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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 30 Recap

Linglong was still worried that the micro-life inkstone would be detrimental to Mengzhan, but Mengzhan didn’t care at all. This was the last memory he left to Linglong. Originally thought Linglong could not see this section, she could do it beyond imagination. . Linglong didn’t want to believe that the Mengzhan in front of her was a memory. Mengzhan waved her hand into a plume of white smoke, showing that memory. Emperor Yuantu chose to jump off the cliff in order to save his god. Following the fall, the world guessed a lot, and after the truth was only a love word driving it. Five hundred years later, Yuan Yi and Linglong repeated the story of Yuan Shi and God Lord.

Linglong knew what Yuanyi was going to do, and Mengzhan became a memory. She didn’t believe it. Mengzhan must be tricking her into playing. He would still look at her as before and teach her to become the lord little by little. As she wished, she followed her wishes and said that she was not dead and would still look at her. At the time of parting, Mengzhan bowed deeply and couldn’t afford to kneel, turning into flying smoke and dissipating. And Linglong will continue to walk with everyone’s hope. She wants to protect the things that her good friends care about. Nianguang Pavilion is the same, Zhaodu is the same.

Huo Tu Xin couldn’t stand it anymore. He was determined to break into the vault. When he went out, the soldiers who were calling from house to house read out the notice. They were all required to receive the ceremony tomorrow. Tomorrow, even if the god gift ceremony, Yinzhuang combed Linglong’s headdress that Linglong was very fond of at the time. Huo Tu Xin came home at this moment and Yinzhuang chatted with Huo Tu Xin. Speaking of the positions of the two, the relationship between the two, when they first met and now, Yinzhuang is slowly approaching Weishengyan unknowingly, farther and farther away from Huotu Xin. Instead of this, at the beginning, Why did Huo Tuxin stop her from marrying Weishengyan?

Yinzhuang describes herself as a person who loves money and vanity, as if she is about to expose her most ugly face to Huo Tu Xin. After that, she handed the key to Huo Tu Xin, and the yin and yang bracelets touched each other, which was the last time. Help him. Like Linglong, Huo Tu Xin finally saw the baby market in the vault. He turned to Yin Xiao’s face. Now Huo Tu Xin can always understand the purpose of Linglong’s promise to the gods. Yinzhuang caught Wuyuan who was trying to get into the vault. When Wuyuan learned that Yinzhuang was going to marry Weishengyan, she was a little bit unbelievable. Although she never waited to see Yinzhuang before, she never looked at it at the critical moment. Good reason for the girl to jump into the fire pit.

Yin Xiao came to deal with Weisheng Yan, Huo Tu Xin and Linglong had time to discuss the next plan, Huo Tu Xin was not good, Ling Long was joking about herself, this kind of thing that hurts the enemy and hurts the enemy 10,000. . That night, Huo Tu Xin led a strange monster walking across the street. A chain of fire led the Ruins to the Pillar of Pillar. When the Rutile was imprisoned on the Pillar of Pillar, the blue light from the sky cleared the pavilion. Everyone was incredible. , Were all shocked. Wasn’t that Shengzhu lighted up only for the gods? How could it be lighted up by a monster.

There were more and more people watching the excitement in the square, and Weisheng Yan also came. Yinzhuang stared at Wuyuan and looked at the light of Bishengzhu in Weisheng Mansion. Linglong looked at the baby market in front of her, and she was in a trance for a moment. After being returned by the Huo Tu Xinra, she still felt proud. What their father and daughter are doing today is going to subvert the history of Suchuan, letting people know that Bi Shengzhu can be lit by the monster Xu Ying, the god master is just a joke. The high priest was very nervous. Although he sent people to disperse the crowd, he still couldn’t stop everyone from watching the excitement.

Huo Tu Xin summoned a fire group to burn the infant market, and at the same time the light of the Pillar of Life was extinguished. It was a complete lie that the Lord blessed all living beings. After that, the Pillar of Pillar was lit again to be exquisite light. She showed herself in the true body of the god Lord, standing under the Pillar of Birth, and the light wrapped around the Pillar of Birth, exquisitely remembering what Yuanyi said. When the Pillar of Birth lit up, the world will remember this moment forever. It is remembered, but in other ways. She destroyed the Pillar of Birth, and everyone screamed that she was an infant in the market, fleeing in fright, and the square that had been impenetrable only for a moment became empty.

Weishengyan’s face can almost make Huotuxin shout freely, Yinzhuang also let go of Wuyuan, Linglong’s difficulty is over, but for Yinzhuang Yinxiao, it has just begun, Wuyuan hopes she can say something like Live for yourself like that. After all, the glory of God Lord did not illuminate the throne of Yinxiao. Yinshi’s original uphill road became more difficult, regardless of Weishengyan, even if Yinshi declined, Yinzhuang was the one he desperately wanted to protect.

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