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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 38 Recap

Lin Rui does not intend to promote Zhang Xiaoyu to vice president, but Zhang Xiaoyu is a little angry. Why does Lin Rui feel that he can’t become vice president? Lin Rui guessed that Meng Fan and Zhang Xiaoyu analyzed a lot of reasons why she should become a vice president, but it took less than a year for Zhang Xiaoyu to become the director of the daily chemical department of the Chinese region. Zhang Xiaoyu was a little unconvinced.

Lin Rui asked her what she had talked with Daniel. Zhang Xiaoyu confessed that she told Daniel about Lin Rui’s plan, but she did so to protect Lin Rui’s plan. Lin Rui was angry again. Daniel had already told Alan about this, and Alan was even more angry. Zhang Xiaoyu has changed a lot. Why is it that Lin Rui wants to be the president? She wants to be a vice president. Lin Rui was a little speechless. She told Zhang Xiaoyu so much because she was the person she trusted the most, but Zhang Xiaoyu couldn’t hear anything and left.

Zhang Xiaoyu left the bar to look for Dante, only to see Dante behaving intimately with other girls, hiding and crying alone. Dante couldn’t find Zhang Xiaoyu and could only call her, but Zhang Xiaoyu never answered. Dante finally found Zhang Xiaoyu and explained that she was just his own colleague. Zhang Xiaoyu said she liked Dante very much, but he was a bully. He obviously liked himself but refused to admit it. She looked down on Dante! Zhang Xiaoyu left helplessly, but Dante still didn’t have the courage to catch up looking at her back.

The next day, the China region met to discuss the candidate for the vice president. Zhang Xiaoyu was late, and Dong Xinran was so anxious that Ling Xiaoxiao watched the excitement. Meng Fan hopes to live peacefully with Lin Rui. If she promises that Wang Lei and Zhang Xiaoyu recommended by Lin Rui for a while, he will never stop him, Lin Rui is too lazy to bother. Soon Meng Fan proposed to recommend Zhang Xiaoyu, but Lin Rui declined to say that her qualifications were relatively low.

Last night, Lin Rui received a call from Zhang Xiaoyu, saying that he would work hard to correct his shortcomings and hope that Lin Rui would recommend him. Lin Rui was very disappointed. Zhang Xiaoyu didn’t listen to what she said. At this time, Zhang Xiaoyu hurried to the meeting. The person Lin Rui wanted to recommend was Wang Lei, and Meng Fan followed the boat to recommend him. Everyone agreed, but Zhang Xiaoyu suddenly got up and took out a resignation letter to Meng Fan and Lin Rui. This move surprised everyone.

Last night, Dante came to Zhang Xiaoyu and said that Zhang’s father was missing, and their family was bankrupt. Zhang’s father used the house and money to stock up to lose money. Tomorrow all their houses will not belong to Zhang Xiaoyu’s parents Up. Zhang Xiaoyu hurriedly went to find Zhang’s father with his friends, but after searching for the whole night, she didn’t know. Zhang Xiaoyu didn’t know which friends he liked to go to. She blamed herself deeply. She didn’t know what happened to the family. know! Zhang Xiaoyu became decadent, and Dante quickly told her that she was already great. She gave up going abroad and dreams to accompany her parents. She was already great. Zhang Xiaoyu fell into Dante’s arms and cried.

Finally, Zhang’s mother called and told Zhang Xiaoyu that Zhang’s father was at the train station, but Dante asked Zhang Xiaoyu to go to a place with him first. Zhang’s father was not at the train station, but sitting lonely in a shop. Dante asked his friends to forward a lot of Weibo to find out the address. Zhang’s father said that he felt very sorry for Zhang Xiaoyu. He came back late from work every day and was too busy to eat and rest. He felt very uncomfortable, so he wanted to make more money from stocks and let Zhang Xiaoyu do it carefree.

What he likes, but it has become like this, he has no face to see Octopus. Zhang Xiaoyu quickly comforted that she had grown up and she would do all these things in the future. After returning home, Zhang Xiaoyu heard that Zhang’s father was going back to Yiwu with Zhang’s mother. There was still a building at home, but before leaving, he had to find a place to live for Zhang Xiaoyu. Zhang Xiaoyu stayed up all night and put forward an additional condition to L&D, and Selena agreed.

This is the reason for Zhang Xiaoyu’s resignation. Lin Rui was very calm. What is unexpected is that Yan Kun also stood up and said that he had made the same decision as Zhang Xiaoyu. Lin Rui said that he didn’t expect Yan Kun to make such a decision because of Fang Jing, and she was worth it. After signing their resignation applications, Lin Rui left the meeting, and there was no need for this meeting to go on. Zhang Xiaoyu left SW with a heavy heart, and Selena directly advanced her salary for three years.

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