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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 29 Recap

Yinzhuang and Weishengyan came to the street. If today is Weishengyan’s birthday, shouldn’t all the people in Pingting break the threshold of Weisheng Mansion, how can he still be innocent with Yinzhuang now? Walking in the street. The only person in this world who knows his birthday is Yinzhuang. Others will naturally not go to celebrate. His birth is not a joy. Bringing Yinzhuang to the market today is also to fulfill a promise. Merchants always promise credibility most. .

When I looked up, I saw a broth shop. An old couple was in charge of the stall. My husband opened his mouth and bit the coins he got from the barbecue. Wei Sheng Yan looked at him with a change in expression. The proprietress brought the broth, and seeing Weishengyan chatting with the proprietress, Yinzhuang took the opportunity to put the medicine Lisha had given her in advance in a bowl of Weishengyan.

The proprietress looked at Weishengyan kindly, but she couldn’t remember it, her memory was vague and familiar. It wasn’t until her husband came up that the proprietress realized that this was the Mr. Weisheng who gave them a lot of subsidies and support for their business. No wonder they were kind, even watching Just like the neighbors of their family when they were young.

Now that they are all here, Weisheng Yan never picked a stall for his birthday. Yinzhuang asked casually to divert his attention, and waited for the effect of the medicine to take his blood. Everything was done in an instant, and Weishengyan was still telling the story of the couple before him. The proprietress Aunt Xin and her husband were originally a love that the neighbours could not envy, until Aunt Xin gave birth to a boy at the twelve months of pregnancy.

During the first ten months of her pregnancy, her husband was not at home, and there was a suspicion in his heart. bastard. Being drunk will expose their nature and want to kill mother and child to vent their anger. Fortunately, the master of Nianguang Pavilion reached out for help. Aunt Xin entrusted the child to the old pavilion master and asked him to erase all the memories of the children for the couple. Since then, the two of them are loving again .

From that day on, Weishengyan lost his parents, but he didn’t want to forget the hatred. He swore that he would make them regret giving birth to him. When we went to checkout, everything went as usual. Weisheng Yan gave the boss gold coins and asked him to bring some barbecue over. This was considered to be Weisheng Yan with silver makeup to meet his mother. After that, they returned, and the boss habitually bit the gold coin. , Vomiting blood and fell to the ground from the back of Weishengyan, the vow that Weishengyan made twenty years ago was still fulfilled.

Thanks to Yinzhuang’s company for half a day, Weishengyan gave her a small box, and when the door was closed, Lisha combined the utensils she made with the blood collected by Yinzhuang to make a key that could be used as the vault door. Suddenly, I felt the breath of a dream lamp on Yin Zhuang’s body. It turned out that it was the small box given by Weisheng Yan, with a small Yijing inside. He could already make Yijing. Yijing is not an extraordinary product. There are two pieces in the world, one on Yinjia and the other on Linglong.

If Yijing can be created, Weisheng inkstone can be like Mengzhan, whether it is to delete memory or manipulate consciousness will become a breeze. Linglong may also be controlled by Weisheng inkstone because of Yijing. This matter can’t be sloppy, Li Sha teamed up with Silver Makeup, she can control the illusion, and Silver Makeup can control the mind. Together, the two are the ability of Mengzhan. They want to read the memory of this Yijing together.

When there was silver makeup in Yijing’s boudoir, Yin Xiao knelt down in front of the hall to prevent her father from marrying Weisheng Yan, begging her not to let her sister marry someone she didn’t know each other, and put the burden on Yin’s revival.

Resistance down. Reading here, the silver makeup and the fence sand were both shocked. It turned out that Weishengyan had coveted the silver makeup so early, and the two decided to find Weishengyan, but the scene was changed and I didn’t know where it was. The surroundings were dark and the entire space was about to collapse. Makeup wasn’t sure if this place was considered Yi Jingli, so she could only flee by pulling the sand.

Weisheng Yan sensed that Yinzhuang was in danger and ran to check and found that the two were in Yijing. He also broke into Yijing’s illusion, blocking the beam that hit Yinzhuang, and when Yinzhuang watched to save himself When the person called Huo Tu Xin’s name, Wei Sheng Yan was reluctant for a moment, and was somewhat jealous that Huo Tu Xin could be looked at as dependently by Yin Zhuang. After waking up, Weisheng Yan found that his legs had no intuition, probably because he was crushed by the beam of the room in his artistic conception. But Yinzhuang hadn’t woke up yet, she was in the Earth Fire Hall, and saw Weisheng Yan trading with Yin Jia in exchange for He Lingshi.

Li Sha woke up and gave Linglong the key to the vault. When Linglong entered the vault, she found that there was gold everywhere. The golden stairs hovered down one by one, Linglong came to the lowest floor and melted a lid on the ground. It was discovered that the baby market was imprisoned below, which turned out to be the secret in the vault.

When Yin Xiao looked at Yinzhuang’s situation, he also saw Weishengyan’s leg. It is said that this leg is difficult to save by a genius doctor, and what the legendary spar can live to death is just a legend, no one has seen it. At present, the sacrifice of so many gods and gifts is even more critical. Linglong appeared at this time, and she suddenly agreed to hold a god-given ceremony.

Regardless of the reason, it would be great to be able to hold the god-given ceremony, Yin Xiao didn’t say much. Yinzhuang looked at Weisheng Yan’s legs and promised Weisheng Yan to marry her, but this time Weisheng Yan was unwilling. He didn’t want the marriage between them to be a transaction. That was meaningless.

Linglong thought about the current situation, and Mengzhan’s voice suddenly came from behind. This guy who hadn’t shown for a long time finally appeared, Linglong didn’t know what to say first. Mengzhan said that Weisheng Yan was only a child when he came out of Nianguang Pavilion. He had no intention of catching a glimpse of the ancient Yijing secret. The more he knew, the more afraid he would be. He was afraid that Lao Ge would not even be able to keep his memory with his fingers, so he created a countermeasure. Yijing’s stuff.

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