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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 32 Recap

Yuan Yi came to Huoya and looked at the divine masters who had been buried. They were extinguished in the raging fire, and the sound of Mengzhan sounded behind him. Now this situation is the same as that of the Great Emperor Yuantu. The servant who was told to take good care of the god master was the first person to establish Nianguang Pavilion. Since then, Nianguang Pavilion has been the patron of the gods for generations. Now five hundred years have passed.

Standing here, the people of Nianguang Pavilion were standing behind him, but Yuanyi always believed that all this was different. Linglong dreamed that Yuanyi was at Huoya. He finally turned into a spiritual stone, and Linglong woke up from the dream. She couldn’t let this happen. Mengzhan and Yuanyi stood in front of the fire, thinking that even if the king’s blood could be refined into a spiritual stone, but after a while Yuanyi jumped down and turned into a spiritual stone, how would Mengzhan bring it up?

The spirit stone tempered by grandpa has reached the most critical juncture. The fire should be bigger and more vigorous, but no matter how much fire is added, the flame in the furnace still cannot reach the temperature required by the spirit stone, so grandpa finally reaches into the furnace Only then did Li Sha realize that he could use his body as a tool to carry flames just like Li’s descendants. It’s just that the price is not small, the spirit stone was finally refined, but grandfather fell to the ground and he buried his life for the casting. When he was dying, he was still thinking about his granddaughter Wuyuan, which was the only sign he could not let go.

Weisheng Yan came to the dark room, and the previous fingers could finally absorb the spirit stone, and it seemed that the black smoke was refined. At the door of the foundry shop, Huo Tu Xin opened the door and saw the corpse of Grandpa Wu Yan. She had already appeared behind him when she didn’t know how to tell Wu Yuan the news. Huo Tu Xin knew that Wu Yuan was going to find Weisheng Inkstone, and Wu Yuan also knew Huo Tu Xin would help her, so Huo Tu Xin was stunned with a hand knife, and she went to Weisheng Mansion by herself. She didn’t want to involve Huo Tu Xin too. .

Wei Sheng Yan thought of the pros and cons of the spirit stone that Wu Yan had mentioned before, and finally slipped the spirit stone into his sleeve. At this moment, Wu Yuan’s knife was against his neck. Not only was Weisheng Yan not afraid, but it was constantly irritating Wuyuan, even sprinkling salt on her wounds. When Wuyuan’s killing intent had been decided, Yinzhuang’s thought power controlled her. For the rest of his life, Yinzhuang made up for the crimes committed by Weishengyan. As for Wuyuan, Huotu Xin was waiting at home. Yinzhuang put Wuyuan on and pushed Weisheng away. Weisheng Yan believed that the silver makeup was his from the beginning. Although the process was tortuous, the result was as good as expected.

When Wu Yuan returned to the foundry shop, she saw grandpa sitting at the door drinking, and saw grandpa casting Helingshi. The illusion of Lisha gave her a half-night to remember grandpa. Grandpa left her the last difference in the fantasy world, clamoring to teach Huo Tu Xin, and reminding Wu Yuan to learn to rely on others. In the end, Grandpa was most happy that Xiao Wu Yuan bought him back with ten gold coins. In the end, the fantasy world left Wu Yuan with a dagger specially made for her by grandpa. The dagger was held in his hand, but grandpa never returned.

Huo Tu Xin buried his grandfather with Wu Yuan and came back and passed a restaurant, but it was a Weisheng inkstone shop. They had to wait in line for a long time even if they wanted to eat. When he was scolding Weisheng inkstone, wedding invitations floated down from the sky. Zhang Zhengzheng put it on Huo Tu Xin’s face. It turned out to be sprinkled from flying fish in the air. Weisheng Yan and Yinzhuang are about to get married. The silver makeup on the flying fish boat looked at all this, Weisheng Yan knew that her heart was not here, she just wanted to combine the Lingshi, but Weisheng Yan did not care. In the long years to come, Yin makeup can always see his sincere. At the same time, Yin Xiao also received a wedding invitation.

The wedding invitation posted on Huo Tu Xin’s face was a note that Yin Zhuang asked him to meet. This may be the last chance to stop Yin Zhuang, but Wu Yuan and Huo Tu Xin analyzed it and Yin Zhuang once beat Xiang Wu from the side. Yuan had inquired about Yin Jia, and she inferred from these small details that the spirit stone, so the purpose of marrying Weisheng Yan must be it. At this moment, even if Huo Tu Xin persuades it, it is useless. Yinzhuang decides to sacrifice her own affairs, who will save it. not coming back. Huo Tu Xin couldn’t do any damage to Yin Zhuang. Only when Yin Zhuang was killed in this round, the Weisheng Yan would suffer. He Lingshi also hoped to get it back.

Yin Xiao returned the big seal to Zhuqi. Pingjiang Hou Mansion now only has his master. Yin Xiao can’t see the man crying. He can wait until Zhuqi takes the sword to kill him upright, or he can help Zhuqi. Learn how to deal with these wolves, but there is one thing to ask for, because Linglong.

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