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The Dragnet 刑警之海外行动 Episode 31 Recap

The working group held a meeting at the resident site. Although they had found out the situation of the Chinese community gang in a short time and rejected the Luo Bin gang, they still had a lot to do. Gao Xiaotian felt that from Xie Chu Judging from the person’s personality and way of dealing with things, they have no big problem with Xie Chu’s criminal facts and evidence. If Xie Chu is persistently obsessed, they can already notify the local police to investigate Xie Chu according to their knowledge. The tricky thing is Wu He. Since the working group arrived, the Wu He gang has stopped all gang activities and packaged itself as a legitimate businessman.

This has made it difficult for the working group to find evidence of Wu He’s crime. Now he can only hold his breath better than anyone, waiting for Wu He to show his feet. After the meeting, Gao Xiaotian went to the bar to find Carlos. He also brought a bottle of good wine with him. He wanted to thank Carlos for helping them take out the Luo Bin gang. Carlos said that today is his day of rest. Hope Gao Xiaotian don’t talk about work.

Gao Xiaotian agreed, and asked why Carlos chose the profession of police. Carlos said that he felt that he would not be bullied when he became a police officer. Gao Xiao followed this topic and talked about the Chinese community. Carlos was a little helpless about being harassed by the gang, saying that he really couldn’t help too much, but they had monitored the phone calls of many gangs before. Gao Xiaotian could listen to it and see if there was any help.

In Chinatown, the killer hired by Xie Chu went straight into He Qingtian’s supermarket and fired two shots at He Qingtian. He Qingtian’s wife hurriedly sent He Qingtian to the hospital and called the police again. Fortunately, He Qingtian’s life was big, and he shot two shots. None of the critical points were injured. After learning that He Qingtian was injured, the working group guessed that someone wanted to kill He Qingtian.

He Qingtian’s son knew that his father had been blackmailed, and ran to Wu He, hoping that Wu He could find the murderer and give justice to their family. Wu He agreed. He already guessed that Xie Chu did it in his heart, but now the working group He didn’t dare to act rashly before leaving, and planned to settle accounts with Xie Chu slowly after the working group left.

Wu He’s jealous working group did not dare to move. Xie Chu wanted to take this opportunity to negotiate with Wu He and seize Wu He’s territory. Wu He did not want to conflict with Xie Chu, and repeatedly gave way to Xie Chu, but Xie Chu was aggressive, Wu He After hesitating, he agreed to the conditions proposed by Xie Chu.

After the killer knew that He Qingtian was not dead, he sneaked into the hospital and wanted to attack He Qingtian again. Fortunately, the working group was prepared. Just when the killer was about to attack, Wei Zi jumped out to stop the killer. Unfortunately, the killer was killed by the local police during the fight. He didn’t get alive. Wei Zimeng reported the situation to Gao Xiaotian. Gao Xiaotian felt that He Qingtian must be an important witness, so Wei Zimeng quickly arranged the transfer of He Qingtian to ensure He Qingtian’s safety.

Wu He suddenly found Xie Arong, and he told Xie Arong that Xie Chu was originally not very powerful in the local area. Since Xie Qiang came, the power of the Xie gang has continued to expand because Xie Chu killed Wu Xiaoguang of the Wus Chamber of Commerce when he seized the site. Annoyed Wu He, Wu He planned to kill both Xie Chu and Xie Qiang, but who knew what happened, Xie Chu quietly left by himself, leaving Xie Qiang as a scapegoat. After Xie Arong learned the truth, he thanked Wu He and left.

After Lu Congjun’s girlfriend ran home, Lu Congjun took the risk and ran back, but the girlfriend broke up with Lu Congjun, saying that she would never be with the gang. Here, He Qingtian woke up from a coma from the danger of his life. After this escape, he finally told Gao Xiaotian of Lu Congjun’s identity, and asked Gao Xiaotian to protect his son.

People from the Wu He gang went to the supermarket to rob. Fortunately, there are now high-definition cameras in Chinatown. The police quickly identified the identities of the three. The working group summarized He Qingtian’s accusation of Lv Congjun’s intentional murder and the Wu He gang robbing the supermarket to the local police.

The local police finally approved the evidence submitted by the working group and started to investigate the gang and monitor their phone calls. Xie Chu’s men had not been able to find He Qingtian, so they changed their minds and prepared to find Lu Congjun and attack Lu Congjun. The police were also trying their best to search for Lu Congjun. Both sides found Lu Congjun’s girlfriend Li Ying and prepared to start with Li Ying. Started to lead Lu Congjun.

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