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Weaving a Tale of Love 风起霓裳 Episode 32 Recap

Despite Yuliu’s bitter pleading, Wu Cairen was determined. She took the scissors and cut her hair all over her head. Then Wu Cairen came to make a plea to Li Shimin. She claimed that she had made a poisonous oath in order to refine the pill. As long as Li Shimin’s condition improves, she will lose her hair and become a nun, eat fast and reciting Buddha all her life. Li Shimin sinks into deep self-blame and feels that she owes her too much.

Li Zhi took Pei Xingjian to see Wu Cairen late at night. Wu Cairen turned them away. Li Zhi knew that Wu Cairen was still asleep and wanted to go in to comfort her. Pei Xingjian advised Li Zhi not to go in and let Wu Cairen be quiet. After a quiet, Li Zhi was a pity for Wu Cai, and told Yu Liu to take good care of Wu Cai. Wu Cairen looked at Li Zhiyuan’s back, with mixed feelings in his heart, and tears of grievance kept streaming.

Zhuo Jinniang is eager to win. She sleeplessly rushes to make dresses. She does her best to use all the stitches she knows. The dresses are embroidered with auspicious flowers, and she never forgets to keep Abi watching. Kudi Liuli’s movement, knowing that Kudi Liuli has fallen asleep, Zhuo Jinniang happily closes her mouth from ear to ear when she sees her elaborately embroidered magnificent dress, firmly believing that she will win Kudi Liuli tomorrow.

Early the next morning, Abi called to Zhuo Jinniang and found that she was asleep on the embroidery frame. He quickly called her up, and Zhuo Jinniang asked Abi to pack her embroidered dress and go to the competition. Kudi Liuli took the white dress made for ironing early in the morning, and Abi saw the sample from a distance. Although the workmanship was simple, but with the red shawl, it was shining and radiant. Abi couldn’t help being Zhuojin. Mother squeezed a sweat.

Pei Xingjian and Mo Kun were ordered to go out for errands. When they passed by the Shangfu Bureau, Pei Xingjian came to say goodbye to Ku Di Liuli, and also said that Wu Cairen was going to be a nun. Ku Di Liuli was shocked. Wu Cairen came to leave Li Shimin early in the morning and wanted to go to the Ganye Temple to become a monk.

Li Shimin couldn’t bear it, but he saw that Wu Cai had already cut off his hair and showed him his determination to practice. Li Shimin asked Wu Cairen to do it. He was practicing in Xianchi Hall in retreat and waiting for him to become a monk after a hundred years. Wu Cairen knelt and thanked Longen. Li Ming was so angry that he gritted his teeth when he saw this scene. Unexpectedly, Wu Cairen would use this method to save his life. He secretly vowed to wait for succession. Then kill Wu Cairen.

Kudi Liuli sighed at Wucai’s being a monk. Abe suddenly led someone to shut down the doors and windows of her dormitory. Kudi Liuli was not allowed to participate in the competition, so as not to hurt everyone in the game, Kudi Liuli was anxious. call.

The concubines rushed to the Shangfu Bureau on time. Kudi Liuli was late. Zhuo Jinniang said many bad things about Kudi Liuli and suggested to disqualify her from the competition. Lin Shangfu was very dissatisfied and insisted on finding Kudi Liuli. Coming to compete together, Zhuo Jinniang had to send Abi to find someone.

Abi returned soon, falsely claiming that Kudi Liuli was not there, and the concubines were very impatient, and ruled that Zhuo Jinniang had won. Afterwards, Lin Shangfu made it clear that Kudi Liuli dyed and weaved the morning glow red shawl. She won the first match and insisted on the third match. The two toffees asked them to embroider dragon robes.

The Wucai person came to Li Zhi to say goodbye, clearly stated that Li Shimin’s lifespan had expired, and reminded Li Zhi to be careful not to let Li Ming succeed. Li Zhi’s heart was like a knife, and he promised to take Wucai into his career after he succeeded. When the temple came back, Wu Cairen was enthusiastic. Kudi Liuli learned that Wu Cairen began to practice in retreat today. She ran to the Xianchi Hall in one breath. Yuliu just happened to be looking for her. Kudi Liuli burst into tears when she saw Wu Cairen holding Buddha beads in his hands and wearing robes.

Full of face, Wu Cairen persuaded her to come to Xianchi Hall to retreat, and then find a chance to send her out of the palace. Ku Di Liuli wanted to defeat Zhuo Jinniang and wanted to return her mother’s golden needles to clarify her grievances. Wu Cairen no longer reluctantly. , Promised to pray for her every day. Kudi Liuli gave the embroidered pouch to Wu Cairen as a souvenir, and then knelt goodbye to Wu Cairen.

Kudi Liuli showed off his hand-made dresses. The two toffees even quaintly embroidered their gorgeous dresses, but they still prefer Kudi Liuli’s white plain dress.

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