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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 33 Recap

The disciples of Tianqi in Pingting were dispersed, and Zhaodu was inevitable. The high priest could not even protect his disciples in such a crisis. Tianqimen has always existed for the god, and now even if the god is lying It’s broken, but their devotion never fades. This persistence called Zhuqi. He joined hands with Yinxiao and vowed to bring the high priest back to Zhaodu to admit the lies of the gods. No one is more appropriate than the high priest to admit it himself. .

Weaving Fire, Yuanyi and Mengzhan are collecting congealed stones to prepare for the gathering of Lingshi from Huoya. They met Xia Ling and his partner who were patrolling. Xia Ling had already killed Linglong once before and would never be confused again. Anyway, Linglong is not a monster in people’s mouth. After stunned the patrols, Xia Ling sent Yuan Yi and the others out. Yuan Yi heard her talk about weaving fire these days. People came to weave fire and inquired about it.

Everyone also knew about God Lord or Earth Fire Judgment. thing. Now that the members of the clan see another wave of foreigners, it will be difficult for them to get away. Coincidentally, as Yuan Yizheng said, a group of people from the fire-weaving tribe found them. Yuan Yi was not good at attacking the people from the fire-weaving tribe. As the master of the Nianguang Pavilion, Mengzhan wanted face, the two of them were detained in Zhihuo. Yuan Yi took this opportunity to find the patriarch, and the truth of God Lord Suchuan must be known to the Linglong clansmen. It was the Yuan clan who had torn open the guilt first.

Pingting, Fuyanlou, and Huotuxin saw Yinzhuang here. They demolished the Fuyanlou together as if it was yesterday. Above the ruin, they are two old people who are right and wrong. Their dialogue is a bit pitiful and forced There is calmness, and true feelings. They are all deliberately alienated because of thinking about the other party. How can they become uncomfortable? Yinzhuang said that he was going to marry Weishengyan, but Huo Tuxin asked her to get it. After a change of heart, it was Huo Tu Xin who could stop Yin Zhuang before, but now Huo Tu Xin can’t do anything. Just as Yin Zhuang said, the relationship between them is worthless.

Yinzhuang insisted on leaving, hiding on the bridgehead and weeping silently. After crying sadly, she would go to be Weishengyan’s fiancée. She had no time to be sad, and she still had things to do. Wu Yuan followed behind her, her original intention to kill was gone after she saw Yinzhuang, Huo Tu Xin still bet right. There is one more thing to do right now. I have to buy some personal clothes and drink the wedding wine with silver makeup.

When Yinzhuang came back, she saw Weishengyan playing with the necklace she had given her. She leaned forward and asked him to put it on for her. Yin Xiao appeared and pulled Yin Zhuang away. Everything else could depend on Yin Zhuang. Only the matter of marrying Weisheng Yan. If Yin Zhuang insists on insisting, Yin Xiao will definitely stop it. They are two brothers and sisters. All clear.

Weisheng Yan came to the dungeon to see the high priest. He wanted to send the high priest back to Zhaodu. Pingting was not a place where he could stretch his boxers. Zhaodu could be like a fish in the water. Weisheng Yan made him go on the same road with Yinxiao. Even if the outside is swaying and strange, the inside of Zhihuo is still simply rising and the moon is falling. No one cares about the fighting outside. Even if Yuanyi tells the dark truth, the inside of Zhihuo has not changed.

After persuading the high priest, Wei Sheng Yan turned his head and came to Yin Xiao again. The high priest who couldn’t even persuade Yin Xiao, suddenly changed his mind and wanted to confess his guilt. This is definitely a good thing for Yin Xiao, Wei Sheng Yan. It was just to please Yin Xiao, and he could give everything for Yinzhuang.

Yuanyi knew that the real complaint of the fire-weavers was the divine lord in Linglong’s body. Since he couldn’t accompany and protect her life, he then refined the spirit stone, rescued Linglong, and returned to her original free life. In the affluent landscape of Pingting, Juqian in the brothel went to do some small business under the firm of Weishengyan. When Wuyuan met her, her life seemed to be going well, but Wuyuan turned around and boarded the boat.

When I met Weisheng Yan, Juqian turned out to be a guide. Weishengyan is still not satisfied with his fiancée. He is afraid of Tuxin on fire. With him, Yinzhuang’s heart will never belong to him, so I have to ask Wuyuan to stop Huotuxin, no matter what Huotuxin will do on the wedding day. , As long as Wuyuan does according to his wishes, he can give Wuyuan with the Lingshi after the completion of the matter.

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