenfeng Academy and the Blazing Academy had formed an alliance, and suggested that they should be eradicated to avoid future troubles.

Today’s game is the Silanke Academy vs. Blazing Academy. Yu Xiaogang made a pre-war mobilization in advance to encourage the players to work together to make a shame. Everyone is excited and vowed to fight back. The members of the Blazing Team still used the tactics they used last time. They sent out fire martial arts and besieged the members of the Schanke Academy.

Tang San jumped out of the fire and bound the Blazing players with blue silver grass. Wu, Dai Mubai and Osike teamed up to defeat the enemy with a single blow between the lightning and flint, and the members of the Blazing Team voluntarily gave in.

At the end of the game, Huo Wu gave Tang San the essence of martial arts, and revealed that the Star Kingdom Thunder Academy and Shenfeng Academy had disappeared after being eliminated. Huo Wu knew that their team would disappear soon. Tang San only had to see her. Her spirit was destroyed, indicating that she was dead. She hoped that Tang San would take action to rescue her team. Huo Wu felt that the spirit hall, Tiandou and Xingluo were all suspected, and suffered from no conclusive evidence.

Tang San, Xiao Wu, and Dai Mubai split up to find the eliminated Xueyuan team, and found that everyone had gone to the building, and even the Huo Wu who had just met was gone. Tang San suspected that Ju Douluo did it.

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