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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 34 Recap

On the street where the lights were red and flooded, people recognized him at every shop where Huo Tu Xin walked, and he was kind. Wu Yuan was not strange at all. Huo Tu Xin did many earth-shattering things since he came to Pingting. I was wanted when I came, and then I smashed the brothel and walked the baby in the market. Which one is not impressive. These people were still scolding Linglong a few days ago, but the days are going to pass. Compared to a distant monster, it is better to be polite. Own patrons.

Weisheng Yan and Yinzhuang were negotiating the marriage, but Yin Xiao ran and insisted on taking Yinzhuang to Zhaodu. The two brothers and sisters made a concession. Weisheng Yan made concessions. The wedding was not in a hurry and went to Zhaodu. It’s okay. Yinzhuang finally agreed to go with Yin Xiao, when Yin Xiao tore off the necklace and threw it to Weishengyan. Yinzhuang and Weishengyan looked at each other. The latter’s confident smile made people feel uncomfortable.

Li Sha hid in the room and listened. Her understanding was relatively simple. She felt that Yinzhuang probably lost her leg because of Weishengyan trying to save her, so she agreed to marry him to make up for being entangled in guilt. Lisha stopped Weisheng Yan. She could help Weisheng Yan to heal her legs. When she checked Weisheng Yan’s head, she found a scar.

He used Yijing to transform himself, when someone tried to take away his memory. At that time, the weapon on his body could kill those people, and the old pavilion master died because of this. Originally, the process didn’t need to be so painful, but knowing the death of the old pavilion master, when Li Sha cured him, Wei Sheng Yan had a good sense of pain.

Yinzhuang packed up his bags and was ready to set off. When he went out and saw Weisheng inkstone standing, Yin Xiao guessed Lisha, and Lisha was waiting for her on the swing, sending him the guide stone, hoping that he would come back soon. Although Yin Xiao looked coldly, Li Sha could feel his tender heart. When Yin Xiao arrived at Zhao, he couldn’t get entangled with other girls. Yin Xiao also asked her to ask Li Sha intact. Wait for him to come back.

The group of people got on the flying fish boat, Yin Xiao personally sent Yinzhuang back to the room to rest. In a blink of an eye, Yinzhuang appeared next to Weishengyan, and he knew that Yinzhuang would definitely be back. There is only one night to complete the wedding, and when Yin Xiao finds it, he will immediately turn around and come back. Yuanyi and Mengzhan in the fire weaving came to Huoya again, and they were hung down with a basket made of condensed stone pellets to save the fuse. There was no way to get the spirit stone. Yuanyi realized that Mengzhan might be delaying. time.

Yuan Yi is eager to end this age of gods. He is the last king of the Yuan clan. Linglong is also the last god master. The king sword is shattered in his hands. All these lies between gods and kings should be over. Yuan Yi told Mengzhan the last sentence, Don’t let Linglong remember him. When Mengzhan turned to leave, Yuanyi stood on the edge of the cliff, Linglong finally arrived, and Yuanyi jumped off a little later.

He was holding Yuan Yi, but determined that this kind of thing could be stopped by a hug, Yuan Yi still jumped off the cliff of fire, Linglong used the power of the god to rescue him. The lie of the divine lord has been disintegrated in Pingting, and the truth has been revealed, why Yuanyi is still dying? Once Yuanyi promised Linglong a request, now Linglong hopes Yuanyi can go with her.

When the three people left the Flame Palace, Linglong told what happened in Pingting, the death of the candle rhinoceros, the god gift ceremony of Yinxiao, and finally the baby market appeared on the scene to shred the gods. So many major events happened, but the two people in front of them disappeared in suspended animation. Yuanyi wanted to jump off the cliff, and Linglong was angry when she saw them. Internal discord is a trivial matter.

The patriarch saw Linglong entering the flames and extinguishing the wall. When the three returned, they quickly caught people back, forcing them to drink the decoction for detoxification. If they were behind, Linglong was better at weaving fire. child. Earthhuo is very active these days. Uncle Chi Fang took people down to investigate. Linglong wanted to go with him, but weaving fire has the rules of weaving fire. Linglong is not afraid of the sky outside, and she is still obedient when weaving fire, Mengzhan Deliberately teased him, but was reprimanded and was speechless.

Wu Yuan brought Huo Tu Xin to the ship and asked Huo Tu Xin to wait for her for a while. When she came back, Huo Tu Xin saw her wearing a red dress and holding a red dress. She said that he must marry her today. The Weishengyan who was watching from the upper level felt very interesting. Everyone got married for the first time, so we still need to watch others get married and learn.

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