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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 33 Recap

The two toffees were full of praise for Kudi Liuli’s white gauze dress, and felt that this one was more suitable for the red shawl. Zhuo Jinniang was so angry that she asked bitterly why Kudi Liuli was absent from the competition. Kudi Liuli knew She had already lost this round. Even if Abi locked her up, Zhuo Jinniang would find all kinds of excuses to get rid of suspicion. Kudi Liuli deliberately answered the wrong questions and reported in detail the idea of ​​making this white dress.

With creativity, Zhuo Jinniang hurriedly interrupted her and forced her to explain the reason for her absence. Kudi Liuli lied that she had only had inspiration last night and rushed to make this dress overnight. As a result, she overslept and delayed today’s competition. Zhuo Jinniang It was revealed that Kudi Liuli was lying on the spot, and the two toffees stopped pursuing them, leaving them to concentrate on preparing the dragon robe.

Lin Shangfu specially prepared a separate embroidery room for Kudi Liuli and asked her to concentrate on embroidering the dragon robe. Zhuo Jinniang was furious. She vowed to strive for excellence this time and must defeat Kudi Liuli. Zhuo Jinniang secretly came to the embroidery room to explore the secrets of Kudi Liuli when she was not in the room, and found that Kudi Liuli used a stitch method she had never seen before, and the blue dragon embroidered so vividly.

Zhuo Jinniang decided that she would definitely lose this time. She took a cruel hand at Ku Di Liuli, she secretly hid in the door, Ku Di Liuli pushed in and was knocked out by Zhuo Jinniang on the spot.

Two days passed in a blink of an eye, and Abi did not see Zhuo Jinniang, nor did she see Kudi Liuli’s figure. Abi wanted to send Zhuo Jinniang food, so she asked Deng Qiniang about them. Deng Qiniang didn’t know the whereabouts of the two of them. It turned out that Zhuo Jinniang locked Kudi Liuli in the secret room of the Shangfu Bureau and forced Kudi Liuli to embroider the dragon robe. Kudi Liuli flatly refused. Zhuo Jinniang threatened Kudi Liuli’s move out of the An’s. Kudi Liuli had an idea. , Promised to finish embroidering the dragon robe and spend Zhuo Jinniang to prepare meals.

Deng Qiniang quickly discovered Zhuo Jinniang’s whereabouts, and quietly followed her to the secret room. When she saw Zhuo Jinniang carrying a food box to deliver food to Kudi Liuli, Deng Qiniang immediately understood everything. Kudi Liuli began to embroider the dragon robe after eating. Zhuo Jinniang carefully observed her stitches and felt familiar. Kudi Liuli’s aura is exactly the same as that of An’s. She was frightened and forced herself to calm down.

Li Shimin was dying of illness and was drowsy all day long, and the eunuchs were also unable to return to heaven. Li Ming determined that Gao’s servant had confided to Wucai. The Wucai talents asked Li Shimin to return to life for a few days. The servant repeatedly defended. Deng Qiniang sneaked into the secret room while it was dark and wanted to rescue Ku Di Liuli. Ku Di Liuli knew that Zhuo Jinniang would still use her embroidered dragon robe to win the title of the world’s first stitch, which would not harm her for the time being. Deng Qiniang was affected by Pei Xingjian. Entrusted, she can’t just leave her hands alone, Kudi Liuli begged her to find something, and she could win Zhuo Jinniang.

Li Ming wanted Li Shimin to abolish Li Zhi, but Li Shimin was unaware. He didn’t want to watch Li Zhi ascend to the throne. He wanted to convict Li Zhi of slaying the emperor and seizing power, and then replaced him as a new emperor. Yang Fei encouraged Li Ming to let go. Do it and promise to go all out to help him. When Gao Naibu went to the toilet, he was strangled on the spot.

Li Ming called Pan Nai Attendant and promised to let him be the general manager. He also threatened that Gao Nai Attendant would not survive today. Because he supported Wu Cairen and Li Zhi, and the maid came to report the news of Gao Nai Attendant’s accidental death, Pan Nai Attendant trembled with fright. Concubine Yang immediately ordered Pan Neipi to be the chief manager.

Li Ming handed him a packet of poison and let him poison Li Shimin, and then blamed Li Zhi. Pan Neibai was so frightened that he knelt down and begged for mercy. Li Ming threatened him and wanted to send it. He went to the Yin Cao Difu and Gao Neifu to be company, Pan Neiji weighed and weighed, and then bite the bullet and agreed.

Deng Qiniang delivered a packet of phosphor powder to Kudi Liuli on time and gave her a thousand warnings before leaving in a hurry. Zhuo Jinniang then gave Kudi Liuli food, urging her to embroider the dragon’s eyes as soon as possible, otherwise she would not be able to catch up with tomorrow. In the competition, Kudi Liuli excuses that the light is too dim to see clearly.

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