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To Be With You 约定 Episode 23 Recap

Three days have come, and when he hit the door, Secretary Wang kicked the ball in, and with a daily subsidy of 30 yuan, villagers rushed to sign up for study. When Li Xiaorong came to the training classroom that had been set up, he found that many villagers had taken the initiative to attend the training class under the encouragement of Secretary Wang. Although they had different goals, Li Xiaorong firmly believed that they could teach everyone.

In order to let the villagers popularize the benefits of online e-commerce, Li Xiaorong arranged Xu Guagua and their online shop four-member group as counselors to help her help the villagers learn. Prior to this, Li Xiaorong asked Fang Xiaoyu about the reason Xu Guagua opened the online shop, so that he knew the real purpose, and then he discussed with Fang’s father.

Fang’s father thinks that Gua’s mother should have another difficulty in concealing the truth, and will never run away from home like Xu Guagua imagined. Even Li Xiaorong agrees with Fang’s opinion, but now he can only think in accordance with the children’s way of thinking. This world, otherwise, there is really no way to understand those anxious feelings.

Li Xiaorong couldn’t contact Gua Ma, so he wanted to see what Fang’s father could do. It happened that the elephant mother and Gua Ma worked in Guangzhou, so Fang’s father planned to contact the elephant mother first to obtain clues to Gua Ma. As for Li Xiaorong, he continued to help run the online store. After all, it was the only way to stabilize Xu Guagua .

When Secretary Wang heard that Li Xiaorong and Fang’s father were discussing the children’s opening of an online shop, he mistakenly thought that they were going to partner to open a shop. He was immediately pleasantly surprised. So he recommended himself to share the experience of selling local specialties. How to match and combine will have an advantage. Fang’s father paused a few words and finally ended the topic, but the exchange between the two accidentally awakened Li Xiaorong, which inspired her deeply.

After the incident, Li Xiaorong went to negotiate with the big watermelon shop as a buyer and asked Xu Guagua and them to provide wild honey. Even though the elephants and Sissi had lingering fears about the wild bees, Xu Guagua was able to promote this order, so taking a selfie with his breasts was guaranteed to meet the needs of the guests.

With the secret help of Li Xiaorong and Fang’s father, the business of the online shop’s four-person group gradually improved, and it has achieved good results, and the income and expenditure tensions are growing. Li Xiaorong attracted many repeat customers through friends, and at the same time contacted Gua Ma and learned the real reason for Gua Ma’s “lost contact”.

Back then, Gua Ma and Gua Ba used to be the construction workers of the Beipan River Bridge. However, Gua Ba died accidentally, leaving behind an orphan and widow. Since Guaba’s accident, Guaye believes that the construction site is unknown, which has become a taboo of the Xu family, and even forbids many family members to work. However, Gua Ma wanted to fulfill Guapa’s wish, so she went to the construction site without telling her family, just to see the scene of the completion of the bridge, so as to comfort Guapa’s spirit in the sky.

Seeing that the online shop of the four-person group is becoming more and more prosperous, and the sales volume has continued to increase, Fang’s father is worried that the children will have enough money in his hands, and I am afraid they will run away at any time. Li Xiaorong is more at ease. At any rate, Fang Xiaoyu is responsible for the accounts. With her inside, she will confide in the news even before running away.

Xu Guagua learned that he hadn’t collected enough money for the ticket in recent days, so he felt that he should think of ways to improve the performance of the online store. Now that the Beipanjiang Bridge is about to close, Gua Ma, as one of the builders, can finally make up for the previous regrets. Li Xiaorong sent a message to Gua Ma and was also proud of her and Gua Dad. Guama sacrificed wine on the bridge, bid farewell to the past, and then called Li Xiaorong to inform Li Xiaorong that she would take the shuttle bus home tomorrow to reunite with her relatives.

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