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To Be With You 约定 Episode 24 Recap

Secretary Wang discovered that someone had opened an online shop in the village. Based on the goods on the online store, he found Xu Guagua’s house and was very happy. He thought that Gua would take the lead and he should suggest that everyone learn from Gua. It happened that Guaye also had the willingness to open an online shop, but Xu Guagua was afraid that Secretary Wang would find out about him soon, and simply summoned his friends to discuss countermeasures, and finally decided to take out the money from Kari first.

Originally, Fang Xiaoyu wanted to delay their trip to Guangzhou, but he didn’t expect that Xixi would record every online store’s payment in private, and the total amount was more than two thousand yuan, enough for four people’s tickets. Seeing that there was no more reason to hide, Fang Xiaoyu could only follow everyone to the town by car, and saw Fang’s father actually change into a new wheelchair before leaving.

Because of this huge sum of money, the three boys laughed and laughed along the way. At first, Fang Xiaoyu was still frowning, but later they all merged into the cheerful atmosphere. Master Gua carried two baskets of rice cakes and sold them at the market. Fortunately, Xu Guagua and the others slipped away in time to avoid being discovered by Master Gua.

Li Xiaorong learned from Malaysia that Xu Guagua had arrived in the town by car, so he thought he was going to post the courier and didn’t take it seriously. So he called to tell Gua’s mom and asked her to wait for Xu Guagua at the courier point, maybe the family. Can meet in advance. However, Gua Ma came to the express site and waited for a long time without seeing Xu Guagua. At this time, it was raining heavily, and she was a little worried and raised her umbrella to search everywhere.

At the same time, Fang Xiaoyu lined up at the bank to withdraw money, but she didn’t expect her two thousand yuan wrapped in kraft paper to be missing. Originally, the elephant planned to call the police, but Xixi suspects that Fang Xiaoyu stole the money to buy a wheelchair for Fang’s father. Just because Fang Xiaoyu couldn’t argue, the elephant became suspicious of her, Xu Guagua’s hope was shattered, and he decided to go down the waterway to find Gua’s mother.

Due to seasickness and inconvenience, the elephant and Xu Guagua ventured downstream on a fishing boat. Gua Ma and Xu Guagua missed each other. When the adults heard the news of the child’s “fleeing” and started searching, they suddenly saw Xixi coming from the opposite side. After Sixi’s confession, everyone immediately rushed to the river to search, but the search failed, almost desperate.

At this time, the torrential rain is pouring and the mountain floods are flooding, and the downstream dams are ready to open the floodgates at any time. The elephant couldn’t control the fishing boat. The two hugged each other tightly. They could only let the fishing boat drift far along the river, and then got stuck in the cracks of the stone. After a whole night of tossing, the search and rescue team finally found Xu Guagua and the elephant behind the stone. The two were already asleep in the boat. The adults are still looking for them anxiously.

In the end, the police brought them back to the village safely, and all the villagers who were waiting for the news finally fell in their hearts. Secretary Wang knew about the children’s opening of an online shop. She handed over the big watermelon shop to Master Gua to take care of. The misunderstanding between the children was resolved under the instructions of the police and Li Xiaorong. Xu Guagua successfully met Gua’s mother, mother and son. The two embraced and wept. Everyone was pleased and encouraged, they decided to build their hometown together and develop the e-commerce economy.

After the summer vacation, Li Xiaorong can finally leave with confidence, she still owes the promise of traveling with her mother. As a result, Secretary Wang recruited Mama Li and let her serve as the salesman for the agricultural and sideline products of Helei Village. Mama Li felt that Helei Village had a good view and could not only travel but also support Li Xiaorong’s work.

Li Xiaorong wondered how Li’s mother found Hulei Village, and in a blink of an eye Xu Guagua and others came to him. After this incident, everyone established a deep relationship with Li Xiaorong. Gua Ma no longer went out to work. She decided to stay at home with Xu Guagua and Gua. The grandparents and grandchildren guarded their hometown and operated the online shop. This beautiful mountain village unfolds slowly.

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