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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 37 Recap

Mr. Yan Kun and Mr. Yang came to Zhang Xiaoyu to recruit trainees. Zhang Xiaoyu felt that they could recruit trainees in all departments of the company. Lin Rui made her take full responsibility. Just now, Lin Rui’s expression on Zhang Xiaoyu’s face was not very good, and Mr. Yang naturally noticed that it might not be a good thing that Yan Kun’s reaction to the side tapping was too sharp. Tan Weilun confessed to Ling Xiaoxiao again, thinking that Ling Xiaoxiao would refuse, but did not expect Ling Xiaoxiao to say that he had broken up with Ah Yan last night. Tan Weilun was very moved and quickly took Ling Xiaoxiao into his arms.

Zhang Xiaoyu came to Lin Rui after get off work, and Cai Cai said she was out. Cai Cai cautiously told Zhang Xiaoyu that she was in a bad situation. Meng Fan was already using her as a pawn. Lin Rui once asked Cai Cai two questions. She was not fooled by Meng Fan. She trusted Zhang Xiaoyu very much. . Zhang Xiaoyu sighed, Lin Rui was too tired. Cai Cai asked Zhang Xiaoyu and Daniel what they were talking about. Zhang Xiaoyu said that he could only chat with Lin Rui alone.

Lin Rui and Wen Zhe had an appointment for dinner. After hearing about her mother, Wen Zhe advised her to take care of herself. Wen Zhe hoped that Lin Rui would do him a favor and complained about Rentai’s storage system. He wanted to move the vice president of Shishi and needed pressure from Lin Rui. Lin Rui agreed. Lin Rui was still immersed in grief. Jin Xiaobei was very worried. She ran over and said that she was homeless and asked Lin Rui to take him in. Because he was Lin Rui’s boyfriend, Lin Rui dragged him in annoyingly.

Early the next morning, Lin Rui brushed his teeth and washed his face as usual, but was startled by Jin Xiaobei in the bathroom. Lin Ruiqiang pretended to be calm and closed the door and left, but Jin Xiaobei did not forget to comfort her sooner or later. The memories of last night flooded into Lin Rui’s mind. She threw Jin Xiaobei onto the sofa and something indescribable happened. Lin Rui and Jin Xiaobei talked about their plans and asked him to be their own traffic anchor. Jin Xiaobei was angry when he didn’t hear the answer he wanted, so Lin Rui had to ask Weiwei for help.

Yan Kun told Fang Jing that Meng Fan recommended herself to be a vice president. Fang Jing had signed a ban on competition with SW, so she planned to take a break. Yan Kun intends to resign from SW. He doesn’t care about those fictitious names, nor is it what he wants. Today, Yan Kun asked Fang Jing to hesitate for a long time. He asked Fang Jing if she had thought about changing to a new environment and starting again. She should not be wronged. The grievance Yan Kun said was Fang Jing’s husband. Fang Jing came to Shanghai from Guangzhou because of her husband, but Fang Jing’s husband’s lover in Guangzhou arrived in Shanghai sooner. Fang Jing stopped Yan Kun from continuing. Yan Kun lowered his head and said that he was a restless person and didn’t know how to cherish Fang Jing.

Zhang Xiaoyu asked Dante if they were lovers now, but Dante said that he would be ready to woo her again. Jin Xiaobei came and told them that Lin Rui was now his own, and the two were shocked. Jin Xiaobei said to pay back the money with Dante, Zhang Xiaoyu received a call from Meng Fan, Jin Xiaobei’s expression was a little strange. Lin Rui said that he was afraid that he was with Jin Xiaobei because of Lin’s mother. Jin Xiaobei called and said that Jin Xiaobei was critically ill. He would fly over early tomorrow morning. Lin Rui hurried back to want to go with Jin Xiaobei, but Jin Xiaobei refused.

Dong Xinran was very worried about the relationship between Zhang Xiaoyu and Lin Rui, and felt that her limelight had overshadowed Lin Rui. Zhang Xiaoyu quickly said that he had an appointment with Lin Rui. Zhang Xiaoyu went to find Lin Rui, but Cai Cai told her that she was talking with Wang Lei and called her after she finished talking. Before Zhang Xiaoyu took a few steps, Meng Fan invited him over. Regarding the vice president, Zhang Xiaoyu knew that he was not qualified enough, so he didn’t make extravagant demands. However, Meng Fan said that SW always puts his seniority first. Meng Fan asked Zhang Xiaoyu to make a choice. Zhang Xiaoyu refused to say that he was always Lin Rui’s person. Meng Fan refused to give up, saying that Lin Rui didn’t have her place on the boat, so Zhang Xiaoyu had only one chance to choose.

After Lin Rui and Yan Kun talked, Cai Cai called Zhang Xiaoyu. Cai Cai said she was taken away by Meng Fan. Cai Cai received an e-mail about a vice president meeting tomorrow, while Lin Rui was busy with Mr. Yang, Zhang Xiaoyu was very anxious. Everyone in the company fell to Wang Lei, thinking that he would definitely become a vice president, saying that Zhang Xiaoyu and Lin Rui’s relationship is not so good. Zhang Xiaoyu received a call from Selena and said that he wanted to invite her to dinner, but Zhang Xiaoyu refused again. Cai Cai told Zhang Xiaoyu that Lin Rui asked her to go to the bar to see her at night. Lin Rui had planned to meet with Zhang Xiaoyu, but angrily cancelled after answering the phone.

In the evening, Zhang Xiaoyu told Lin Rui what Meng Fan had talked to her. Lin Rui told her that she was not going to promote Zhang Xiaoyu to vice president.

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